I don’t know what has stimulated her. She is getting more and more violent.

Chapter 83 Fairy
"This is the divine liquid?"
Leaf with the wind with the small bottle of face look interested.
Gu Youlan said, "I heard from the young lady that this is the first-order divine liquid awarded by the top 30 contestants before the contest."
"When the strongest one decides, the Great God will come in person and bring the second-order liquid."
Leaf nodded with the wind.
He didn’t expect this so-called first-order liquid to be the original aura liquid produced by the first floor of the origin tower.
If the second-order Tianshen liquid is not guaranteed, the second layer will produce quenching liquid.
In other words, this great god also has a tower of the origin of all things.
And certainly not low level.
Otherwise, such a huge spirit of the kingdom will definitely be insufficient.
"Xiaoxiao must be very disappointed."
Ye smiled with the wind and handed the bottle to Gu Youlan.
Since they came out, the water they washed in has long been replaced by aura stock solution.
And cooking is to purify the stock solution again after the leaves are blown with the wind.
Otherwise, the two little girls would not have entered the country so quickly.
"Yes, miss, she is very disappointed," Gu Youlan said.
Ye said with a smile, "Tell her that the recent game is great."
"I’ll go there myself to let her continue her efforts when she comes to fight."
With that, Ye picked it up with the wind and immersed himself in the ocean of achievement methods.
"You didn’t tell!"
Ye Xiaoxiao stopped outside the valley orchid looks pale and asked.
"No, no, my master didn’t ask him much and praised you for your good performance recently." Gu Youlan hurriedly said.
Ye Xiaoxiao’s face softened when he heard this sentence.
"I knew he must be secretly watching me hum ~"
Then she looked at Gu Youlan and whispered, "Can the two of us know that no third person can know anything about washing feet?"
Gu Youlan blinked.
"What foot washing water?"
Two days later, Pingyang big bucket field
After staying in the room for more than half a month, Ye finally came to the scene with the wind and sat in the position that Jianxingquan had already prepared.
Shi Haojie, the great master, repeatedly looked at Ye Fengfeng with curiosity.
But Ye sat lazily in the wind and didn’t even care.
It’s just a little monk in the mating period. There’s no need to know him.
I came here today to see Ye Xiaoxiao at the scene.
The second is to wait for the arrival of the Great God.
Feel Shi Haojie eyes JianXingQuan dry cough two gave him a warning eyes.
Shi hero shrugged his shoulders and then got up.
After a generous speech, the final officially began!
Ye Xiaoxiao appeared in the first battle.
She looked at Ye, who was sitting in the stands, and suddenly she was filled with joy with the wind. Even the "monkey girl" who rang loudly in the ring became less harsh.
And her opponent is a member of Datianmeng.
Shi Yan, the fourth-order and second-floor destiny mage!
"Monkey girl, we finally meet."