At the thought of this, Jiu revisited his body and went straight into the air, flying with Xia Dongdong to the front of the three hell relic beads hanging high above Zhongtian. As usual, the little demon and imp were responsible for suppression, Xia Dongdong was responsible for refining, and he was familiar with it. After 20 minutes, the three hell relic beads had fallen into Jiu Zhong’s hands.

"I finally got the last one." Jiuzhong took all the five sarira beads, a total of 15 pieces, from the Gankun bag, and held them in his hands. "So six sarira beads in three days are complete."
The words sound just fell and the eighteen sarira beads in the palm of your hand suddenly changed, and the golden light was full. Since each sarira bead, a Buddhist rune has emerged and merged into a string, connecting the eighteen sarira beads in series, and finally a complete bead chain.
Jiuzhong looked at the attributes of the next eighteen relic beads again, and found that the name of the relic beads had changed, and there were no more six names, only one unified name-three days and six relics beads.
Three-day and six-path relic beads combine all the attributes of the six-path relic beads, with a total of six skills, respectively, which greatly add six effects, three defensive effects of resistance and three offensive and damaging effects.
Although it is now a string of beads, the three-day six-lane relic beads still have the function of splitting, and Jiuzhong can remove one of the six lanes at any time and use it as an independent weapon.
And the most important point, which is also the favorite point of Jiuzhong, is that the three-day and six-way relic beads are not weapons, but a special type of jewelry. Even if Jiuzhong wants to use its effect, it is not necessary to take off the unparalleled fierce ghost first and make room for it, so it can be directly equipped in the jewelry box for use.
"Well, it’s not bad, so I’m a little stronger." Nine heavy decisive sarira beads will be equipped for three days and six roads.
In the three days and six sarira beads, great changes have taken place below.
In summer, winter and winter, after refining three hell sarira beads completely, the hundreds of giant monster beast small swastika roulette wheels were suddenly dim on the ground, and then disappeared completely.
The small swastika roulette disappeared, and the power to imprison those giant monster beasts was greatly weakened, leaving only the power released from the huge swastika under Tang Sanzang’s seat in mid-air to continue to imprison these giant monster beasts.
"Roar, roar, roar-"But the power of a giant monster beast alone is not enough to suppress hundreds of giant monster beasts on the ground. With the roar of tearing the sky apart, the seventh floor entrance of the whole seven-level pagoda is shaking, shaking, and centering on the hundreds of giant monster beasts, it is necessary to jointly hold up a layer of demon force cover to resist the imprisoning power of the giant monster beast in the sky.
"Well-"Then, a purple-gold beam, with an arc the thickness of a bucket, passed through the demon shield and rushed towards the huge swastika in mid-air.
"Kaka … Kaka … Peng" The beam went straight in, and with a single blow, it punctured the huge swastika in mid-air. The giant swastika centered on the beam and cracked inch by inch, and finally the whole swastika completely collapsed.
"Oh, ah, ah-"The huge swastika was broken, followed by a severely distorted scream.
Get the purple golden beam, what a coincidence. Unfortunately, it just poked Tang Sanzang’s back court. Tang Sanzang suddenly broke out with a heart-rending scream, like a rocket launched, and rushed straight into the high air.
The position of Jiuchong was just above Tang Sanzang’s head. At the sight of Tang Sanzang rushing up, he did not hesitate, decisively attacked, and his hands were clasped. According to Tang Sanzang, he smashed down and hit Tang Sanzang’s skull, "Xuanwu Zhen".
The explosion boxing strength peculiar to Xuanwu earthquake broke out in a series, bursting at layers, and the strong boxing strength smashed Tang Sanzang’s neck short, offsetting Tang Sanzang’s upward impact strength and adding shock to him from the sky.
"Tang Sanzang, my old man said, don’t give me a chance to turn over, or I will eat your meat raw and kill you to the dregs. Now you will die for my old man." At this time, more than 100 giant monster beasts that completely got out of trouble on the ground rushed to Tang Sanzang in mid-air, and the first one was a huge ape, wearing a holy armour and holding a purple and golden giant stick. This giant stick was just poked with a huge swastika and stabbed Tang Sanzang.
