There’s a chance that’s what it means. When you sell things, you always have to praise them, and the effect is slightly more than one.

In a word, it’s a great treasure, and for a while, everyone was pleasantly surprised.
Tang Qing immediately lost interest, but he was not interested in anything that was related. I don’t need these things myself at all. As for my monks, I don’t have any real Godsworn Dan, so why bother?
Besides, even with Dan’s men, Tang Qing can’t provide all the food like raising pigs, just eat, sleep and eat with peace of mind. For one thing, you can’t afford it, and for another, you can’t afford it.
The only result of doing that can only be to raise a bunch of moths, just like the Red Dynasty in a certain period.
He didn’t want it, someone wanted it, and soon, two Linghua plants were photographed with joy, which was also amazing in value.
In this way, auction one by one, in the sound of screaming and bidding, steadily.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight: Take a direction with a slap.
Chapter 298: Take a direction with a slap and go to the website.

Chapter 299: Hit the face? See what a major is!
Chapter 299: Hit the face? See what a major is!
Although there are surges from time to time, on the whole, the auction is still calm and smooth.
Eight _ zero _ power _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. _ c _ o _ m
Chang Gongyuan, Xian ‘er and Mo Qing took turns to play the role of explanation, introducing various materials, treasures and exotic flowers and herbs to Tang Qing, and there were three people who occasionally gagged, but it was not monotonous.
Occasionally, the things needed by the array method appear. After consulting, Tang Ye occasionally made a few moves, which was a small gain.
This auction, because it is not limited to Brother Jiedan, the value of the lot varies greatly.
When encountering a category with a basic valuation of less than 30 million lingshi, Sihai Business Alliance will auction several similar items at one time, thus effectively avoiding the ice.
With the passage of time, after all, Tang Qing, who was not qualitative enough, gradually lost his initial interest and began to wander to other aspects.
On one side, one build what did not build and Chang Gongyuan are talking nonsense. In Tang Ye’s heart, he has already started to order people and goods from all kinds of people who participated in the auction.
"This guy is very awkward. He photographed so many armor-like weapons at one time. What does he want?"
"That boy is not bad, it seems that he is an alchemist. I don’t know how to compare with Ouyang."
"Wow, this girl is very hot, this figure … gee …"
Of course, it is Mrs. S. Xiao who pays the most attention. The more I read it, the more I was amazed, envious and jealous.
Tang Qing is not a business talent, but he understands the importance of business better than anyone else. Comparing the earth, which can be regarded as a past life, with this world of fixing truth, we can find that although there are no unpredictable means of monks, only the earth where ordinary people live is far more developed in commerce than this world.
I watched a lot, and gradually, Tang Qing’s keen intuition began to work, and he noticed some strange phenomena.
Specifically, the change in Mrs. S’s look, although extremely slight and fleeting, still attracted Tang Qing’s attention.
There seems to be an unusual silk thread, but I can’t see it clearly and can’t touch it. I can’t help but let him feel a little manic.
Purely out of instinct, Tang Qing put away his messy thoughts and began to concentrate and observe carefully.
After half a ring, he still didn’t get to the point. He casually asked Chang Gongyuan, "Ayuan, have you participated in the auction before? Is there any difference from this comparison?"
Chang Gongyuan was stunned. I didn’t know why Baitouer had this question. After thinking for a moment, he replied with some shame: "Of course, I have participated in small auctions, but my training is limited. I can’t go to large-scale fairs."
"To say different … this auction is very large, many seniors have come to participate, and there are many varieties …"
Waving his hand to interrupt his rambling, Tang Qing said with a little impatience, "That’s not the question, I mean … Is there anything unusual?"
"Unusual place?"
Chang Gongyuan cried in astonishment. What’s unusual? It’s normal.
Mo Qing, who was on the side, suddenly said, "Now that you mention it, Lao Qing feels a little strange, too. It seems that something is wrong, but … I can’t tell."
"eh? You feel this way, don’t you? " . At Mo Qing, Tang Qing wondered if only people who often fight for their lives would feel this way. If so, I’m afraid I really need to pay attention to it.
The two most powerful people all said so, and Chang Gongyuan was not surprised by his heart. He seriously pondered: "What is unusual … most people don’t know it. This should be normal … There are many treasures and magic weapons, and there is nothing wrong with this … materials, techniques, magic pills, elixirs and poisons …"
Just then, I heard the voice of the small S on the stage: "The fifty-fifth lot, a 700-year-old blood ganoderma lucidum, has a reserve price of 30,000, and now I will bid."
"It’s another poison. There seems to be a lot of toxic materials today. I don’t know if this is unusual." Chang Gongyuan seldom has a sense of humor, with a playful smile.
Crackle, a little understanding rose from my heart, Tang Qing’s eyes suddenly became cold.
"This is it, that’s right."
Caught the thread that was hard to find, and there was no sound in Tang Qing’s ears, like an eagle and a wolf.
"That’s right for the fourth time. This little girl’s skin has been auctioned several times for the fourth time, which is a bit of a deliberate understatement. This is the fourth time."
When it comes to poison, Tang Ye is surprised. In my mind, a few pictures flashed in an instant.
Sanqiao’s slightly rickety figure, the final blow of killing medicine, the tragic magic change of the North-South camp … Finally, the blue cloud fairy.
That kind of unclear and unclear sense of vigilance is still rising. Until now, Tang Qing even didn’t understand what it was that made him have such a high rejection of the blue cloud.
After searching the memory again, Tang Qing’s face remained unchanged and he casually said, "Poison? Are these things powerful? "
"This ….. is not what I can know" Chang Gongyuan wry smile way.
Mo Qing’s eyes turned and he thought he was smart and smirked: "Boss, you don’t want to poison that old dragon with this thing, do you?" Although Shao Zi Lao Qing doesn’t know how to use poison, these are just some original materials. Unless refined into gourmet poison Dan … Wow "
The big man’s expression suddenly became stiff, and he obviously felt something.
"Bullshit, Tang Ye is too lazy to fuck that heart." Tang Qing casually waved his hand and dismissed it.
Dark green head shrinks, no words, just originally scattered eyes, but has been folded up, and his expression becomes focused.
At this point, I heard someone bid: "60,000"
Without the slightest hesitation, in the quiet room No.2, a somewhat gloomy voice sounded: "Sixty-five thousand."
This is the third time, no matter who bids, this person will immediately add 5 thousand lingshi, which seems to be determined to win.
"Boss … I don’t quite understand the value of blood ganoderma lucidum, but I estimate that … it should not exceed 70,000 lingshi." The dark green voice sounded gently in Tang Ye’s ear.