"After that, no one can stop her from becoming a god. I don’t believe that the angel god will have any dissatisfaction with the snow. If the angel god sees the talent of the snow, he will beg her to accept it." Zhao laughed. There is no big difference between God and people, but it is stronger.

Three pairs of angels’ wings fell behind her, and her beautiful eyes looked at Zhao with a touch of excited tears.
Now her talent has far surpassed that of her grandfather, and all her ancestors have the ultimate light attributes. Her angel martial soul has once again evolved.
"Thank you, Zhao …"
"And Qiu Er …"
After looking at Zhao and Wang Qiuer with beautiful eyes and smiling, nothing can tie her down, and she will no longer be alone, and there will be lovers and friends around her …
"Cher has become beautiful again." Zhao looked at the girl in front of her and smiled. She was transformed by the soul and bone of the light dragon. If there is a sacred breath in the snow, her temperament has become more noble and her figure seems to have become better. Some skin is tender, her figure is gentle and graceful, and her legs are more slender.
"It’s all because of you." Qianqixue smiled and stepped forward to hold Wang Qiuer’s hand. Qianqixue and Wang Qiuer are both beautiful together.
"Oh, is there a reward?" Zhao eyes a bright directly asked now that the snow is so beautiful that Zhao can’t wait. Maybe you can catch up with it directly and completely now.
He came to Douro plane, and he was not interested in catching up with many beautiful girls except uniting and becoming stronger. Now he wants baby Cher and Qiu Er to spoil them in his arms.
"What reward do you want? I can think about what I want. "Qianqixue Qiao face looked at Zhao with a red shell tooth and a beautiful eye.
Zhao helped her so much that if Zhao Zhen wanted her, she wouldn’t refuse, and if he went to the Hall of the Soul, she would become more secure. If he and she had that kind of argument, Grandpa wouldn’t really shoot him.
"Can you …" Zhao laughed. Life Lake has no spare room. The spirit beast sleeps and doesn’t need to sleep in the room. There is a room in the whole life lake. It was when he and Xiaowu came that they built it.
"Hum, Brother Zhao knew you didn’t make a good idea."
"Sister Xue and Qiu Er are not allowed to have a bad idea when they sleep together tonight," said Wang Qiuer, who took a unhappy look at Zhao and turned away.
"Then what shall I do? There is no spare room here. "Zhao Yixiao stepped forward and took Qiu Er’s hand.
"You don’t really have the heart to let me sleep outside for a night, do you? If the emperor sees how embarrassed I am, maybe I will be afraid of my wife and my majesty will be gone?"
"Who is your wife?"
At Zhao, Qianqixue Jiaochen looked blushing.
While Wang Qiuer is ourtenant looking at Zhao Zhao "tonight I sleep with snow elder sister Zhao elder brother also want to do? Are you thinking about those things? "
She won’t easily promise brother Zhao.
Gu Yuena’s sister said that if you give yourself to boys easily, they won’t cherish it.
"How is that possible? Am I that kind of person? " Zhao smiled and walked to the two women holding their hands.
"That Zhao Ge Xu sleeps outside. If Zhao Ge dares to do bad things, I will ignore you."
Chapter 445 Two women’s worries
The moonlight shines on the lake of life like a layer of silver frost. Zhao sits cross-legged outside a small building in the middle of the lake to practice. He has always been a little uneasy recently, like something is going to happen. He has nothing now. Although his strength is strong enough, he is still much worse than the power of God.
Now, he must practice as soon as possible until the title is very successful, so that he can hold everything in his hand.
"Snow elder sister what are you and brother zhao? Did anything happen to you? " Fang Qianxue and Wang Qiuer are wearing thin bras and trousers, and large areas of white skin are exposed, but this scene is destined to be appreciated.
"He and I where there will be something? I’m still … "Said Qian Qi Xue, whose face was reddish and her eyes dodged. She didn’t expect Wang Qiuer to be so bold and ask her such a question directly.
"Hee hee, I don’t believe that Brother Zhao is so lewd and Sister Snow is so beautiful. I don’t believe that Brother Zhao won’t do anything to Sister Snow." Wang Qiuer left the pie mouth and the snow-white charming body tightly attached to her ear and said.
"There is no Qiu Er. Don’t guess."
"Really? If that’s the case, I’m going to have the first hand. Maybe I can still rank in front of Sister Xue. "Wang Qiuer said that some of the beautiful eyes expect her generation to like it, and it may be Brother Zhao. She won’t even look at other men.
"What’s ahead of me?" Thousands of snow is wrinkly to knit the wrinkle show eyebrow asked.
