It took a good half-day for Chu Yifeng, who was thrown into a daze, to slowly climb out.

Chu Yifeng patted his head and felt that his head was like being put into his stomach. He looked up at the traces he had left on the top of the cave and looked at the pit at his feet. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and said, "Fortunately, I will never do this kind of uncertain thing again after I am tough."
I don’t care if I pat the dust off my body and now my clothes are worn out.
After jumping over the cliff, Chu Yifeng’s icy feeling at the other end of the cliff is gone, but it has gradually warmed up.
"Is there any danger?" Thinking that Chu Yifeng was cautious, he took out a top-grade horcrux and a flying sword from the storage ring that had already shed blood to recognize the Lord.

015 chiyangshi
The cave spiraled down like a rotating staircase, and Chu Yifeng walked forward with a top-grade spirit sword in his hand.
When he turned several times along the cave, suddenly there was a small hole in front of him, and he looked out through the small hole. He looked up at the cliff that he had just jumped over, but now he turned his eyes to the bottom of the cliff. It was only the scene there that startled Chu Yifeng. It was like there was a piece of mud just bubbling, as if there was a hot spring under the mud, and a hot air rose up.
"Fortunately, it didn’t fall off just now, otherwise it won’t become a beggar chicken?" Chu Yifeng thought that he was wrapped in thick mud and felt a little hot sweat on his body.
Then go forward, it is getting hotter and hotter, and Chu Yifeng feels more and more cautious in his heart. In the meantime, Chu Yifeng still wears the Chinese fairy armor on his body.
As soon as Xianjia was put on, Chu Yifeng immediately felt that the heat wave had eased a lot and his heart was less depressed.
The cave in front is no longer hovering, but Chu Yifeng, who walks around like a maze, marks with his spiritual sword for fear of getting lost here.
But fortunately, although there are several forks in the cave, they are all very small, so Chu Yifeng has been walking along the largest cave without any danger.
However, Chu Yifeng saw that a fiery mantle was formed around his body. The heat here is definitely beyond the ordinary people’s resistance, and even the "Heaven and Man" mentioned by Yinghua may not be able to resist. After all, the "Heaven and Man" in Yinghua’s mouth is just a practitioner in the early days of then.
Although Chu Yifeng didn’t form his own Yuanying, because he was practicing the Shinto of Lei Xiao, he was already comparable to the person who fixed the truth in the ordinary Yuanying period, and with the fairy armor protector, he could stick to it more easily. However, seeing this scene for the first time still made him a little flustered. Only by injecting Zhenyuan into Xianjia can the heat be pushed further.
There was a sudden turn ahead. Chu Yifeng just turned around and suddenly saw a red light flashing at his own eyes. Chu Yifeng subconsciously hid and dialed with his flying sword.
I only heard the sound of "dang" and the red light was actually hit out. Chu Yifeng also felt the arm shake and looked at the red light that was hit to one side, but now it is a small snake more than two feet long. The whole body is red and the head is covered with a golden pattern. At first glance, it looks like a flame ignited on a flame. It is very beautiful.
But Chu Yifeng didn’t have the heart to appreciate a snake that looks like this in a place like this. It’s definitely not simple. Maybe it’s a different kind. Besides, it was clearly hit by a spirit sword just now. It’s a top-grade spirit sword. It’s effortless to cut gold and jade, but it seems that there is no scar on the snake.
At the moment, the little snake is earnestly spitting its tongue and staring at Chu Yifeng’s body tightly curled up and ready to stay. It seems that as long as Chu Yifeng moves, it will immediately jump up.
Chu Yifeng is a little bolder with a fairy armor protector. He slowly stepped forward with a spirit sword in one hand and a blue lightning flashing in the other, making a "squeaky" sound.
Seeing Chu Yifeng move, the little snake immediately turned into a red light and rushed to Chu Yifeng. Chu Yifeng was ready to greet him with a sword immediately, but the little snake didn’t hide and collided directly with the spirit sword. Chu Yifeng’s arm was shocked again. I didn’t expect the little snake to have such strength and was really not afraid of the top grade spirit sword. Chu Yifeng really didn’t know what its snakeskin was made of.
However, the small snake suddenly rushed to Chu Yifeng’s lower abdomen by the force of the collision of the spirit sword. Chu Yifeng’s hand was busy catching the small snake directly with his left hand. I didn’t expect that he actually grabbed the small snake at the same time, and the lightning on his left hand was full of convulsions.
Just when Chu Yifeng thought he would electrocute the snake to death, the snake suddenly opened its mouth and spit a flame at Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng threw the snake out as soon as his left hand shook. The flame from the snake was blocked by the fairy armor, and even a hair on Chu Yifeng didn’t burn. Chu Yifeng said to himself, "I forgot that I have the fairy armor."
The little snake seems to feel afraid, but it still twitches from time to time and looks a little like a big earthworm.
Chu Yifeng hurried to catch up with him. There was a confrontation just now, and his heart decided that the small snake would definitely not hurt him, so he wanted to catch the small snake.
Chu Yifeng followed the little snake closely and turned several turns, and then a strong heat wave came on my face, accompanied by a strong smell of sulfur.
The red and yellow light came out of Chu Yifeng from the ground, and it turned out to be magma at first sight, but the little snake went in without splashing a spark.
While Chu Yifeng was stupefied, the little snake suddenly emerged, but it was on a rock protruding from the middle of the magma.
But now none of these can attract Chu Yifeng’s attention. Instead, a stone with lux light behind the small snake attracts him more.
Chu Yifeng learned from Yinghua that the general appearance of the blazing stone is so similar to the stone behind the small snake. Chu Yifeng is almost certain that it is the blazing stone. At this moment, the little snake seems to be absorbing heat from the blazing sun stone, and a series of lux rays have flowed into the mouth of the little snake, and the little snake’s body seems to be growing fast and growing a foot in a short time.
"It’s a treasure, but how do you get the blazing stone?" Chu Yifeng pondered.
The protruding rock where Chiyangshi is located is surrounded by magma, which is tens of meters away from the shore where Chu Yifeng is located. Although you can jump, you can jump over it, but if you can’t jump, you will fall into the magma. Even if there is a fairy armor protector, there may be nothing left. After a jump just now, Chu Yifeng didn’t want to act so rashly again.
Just as Chu Yifeng was thinking hard, he suddenly looked up and saw a stone falling from the top of the cave. Now the stone was floating on the top of the magma without sinking. Chu Yifeng immediately had an idea.
I saw Chu Yifeng immediately go back and bombard the rock wall of the cave with his hands like a mountain drill, and then ten huge tabular rocks were placed in front of Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng immediately threw pieces of plate-like rocks into the magma without hesitation. Just as the rocks were still floating on the magma, Chu Yifeng took this opportunity to jump and jump close to the blazing stone.
The little snake saw that Chu Yifeng had come so far and made a hissing threat, but Chu Yifeng turned a blind eye because the little snake couldn’t hurt him at all.
Small snake saw that intimidation didn’t work and spit out flames again, but when Chu Yifeng saw it, he just rushed his left hand to Xianjia and turned back all the flames.
The next moment, Chu Yifeng has safely stood on the prominent rock and the blazing sun stone is at his feet.

