Just then the door opened, and the green ink Yan came out with the little fragrant raccoon dog in her arms.

Xuanyu got a fright
"The world you … how did you come out?"
Qing Mo Yan’s face is not so good, but he can’t tell from the root that he is unwell.
Blue ink yan didn’t answer XuanYu question but look at the yard.
"The case is now taken over by Dali Temple. After you finish processing Zhang Fu, all the evidence will be sent to Dali Temple." Green ink Yan ordered.
Gentlemen, look at me. I’ll look at your last chief. He came out and called it
They can’t wait to get rid of such a sinister case.
Green ink yan commanded Zhang Fu afterwards with xuanyu away.
Xuan Yu followed carefully and whispered, "Are you really okay?"
Along the way, he couldn’t help wondering when he saw Qing Mo Yan walking as usual.
Before, he had seen that the world was poisoned by force, and every time it was tossed half dead, how could it be so alive and kicking?
Blue ink Yan looked down at her arms and gave me a smile.
Xuanyu was confused about the world and ignored him. He dared not ask again. He was full of entanglements and followed back to Dali Temple.
Qing Mo Yan first went to Dali Temple and told Zhang Fu what happened.
Zhengqing was surprised to hear that, so the case was first caused by the disappearance of their company. I didn’t expect mysterious dolls to appear frequently
"Go to the city and find out where the things with dolls come from."
Dali Temple is not usually responsible for tracing and handling cases, but their efficiency is higher than Shuntianfu’s, and news will come soon after the order is given.
"There is a puppet shop in the city, and many rich people buy dolls from it." The informant came back and reported.
"Puppet shop?" Green ink Yan frowns. He has lived in the city for a long time. Even he has never heard of such a store.
"Shao Qing adults don’t know and it’s not surprising that this store doesn’t accept reservations for foreign business. I heard that even the second emperor has patronized and ordered a pair of jade dolls for his favorite concubine …"
Blue ink yan was silent for a moment "two emperors recently not to armies to the border? Imperial edict should have "
Xia Guo was often invaded by neighboring countries in the north, so this time their emperor sent two emperors to the border.
I don’t know what I’m thinking with my head down.
"The second time the doll was damaged, it was all a case of greed for ink and military assets. Adult Zhang was a member of the Ministry of War Treasury. Is there any connection between this …?" The main thin soup in a way
Zhengqing’s eyes are flashing. "Go and check the puppet shop and take people to seal it up."
A series of orders were ordered to wait until it was already dark when the blue ink Yan was away from Zhengqing.
RuXiaoNan yawned and opened his eyes.
It’s quiet around
RuXiaoNan got up and shook her head. Suddenly, an adult face appeared in front of her.
Pat away with one claw
The evil spirits recede!
"How dare you even scratch your master?" The familiar sound made Ru Xiaonan shudder.
Oh, my God, why did you scratch his face?
Blue ink Yan leaned over to her and left three marks on one cheek. She just scratched the trace.
But even so, it also damages his dignity at the moment.