Although the so-called Ling Wang Shizi hated Ji Ri Mu Tu to the extreme, he forced himself to endure it for the sake of Ling Wang.

"Prince don’t worry, the army is boring, I’m afraid Snow Lotus is out for fun. If Prince wants to see her beauty, he might as well stay and wait for a while. Our grassland koumiss is famous, so Prince doesn’t want to taste it?"
I don’t know whether the reputation of war is good wine or lewd, but I promised to come down, looked around, found a comfortable seat and sat down, yelling and began to let people serve him wine.
When the war reputation was in the mood to call for papers, it was said that the koumiss on the grassland was sweet and sour, but it had a lot of flavor. At the door, there was a voice like Oriole from Xuelian.
"Uncle, I’m back. I’m hungry. Do you have anything to eat?"
Hearing this beautiful voice, Zhan Yu’s heart was annoyed by the cat’s paw. The voice was so beautiful that I thought people were definitely not bad-looking, but I didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not. Why Zhan Yu felt that he had heard this voice again?
"Uncle, come here quickly and I’ll introduce you!" Snow lotus finally opened the curtain, and the voice stopped abruptly before the words were finished.
"It’s you!" Three people in unison.
When Zhan Yu saw the appearance of Xue Lian’s son and Muqingfeng behind her, he suddenly thought of his lost right hand. Since being cut off by Muqingfeng’s sword, he always felt laughed at. Although he went back, his mother princess found a skilled craftsman to make herself a prosthesis, and she couldn’t see anything strange on the outside, but it was fake after all.
"What three, give me the boy’s hand cut off! As long as you do it, Ben Shizi will be rewarded! " Without considering the koumiss left in her mouth, Zhan Yu gave orders directly to his guard.
What is unexpected is why such a handsome guard has a vulgar name. The young man hesitated, thinking of his own identity, but he didn’t hesitate, and directly cut through it.
"Look out!" Snow Lotus knows from his posture that this person is not an ordinary person, and Mu Qingfeng, who doesn’t have much martial arts, may not hide in the past.
MuQingFeng originally saw the war reputation spirit not dozen 1 place, after all, this is almost ruined the innocent snow lotus son, but this man named He San has been killed in front of us, if you don’t do anything, I’m afraid you will be killed on the spot. Now that Mu Chongshan is not with him, it seems that it can only be hard-topped, so Mu Qingfeng draws out the sword around his waist and "swallowtail shears willow" runs to He San’s right hand with a knife.
I didn’t expect He San to be very clear about his martial arts skills. His practice of "Dovetail Cutting Willow" is complete. Without using internal force, Li Daoling is not much higher than himself, but there is a big flaw in this move, that is, when he makes his own moves, there will be a short but fatal flaw in his chest. Ordinary people look at this move and come to his right hand. It is difficult to notice this problem, but He San seems to have practiced it. If this goes on, although He San’s right hand will definitely be lost, Mu Qingfeng will also have to be put on a cold heart.
There is no way, Mu Qingfeng had to hurry to accept the move, saying that his "dovetail willow cutting" was the first time in vain.
He San seems to be deliberately teasing Mu Qingfeng, but he is forced by subtle knife method, and his amazing internal force is really useless. Zhan Yu didn’t know martial arts, but he was very happy to see He San push Mu Qingfeng into the corner and took a sip of wine.
Snow lotus son’d like to help, but she’s just a subtle archery, and she can’t use it in such a close struggle. She looked at her uncle Jiri Mutu in a hurry, but Jiri Mutu didn’t seem to see it, just quietly watching it, just like a spectator.
Muqingfeng now has a bitter self-knowledge. If He San in front of him wants to kill himself, he is estimated to have died long ago. Now he has only a few shallow knife marks on him. I don’t know why he teased himself like a cat and mouse. Because the swordsmanship in the virtual palace is the most important, the distracted Muqingfeng swordsmanship is somewhat disorganized.
"The world-famous" folding willow sword "is so much. If you are so poor, I will accept your right hand as the sincerity to make amends to my prince! "Say that finish what three tightened the attack, a virtual recruit, what three targeted MuQingFeng right hand, even with the" swallow-tailed willow ",although not as skilled as MuQingFeng, but a look is practiced.
Mu Qingfeng doesn’t have much time to wonder why this person in front of him knows his master’s unique skill. If he can’t do this trick, I’m afraid he will have to eat with his left hand like Zhan Yu in the future.
"good! Cut off his hand for me, I want to add vegetables tonight! " Zhan Yu saw that He San had pushed Muqingfeng into the corner, and his eyes were dew and yoshimitsu shouted.
It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Mu Qingfeng had to fight. Although his left hand was abolished, he could not practice most of Li Daoling’s famous "Folding Willow Sword" moves, but Li Daoling taught him a special trick during his time in Changlin Town. That’s the extremely powerful "swan picking purlin".