016 residual nail
Chu Yifeng’s hand flashed with lightning, which scared the little snake back to one side and then turned around and plunged into the magma again.
While Chu Yifeng quickly picked up the blazing sun stone as soon as he started, there was a feeling of being very hot. He almost let Chu Yifeng throw away the blazing sun stone he got. Although he didn’t throw it away in the end, he could only beat the blazing sun stone with his hands constantly, which was like holding a roasted sweet potatoes.
"This thing should be the sun stone. It’s so hot that it will burn people." Although there is a fairy armor protector, Chu Yifeng’s own skill is too low to fully wield the power of the fairy armor, so he can still feel the heat wave coming from the blazing sun stone making him thirsty.
Chu Yifeng finally put the blazing stone in the storage ring. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, suddenly a hand appeared behind the blazing stone. Chu Yifeng was startled and thought there was someone here.
However, a closer look at what turned out to be just a hand, Chu Yifeng carefully picked it up, but now it is an armored arm, but only the right arm and other parts have disappeared.
Chu Yifeng didn’t know why there was an armor arm here, but he thought someone should have come to look for the blazing sun stone, but he died here. Other parts may have been melted by magma, leaving only a fragment of armor.
"Take it with you. Maybe you can meet someone who knows this armor in the future and let his relatives know the news of the armor owner." Chu Yifeng thought like this and stood up with armor.
Back to the magma, you don’t need to step on the rocks that are already sinking, and you just jump out.
Chu Yifeng, who was far away from the magma, found that the armor fragment in his hand was actually shining with dark red light. He couldn’t help but move in his heart: "I thought it was reflective under the reflection of magma just now. Now it seems that this armor is not a common product?"
Curious, Chu Yifeng put the armor on his right hand.
"Hey, it’s just right!" Chu Yifeng stretched out his hand and fingered the usurped fist. Now it’s just like making it for himself. It’s unusually suitable, and even there is a slight coolness from above. It seems that the fragments of this armor can resist the high temperature.
Chu Yifeng couldn’t help but want to inject the real yuan into it, but just now he had this idea.
A series of bubbles suddenly appeared from the magma, and then a huge spider emerged from the magma and rushed at Chu Yifeng with its teeth bared.
Chu Yifeng looked at a spider the size of a truck and couldn’t help thinking about it. But at this moment, Chu Yifeng suddenly realized that the real yuan in his body was all concentrated in his right hand.
But when Chu Yifeng turned his eyes to his right hand, a large number of electric arcs have condensed on his right hand, forming an electric ball with a diameter of about half a meter. The purple electric ball gave out a series of annoying "squeaking" sounds, and Chu Yifeng also felt that his right arm was full of explosive power, and even the whole right arm was swollen, which made him feel a sense of tension.
Okumo also saw the footsteps of ChuYifeng’s right-hand electric ball rushing over and stopped immediately. Instead, the energy of the electric ball slowly receded, which made it feel a little afraid. It seemed to bring very serious harm to itself.