"Monkey King the Monkey King" saw the image of this giant ape and the weapon in his hand, and recognized it in an instant. This is the man of the hour in myths and legends-Monkey King the Monkey King.
When I recognized the Monkey King in an instant, I recalled the rumors about the Monkey King from the mouth of eighteen arhats. Now it seems that what eighteen arhats said is true, and the Monkey King was really suppressed. I just didn’t expect that he was suppressed in the last layer of the seven-level pagoda of the ancient Buddha, and the person who suppressed him was actually the legendary chatterbox Tang Sanzang.
This is … this is so interesting.
"Tang Sanzang, my old pig is here. You have been hungry for thousands of years. Today, my old pig will fill up with your meat." After the Monkey King, a giant shadow with a broad waist also appeared in the nine-fold vision.
Chapter three hundred and eighty-eight Tang monk meat
The giant shadow appeared, with a deadly face and a pig face, covered in fat, carrying a nine-toothed rake. This image is too classic, and Jiuzhong has no reason not to recognize it. He recognized it at a glance. This pig demon is Marshal Pig Bajie from Tianpeng.
"Tang Sanzang, waste my old sand to be so hard-working, you can give my old sand a bitter pit. Today, my old sand will get back the wages of being a cow and a horse and eat your Tang Seng meat." After Pig Bajie, another one came up.
The Mediterranean head type, facial features is normal, a string of skull beads hanging around his neck, holding a serial shovel of the sun and the moon, although people look really so-so, they can’t find the kind among people, but Lenovo’s first two, this one’s identity is also vividly portrayed, and the former shutter general sand monk.
"Third, you can get back the wages for being a cow, and the wages for being a horse belong to Prince An Long." The sand monk just ran out with his front foot, and a winding dragon shadow roared past his head and grabbed the front.
This is a white dragon, which is as white as jade. It runs like a white horse, flying in the sky and hiding in the ground, without a shadow, which perfectly explains what the dragon is when it sees its head but does not see its tail.
As a horse, needless to say, this white dragon is Bai Longma’s real body, Ao Lie, the little white dragon of the third prince of the West Sea.
After Monkey King, Pig Eight Rings, Sand Monk and Little White Dragon, hundreds of monster beasts followed, including Niu Mowang, Princess Tiefan, Bai Gujing, nine head worm, and so on, are all well-known and familiar monsters in the mythical Journey to the West, all of which are here.
"Shit …" Nine times looked at these big monster beasts. "In the Journey to the West, the big names in the monster beast came out, even the ones that should have died. This lineup is simply luxurious."
"Roar-"rushed to the vicinity of the encirclement, and the Monkey King broke out with a shocking whistling sound, which exploded like a thunder, and the whole seventh floor porch shook.
The first five layers of monster beast are besieging Tang Sanzang. Upon hearing this, they are separated from it like a door open in the middle, making way for the Monkey King and his party of big-name monster beasts.
The Monkey King, "Tang Sanzang", holding a golden hoop, rushed through the last distance like crazy and rushed to Tang Sanzang’s crowd.
"Dead … dead monkey" Just now, the first five layers of monster beast jointly attacked and laid siege to him. Tang Sanzang didn’t move his eyebrows, and he showed his most proud talkative skills. He killed the first five layers of monster beast in flight and suffered heavy losses. But now I just see the Monkey King alone, and the flesh on my face twitches uncontrollably, which is beyond words.
"Today next year is the anniversary of your death." the Monkey King clapped his arms and muscles like a dragon, tearing the air and hanging the wind. "Well-"he swung his wishful gold hoop wildly, and the clouds surged, and the color of heaven and earth changed.
Followed by the Monkey King, Pig Bajie, the Sand Monk, Little White Dragon, Niu Mowang, Princess Iron Fan, etc., a number of big-name monster beasts also sacrificed their weapons in succession, like a forest, with an avalanche, overturning and pressing down toward Tang Sanzang.
Tang Sanzang made a quick decision and ran headless.