It is said that this trick of "picking the purlin with a swan" is not entirely created by Li Daoling. This move was inspired by his elder brother He Daoyang’s moves. He Daoyang was seriously injured and his left arm was cut off by grassland people in World War I, and there was a famous warrior in the grassland who led the team to kill them. He Daoyang endured the pain of broken arm and fought with this warrior for several rounds at a cliff. Although He Daoyang’s martial arts is extremely high, he broke his arm and bled too much. If he persists for a long time, he will die. If he can’t defeat the man in front of him, the rebels behind him will die. At the last moment, He Daoyang remembered the swan soaring in the sky. The swan was able to fly not by the purlin on its belly, but by its powerful wings. So He Daoyang sold a flaw, let the enemy fit and bully, and secretly transported the true qi to his legs. With the flying skill of the empty palace, he directly crossed his head and stabbed the enemy’s crown directly from top to bottom when turning over, thus.
Afterwards, He Daoyang and Li Daoling demonstrated this trick to him when they were playing martial arts. Even Li Daoling, who has high martial arts skills, had a few hairs cut off. Later, Li Daoling integrated this trick into his own folding willow swordsmanship, but it was always impossible to understand the true meaning. Later, he discovered that he always used his hands to force this trick, and it was difficult to guarantee the outbreak. Therefore, the effect of tying his own arm was even more effective. I didn’t expect his apprentice to be abolished by mistake, just right. So when I was in Changlin town, I gave him this swan pick purlin as a killer.
Muqingfeng has no deep internal force, but he has been rolling around in the mountains since he was a child and has given himself a solid foundation. Although he did his best to jump, he jumped as fast as he Daoyang, but he also skipped He San’s shoulder. Then he drew a sword on He San’s shoulder and immediately bled profusely. If you don’t have time to practice your internal forces, which leads to insufficient height, this sword will definitely kill He San.
He San covered his bleeding shoulder and stepped back, not coming forward. Gently asked: "What kind of swordsmanship is this? Why didn’t I know there was such a trick as’ folding willow swordsmanship’?" Fortunately, MuQingFeng internal force is insufficient, otherwise it will definitely kill yourself.
MuQingFeng haven’t speak, she heard a voice from behind, word for word to say the name of his moves.
"This trick is called’ Hong Yu Picking Purlin’!" It was Jiri Mutu who said this sentence.
"Shame on you! L can’t even take a piece of junk. What’s the use of me? When I go back, I’ll definitely tell my mother-in-law to tell you to fuck off! "See his guard was injured under MuQingFeng, war reputation flew into a rage, a glass, directly out of the camp.
"Brother Mu, good swordsmanship. I’ll come here for advice when I have the chance." Surprisingly, He San didn’t continue his pursuit. Everyone can see that he definitely released water today.
After Mu Qingfeng used this trick, he was weak and weak. Because he didn’t practice his internal force for a long time, this trick "picking the purlin with a swan" almost exhausted all his energy, but it’s not a big problem to be physically exhausted now. What really has a problem now is the auspicious wooden figure that came step by step.
"Boy, let me ask you, where did you learn this trick? Who is He Daoyang?" Jiri Mutu walked beside Muqingfeng and asked this question sullenly.
"Uncle, if you have any questions, you can’t ask them later. Look at how tired he is. Just now that bastard came to attack us, it doesn’t mean you came to save me." Snow Lotus is so clever. Seeing that something is wrong, she wants to gag and help Muqingfeng get away with it.
Jiri Mutu didn’t seem to hear his favorite niece’s question, so he asked the question again.
"This trick was taught by my master, Li Daoling, a real person who rushed to the virtual palace. I don’t know what uncle thinks!" MuQingFeng also not stupid, naturally through auspicious wood figure tone kind of saw a bad thing. What’s more, it is suspicious that a prairie man should know the martial arts skills of Daxia.
"It turned out to be the nephew of the one-armed Taoist priest. I didn’t expect heaven to have eyes and send an enemy to the door! Boy, it’s your bad life to blame. You’re the one who went to the virtual palace! " After saying his word, Jiri Mutu’s broadsword rushed to Muqingfeng’s head.
"Uncle!" Snow Lotus was terrified, but it was too late. In desperation, Mu Qingfeng had to raise his sword to defend himself. I didn’t expect that I only felt a huge force coming, and my right hand had almost no strength.
"Uncle! What are you doing! " Snow Lotus took advantage of this gap and threw herself directly on Muqingfeng, making it impossible for Jiri Mutu, who was going to continue to shoot, to start.
"Snow lotus son you get out of the way! Today I will avenge my brother! He died under this trick more than ten years ago! " Jiri Mutu told the truth. It turned out that the grassland man who was ordered to pursue the remaining troops in Daxia years ago and was finally killed by He Daoyang on the cliff was Jiri Mutu’s own brother.
"Uncle, that was many years ago. Besides, this matter has little to do with this idiot. Why don’t you go to his uncle if you want to settle accounts?" Snow Lotus fell all over Muqingfeng, but Jiri Mutu was in a hurry but couldn’t continue to do it.
"You get out of the way! Xue Lianer, I’m going to take this boy’s life today anyway! " Jiri Mutu couldn’t lay hands on his niece, so he had to yell at one side.
"Uncle, if you want to kill my man, kill me first!" Saussurea showed her fangs to her uncle who once loved her for this size.
