Then when you leave the hospital, Chen Chi may know that you will come to study and come to his class.

It’s really … impossible to prevent.
Qingchen and Chenchi’s eyes collided, and Chenchi’s eyes were glowing with faint light and there was a somewhat inconspicuous smile hidden.
"Do I have to repeat it?" Chenchi picked the corner of his eye and looked like a Uber.
Qingchen stared slightly at the tears in the left corner of her eyes, which was somehow enchanting.
She didn’t hesitate again and simply got up.
After all, it’s the anchor’s temperament or appearance. Even now, it’s good enough.
Qingchen’s reddish face and purplish lips make her look like a delicious peach.
Professor Chen’s eyes darkened a little.
"Before you answer, I can tell you to answer my question and ask for a correct certificate and an incorrect counterexample." Chen Chi suddenly added this sentence
But it was this simple sentence that shocked all of you.
When did Professor Chen become so kind and wake her up?
They have never enjoyed such treatment from Professor Chen. This is all the way for them to realize their death!
Sure enough, this is a world of looking at faces!
Although I don’t know who this person is, I still have a strong impression on Qingchen in their minds.
"I don’t think anyone is brain-dead." Qingchen looked Chenchi in the eye firmly, and his eye tone didn’t recognize hesitation, as if he was confident in this answer.
Of course, this is just the surface.
Qingchen has long been used to keeping a straight face in the face of any situation, but even though her heart is beating drums and she is constantly spitting at Chenchi, her expression is calm
Professor Chen nodded with interest "certificate or example"
I forgot again …
☆ Chapter 13 Investment Risks
Qingchen took a deep breath imperceptibly. At the moment, the whole classroom was staring at her. Of course, the eyes that made her whole body tremble came from Chenchi.
She always feels that if she doesn’t answer this question well, she will be laughed at by Professor Chen inhumanely.
But even if you are not sure, you still have to bite the bullet and answer. Qingchen has never been used to avoiding questions.
"From the point of view of demand, although the unified ticket price has become higher, the adjusted price may also balance the revenue with the reason. The unified ticket price can avoid the peak and avoid the off-season, and it can also maximize the profit. The price bureau is not a brain-dead person. If you can get better and see people’s heads when you are not playing, it is not a loss. The price bureau does not treat tourists as brain-dead."
Green morning finish look without any change in fact, the in the mind is playing the drums.
Even though she is several years older than all the students around her, they are the elite of this major, and she is at best a beginner.
There is a feeling of being ugly.
Chenchi put her arms around her chest and leaned against the projection. When Qingchen answered the question, she kept staring at her behind the lens, and the fundus emotions were deeply hidden for people to see.
After Qingchen answered, everyone consciously moved their eyes back to Chenchi to see how Professor Chen commented on this industry.
"Why are you looking at me so eagerly to see me curse?" Professor Chen’s smile at the corner of his mouth is meaningful.
Brush your head at the bottom.
"This classmate-"Chen Chi’s long tone and clear magnetic sound are very sexy.
Everyone, together with Qingchen, held their breath. She didn’t know what, and suddenly she wanted to know what the answer was.
Even if she answers wrong, let her die happily
It’s a pity that Professor Chen never plays cards according to common sense. He coughed a little "sit down"
Then he changed pp to another page, and the speed of speech naturally accelerated. "I know that we have been in this class for half a semester, and there are still people who don’t understand what microeconomics is. Of course, I don’t have the patience to continue to teach you, but just now this question can say that microeconomics can make you less fooled by economists’ reasoning methods …"
This …
Chenchi is too lazy to testify against her?
Green morning and the pie mouth is no objection to sit down.
Actually, I don’t understand Chenchi’s meaning. Even my classmates are depressed.
There will always be many questions in Chenchi class, and a lot of practice will make them all pay high attention, otherwise Professor Chen will never be polite if he answers wrong.
Even if the answer is correct, Professor Chen will find out your questions according to your answers. Although it is a little harsh, it is still very good for them to learn.
And just now, Qing Chen answered … No matter whether it is correct or not, Professor Chen doesn’t even have comments directly.
What’s the situation?
Don’t they know that others are not white?
It’s obvious that Professor Chen released water, okay?
How come they didn’t know Professor Chen was so amiable! This damn face-watching world!
There are five minutes of 90 minutes in two classes, and the pool is not used to dragging the class. He stopped immediately when the bell rang at halftime.
Then immediately around him, people took advantage of this five minutes to ask questions.
Professor Chen has nothing to say, although he has a sharp tongue for some lectures.
At this time, a boy sitting next to Qingchen, including a circle of people around her, silently cast their eyes.
That boy looks clean in sports. He said to Qingchen, "Are you here to skip class?"
Qingchen thought about it and answered honestly, "Not really. I came here to study."
"You were really lucky just now, and I don’t know if Professor Chen was in a particularly good mood today and didn’t spite you."
"How do you say?"
One person interjected, "Professor Chen’s class is that the failure rate of venture capital is terrible, but everyone is still rushing to grab it."
Qingchen is facing the limit of flourishing youth, but there is no generation gap between these faces, and she doesn’t look much older than these people around her today. When talking to them naturally, she always feels that you are living in hot water.
Just now, I asked the boy in Qingchen to laugh. "Are we in hot water? We are in pain and happy. "
"In fact, Professor Chen is a very strange professor," someone said.
Qingchen didn’t understand this and asked, "What’s so strange?"