"Where did you run up and up?" When Tang Sanzang ran away, the Monkey King’s wishful golden hoop shot up, suddenly turned into a giant pillar and fell down toward Tang Sanzang.
"Ah-"a scream, Tang Sanzang oblique shoulder shovel back was smashed red-handed, a scream, fell from mid-air.
The Monkey King rose to power and tide wait for no man. He put up the golden cudgel and grasped it with one hand. The golden cudgel whirled in his palm like a drill. The next moment, the Monkey King swung one arm and threw it at Tang Sanzang, who fell in the air. The golden cudgel turned into a purple beam with lightning, and it was shot away at Tang Sanzang.
"Ah–"A scream like killing a pig, Tang Sanzang’s immortal golden body was pierced by the Monkey King’s great stick, and finally Tang Sanzang was nailed to the ground of the seven-story porch and made into a * * specimen.
"Oh, ah, ah-"Tang Sanzang screamed and begged, "Dead monkey … ah, no, the Monkey King, you can’t kill me. I’m your master. You can’t kill me if you kill me."
"If this was put in the past, it might be useful, but now, my old man deceives the teacher, and if he destroys the ancestor, you can do your Tang monk meat well." Say that the Monkey King rushed down from the air like a beast, jumped on Tang Sanzang, opened his mouth and bit, abruptly tore off a piece of meat from Tang Sanzang’s shoulder, chewed it for two times and swallowed it.
As soon as the Tang monk’s meat was eaten, the Monkey King immediately stared, shooting two red mans, and the next moment he was aerated, just like a steam engine
During aeration, the Monkey King, after being imprisoned and squeezed for thousands of years, began to restore activity and vitality, and most of the demon power lost in the body was also extremely restored
"roar-"a look at the Tang monk meat effect is so remarkable, the Monkey King broke out a very carefree whistling, and then buried himself in a big meal.
With the increasing amount of Tang monk meat in the belly, the Monkey King’s body applauded like a balloon. The skin of the dead tree skin turned into a gold-plated appearance, and it was only a glance that it was full of explosive power of terror.
The Monkey King just had a half-full meal here, and then the other big-name monster beasts were also welcome. They set themselves on Tang Sanzang like a peak sexually, sharing the Tang monk’s meat.
"I depend, save some for Lao Tzu" Jiuzhong in the high air didn’t expect the Monkey King, a big-name monster beast, to be so fierce that he said he would eat it, exclaim, and instantly entered the state of "God", soaring down from mid-air and joining the ranks of robbing Tang monk meat.
These big-name monsters are probably trapped for so many years, and they are all hungry. No matter whether they are humanoid monsters or not, they all go up and tear the flesh of Tang Seng alive.
Jiuzhong is not as hungry as they are, and the means are much more civilized. In the process of rushing down from the sky, set the automatic picking option of the dry Kun bag first, and then jump into the crowd. Just tear off the Tang monk’s meat and the dry Kun bag will automatically collect it.
A number of big-name monster beasts are busy grabbing the Tang monk’s meat. Although they found Jiuzhong, they didn’t have time to take care of Jiuzhong, and they all fought for more Tang monk’s meat.
Without the harassment of these big-name monsters, Jiuzhong can naturally exert its maximum efficiency and snatch as much Tang monk meat as possible.
In less than ten minutes, where Tang Sanzang was just now, there was only a pool of golden blood left. The huge Tang Sanzang has been snapped up by more than a hundred big-name monster beasts by the wind, and there is no bone residue left.
"Don’t waste, don’t waste, it’s Tang Sanzang’s blood at any rate." And Jiuzhong is thorough. Finally, use the dry bag to take away all the golden blood left by Tang Sanzang on the ground.
Tang Sanzang, the individual, completely disappeared in the world, broken into parts and became someone else’s belly meal
After a hearty meal, after eating Tang monk’s meat, more than 100 big-name monster beasts have recovered to their peak, both physically and by their own demon power, which is completely different from the appearance of a group of beggars.
"Who are you …?" Satiated with food and drink, hundreds of big monster beast’s attention finally fell on the nine heavy, the Monkey King a pair of critical thoughtful gaze nine heavy way.