"Of course, it’s the ranking. After there are so many girls around Brother Zhao, there will definitely be a ranking. Otherwise, what should I do? It’s a pity that it was very late when I met Brother Zhao. Sister Xiaowu was the first to know Brother Zhao. "Wang Qiuer’s little face collapsed, and she was a lot late after all.
"Qiu Er, where did you learn these messy things? Girls should be reserved and not too active." Qianqixue was said by Wang Qiuer that her face was blushing and the deer was pounding in her heart.
"Hee hee, my brother Zhao and I shared the memory …" Wang Qiuer said lightly that his fingers were sliding in the snow-white skin.
"Shame on Zhao for thinking about these things every day." The face of the snow is more red.
"Sister Xue doesn’t have Zhao’s brother in his heart. Sister Xue doesn’t say I know." Wang Qiuer skimmed the pie mouth and immediately unbuttoned the snow button like discovering the new continent.
"Qiu Er, what are you doing? Go to sleep quickly and don’t do that … "Qianqixue realized what panic covered her chest with snow white.
"Sister Xue, I haven’t seen a human girl’s body before or when I was a beast, and I don’t know if we are different." Wang Qiuer said that her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but beat wildly when she looked at the snow.
"Don’t do this. We are all girls. You are all the same …"
"shh! Sister Xue is a little smaller. Brother Zhao is outside. If Brother Zhao hears it, maybe we have any problems. Then it will be bad. If Brother Zhao doesn’t like me then, Sister Xue will compensate me. "Wang Qiuer gently held the snow and pulled a thin silk to be covered in two people.
"Qiu Er …" Some pretty faces of Qianqixue turned red, even the snow-white body was printed with a layer of pink. If others even girls treated her like this, she would be angry, but Wang Qiuer’s status was higher than her, and many body, soul, orcs and beasts had a lofty status. Besides, former Wang Qiuer helped her. She couldn’t get angry with her, and they were all extremely light. Wang Qiuer still had a layer of auspicious spirit, which made her have a little affection for her.
The first ray of sunshine in the morning sprinkled the majestic vitality of the lake of life. At this moment, it was instilled in every part of the starry forest, and everything seemed full of vitality.
At this time, Zhao was wrapped in a layer of black flame, which made him look like a burning man, and he was handed out in the flame in a heart-rending fluctuation.
Level 60 breakthrough
Zhao eyes raised a wipe off in the eyes flashed at the same time the body black flame department tucked into the body.
"Ding, congratulations on the host activation check-in"
"Ding Sign-in, Release Sign-in, Bibidong Boudoir"
"Reward the sixth puppet Qingzhu Ling"
Note: Qingzhu Ling is located in the East Xuanyu super sect in the plane of Wudong Gankun, and the Nine-day Taiqing Palace has been revised by the Lord. At present, Qingzhu Ling is still in a place and has never seen the host of the Forestry Institute, so you can rest assured and be bold …
"check in?" Zhao’s eyes are bright. He is no stranger to Qingzhu Ling, the plane of Wu Dong Gan Kun. The most brilliant things in the world are Qingzhu Ling and Ying Huanhuan, the ice master.
"It’s a pity that if the ice master can also be my puppet together," Zhao smiled brightly, but his soul ring position has ten.
"The human heart is short, but the host can become a god and go to other worlds if he wants, but the host speed should be faster. Otherwise, I can also guarantee what kind of system. I can change the puppet causal line so that the puppet and the male host from all over the world will not meet each other, but if the host is not changed quickly for others, people may grow up." It is a system and doesn’t care about anything anyway
"Shame!" Zhao couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth, and he liked to engage in his mentality, but he knew that Tong said it was also reasonable, and he had to hurry up and become a god.
"Cher Qiu Er, it’s time to get up." Zhao got up and walked towards the room. Last night, he had been practicing Qianxue and Wang Qiuer. He didn’t know what they did in the room yesterday, but yesterday he seemed to hear something strange.
"Brother Zhao, why are you here?" Hazy Wang Qiuer opened his eyes and looked at Zhao with beautiful eyes.
Thousands of snow also woke up from sleep at this time and noticed Zhao’s eyes. She quickly looked at herself.
"Ah," the snow with a towering passion quickly hid in the bed, and her pretty face became red and spread to her chest yesterday late autumn son … So Zhao didn’t see it now? Zhao must have seen everything after watching it for so long.
"Ahem, you put your clothes on first." Zhao said, what did the door and Qiu Er do last night? You’re not even dressed, are you? ? ?
Soon a rustling sound rang in the room, and snow and Wang Qiuer came out in their clothes. At this time, two women’s faces were blushing, and even Wang Qiuer’s heart was pounding.
Even if she dare to face those things again, she can’t be indifferent.