"Your man? Snow Lotus, don’t talk nonsense. We haven’t decided who to marry yet. Let’s talk about you … "In the middle, Jiri Mutu suddenly remembered one thing, which was a legend he had heard on the grassland. People on the grassland are rumored that the most beautiful saussurea involucrata was actually picked by the Xia family. I really don’t know how many grassland eagles are annoyed. Looking at today’s situation, this person with some inconvenience in his left hand is the Xia family in everyone’s mouth.
Since Snow Lotus doesn’t let herself do it because she looks like a calf protector, it seems that there is no chance to avenge her brother tonight. Jiri Mutu directly inserted the treasure knife into the scabbard of her waist and turned around and walked out of the camp.
"You see, just to have sinned against my uncle, I think it is yellow? Why don’t we elope now? What do you think? " MuQingFeng looked at snow lotus, who was carefully dressing herself, and made fun of it.
"Still poor! I think you don’t remember to eat or fight. If you had known, you should have let that what-and-what sword stab you in the mouth, so that you wouldn’t have a long memory! " Hearing Muqingfeng teasing herself, Xuelian became angry from embarrassment, and she couldn’t help but increase her hands. Muqingfeng suddenly grinned with pain.
Although there are many wounds on my body, in the case of He San’s deliberate hand-leaving, it’s not a big deal, plus a panacea from Xiao Langzhong, just a minor injury.
"This He San exactly is what person? Why do you keep your hands on me everywhere, and you are so familiar with our martial arts routines in the virtual palace, but this person doesn’t know whether he is an enemy or a friend. " MuQingFeng backhand hold snow lotus son’s hand, gently said.
"He is not about to come to you, then the truth will come out, what are you blind distress? When is it better to think about how to deal with the immediate problem? Your first impression on your uncle is already very poor. Do you really want to make me lose my virginity? " Snow lotus son some angry pinched MuQingFeng hand.
"I don’t need to think about the reputation of the straw bag. I am worried about Nangong Jinyu, the son of Nanyue King. This is the tricky figure." Muqingfeng remembered the Nangong Prince who almost killed himself in Changlin Town and the ghost plot around him to "fight Yuan Xu". The two men together are far better than one plus one equals two.
"The nangongshan jinyu? Who is this? Is he very powerful? Is he handsome or not? " Snow Lotus deliberately made a spoony appearance.
"Don’t make trouble, this man looks well in the wind, but his heart is like a scorpion. Do you know how I survived this time?"
Hearing that his sweetheart almost died in Changlin Town, Xuelian couldn’t help but get nervous. Muqingfeng’s level is the most clear. Even he almost died in the hands of Nangong Jinyu. It seems that this person must not be easy.
Muqingfeng and Xuelian didn’t get up, so they snuggled on the ground and told all kinds of tragic things in Changlin Town.
"I didn’t expect this Nangong Jinyu to be so vicious. In order to destroy your compatriots, if it were put on our grassland, it would definitely be shredded into wild wolves, as an example. I told you not to go back early, but you wouldn’t listen. You see, this is in trouble." Xue Lian’s listening is soul-stirring, not to mention Mu Qingfeng, who has experienced all this personally.
"You are the most key figure in the grassland envoy. Don’t you know what the conditions for this kiss are? If you have a frown, we can start first. " Mu Qingfeng suddenly thought of a problem.
"If they say that I am a key person, it is better to say that I am a key gift, because this time it involves the safety of the grassland, they didn’t tell me too much." Snow lotus son face a bitter. "If you can’t beat many relatives and friends, I’m afraid I really will …"
Although Xue Lianer didn’t say it clearly, her meaning was obvious. At first, Mu Qingfeng thought that she would lose her virginity just as a joke. Now it seems that it is by no means an alarmist. If she unfortunately misses, it is really possible to marry someone else with Xue Lianer’s temper. Don’t forget that at that time, when the grassland was in danger, it was she who shouldered the thankless position of Golden Knife Khan and brought the vast grassland back to life.
Thought of here, MuQingFeng holding snow lotus’s hand more hard, he has lost the chess fairy ZhuoLongYue, no matter how to can’t lose snow lotus.
Snow Lotus found Mu Qingfeng lost in thought, so she didn’t bother him anymore, just quietly lying in his arms. Now she has long lost the decisive courage of the Golden Knife Khan, and the nourishment of love has turned her into a gentle woman.
Jiri Mutu didn’t come back after going out, and seemed to know that the two people inside the camp didn’t intend to come out. In this way, Xuelian fell asleep in the arms of Muqingfeng.
This night, Snow Lotus’s son was particularly safe. She didn’t feel at ease like last night for a long time. It seems that it doesn’t matter if the sky is falling with Muqingfeng beside her.
"awake?" MuQingFeng feel arms beauty, greet with a smile.
"Well, it’s really comfortable to sleep. You are as warm as a bear. I will hold you to sleep in the future." Snow Lotus, who spoiled early in the morning, has a little girl’s flavor.
"As long as you like, I will hold you for a lifetime until we are too old to move, and I will not let go." It would be foolish not to grasp your sincerity at this time.