Tang Qing was encouraged by the old man, and he couldn’t help but be a little eager. Whoever is unwilling to manipulate the artifact is unwilling to be a fool.

"The first form. . . Deification should be enough. Although your cultivation has exceeded the same period, you can’t be completely drained, so you have to leave some spare capacity. " Bridled eyebrows thought about it and gave a more reliable guess.
Yes! "Tang Qing a faint, hurriedly motioning with his hand:" don’t mention this, boring. I’m not afraid to tell your father that if you really have the ability to change your mind, Tang Ye has already beaten all over the world, so what artifacts do you need? "
"Beat invincible hands all over the world!"
Bridled by this grandiloquence, he felt cramped and wanted to laugh at him. Then he remembered that when this guy was still a fake Dan, he killed a monk in the later period of Dan. When he reaches the realm of deification, he may really find no opponent. In desperation, I can only be tempted by the law: "Even so, where are the people outside that day? Where’s the magic statue? Can you beat it? "
“。 . . No! "
Tang Qingleng for a moment, and said sadly, "I know what you mean, which means nothing more than a magic robbery!" "
"It’s a magic bullet. At that time, can you still say that you are invincible all over the world?" Bridled primly.
"Don’t amuse me, you are bullying people!" Tang Qing was badly wronged, so she quickly left behind.
"The magic bullet arrived in one hundred, but how old was I at that time? Those demon lords and demons are so open-minded, they have to come to my trouble? Stop it! "
"The sky is falling with a tall man, who am I? If all the Terrans are extinct, I will surrender and not mess with you. "
Without shame, I complained. At some point, Tang Qing felt interesting and laughed: "In other words, it’s not bad to be an inferno! I saw in efreet’s memory that the inferno woman. . . Cough! "
"Shame on you! You are still a person, so don’t be ashamed! " Bridled eyebrows sneered mercilessly when he was farting.
"Forget it, forget it." Tang Qingle didn’t want to continue after a while, and said gloomily, "Since Yu Shao is no big deal, let’s wait until the Eye of the Eye comes. At the very least, let him open a divination and figure out whether the old man has anything to do. I don’t understand this matter, and Tang Ye is not practical in his heart. Don’t say that I am killing. "
"This. . . Look at fate! However, Tianyan will come to you soon, and I can guarantee that. " Bridled sighed, knowing that it was too early to talk to Tang Qing about the future at this time, just shut up.
As the first high-level contact with Tang Qing, bridled to be sure, Tang Qing has never left the line of sight of the eye since he appeared. It’s just that it’s silly, it’s actually clever and difficult, and some things are better to let nature take its course. Thinking like this, bridled lost interest in chatting and became silent.
"God’s will! If you believe in God’s will, Tang Ye will sleep all day! "
Thinking silently about bridled words in my heart, Tang Qing’s eyes flashed, and there was a cruel yoshimitsu flashing. He doesn’t know the importance of manipulating the magic blade. There are some things he can’t discuss with bridled at all. Compared with the worries of bridled people, what Tang Qing has to face is far beyond their imagination. It’s totally useless to say or not to say.
"I’m afraid, even if the magic blade is excited to the third floor, it still can’t solve the problem!" Mindful of this, my temperament is ruthless and stubborn, like Tang Qing, and I can’t help but feel powerless and fall into deep silence.
. . .
I basically understood the reason of the matter, and Tang Qing didn’t find it difficult for Yu. After he woke up from the trance of running the achievement method, he told a few words and let it be.
On the other hand, what kind of spiritual path Yu Shao is willing to choose has nothing to do with Tang Qing at all, and why does he pretend to be a parent? Now that things have happened, we can only look at his own nature. Tang Qingben is not a sentimental person, so he naturally won’t take it too seriously. After the conversation, Tang Qing also made fun of Yu, saying that he was less awesome in the future, so he had to take care of everyone a lot. He couldn’t turn his face and deny his old friend and be a heartless baiwenhang at such a time.
After this change, Yu Shao himself was alert, and there was no need for Tang Qing to remind him of anything. He famously said that he would practice the skill of the heavenly heart lock. It’s not that you should be on guard against the eye. It’s always harmless to learn more than one skill.
As for why he didn’t attend the Elite Club, Yu Shao had a further explanation after waking up. Compared with the information in his hand, Tianyan thinks that Yu Shao is extremely difficult to enter the top three. Even if successful, also want to use life’s core monuments real yuan again. In that case, regardless of success, I’m afraid it will bring unpredictable consequences. If it is more serious, it will hurt the root.
Buddhist is Buddhist after all, and there are plenty of ways. Tianyan clearly told Yu Shao that as long as he practiced with all his heart, he didn’t have to worry about the water of Tianchi Lake. Once the foundation is consolidated, after being sure that he will not change his physique because of the special effects of Tianchi water, Tianyan can open the back door to get a chance for him.
Needless to say, as a result, Tang Qing was jealous, hated and sighed, and even scolded "spicy next door" three times, in order to calm her anger.
Because the thing about the lion king has not been implemented, Tang Qing’s mood is not good. After hastily arranging things, I will no longer pay attention to many other thoughts, practice Taoism at ease and wait for news, and never show up again.
Time flies, a few days have passed in a blink of an eye, and the Elite Club competition finally kicked off and officially started.

Chapter 620: Shenhui makes the heart change!
I Chapter six hundred and twenty: God makes the heart change!
More than a hundred miles north of Tiandufeng, it is a wasteland surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the surrounding mountains are winding like two long dragons crawling on the ground. I its tail is connected, and the dragon head faces each other from afar, and it seems to look at Tiandu Peak not far away together, roaring and provoking, and it seems to worship and submit. How to understand it depends only on people’s position.
The monks of the empire regarded this terrain as auspicious and a symbol of the strength of the empire. If you are hostile, you are more willing to regard it as an ominous sign and take the meaning of Ssangyong grabbing the pearl. Because the mountain peak is dead, suppressing the dragon for a while will surely cause the anger of the true spirit, and sooner or later this mountain peak, which symbolizes the majesty of the empire, will collapse. At that time, it will be the end of the Chena Empire.
Some people even joked that this is not two dragons, but an ancient dragon whose head was beheaded by Tiandufeng. Its head was suppressed in Tiandu Peak, and because of its immortality, it turned into a mountain peak waiting for it, quietly waiting for the day of revenge.
No matter what view you hold, no one can deny that the statutes here are indeed majestic. Looking up at Tiandu Peak here, I feel the fearless spirit of rising from the ground and crashing into the sky, listening to the distant rumbling noise and witnessing the magnificent scene of gathering the eyes of hundreds of millions of people and absorbing all the splendor of science and heaven. People’s spiritual world is extremely open, and they know the sea for no reason, and they are heroic.
Under the cold breath of cleaning up the evil spirits, it seems that all the common customs are disturbed and all kinds of worries and distractions are gone. What is left in the heart is only the lofty sentiments that can reverse the heavens and the earth. Every time the elite club is held, ten thousand people gather together to edify each other, and 100% of the fighting power can be exerted 110%. It can be called a great place to learn from each other and kill and set fire.
This is the main battlefield of all previous elite clubs, with three platforms in the middle, and the surrounding hillside for viewers to stop. It is a pure natural Colosseum.
It has a Wu Zhangyuan that makes Tang Qingzhi want to scold her!
Living in phoenix slope and fighting in Wuzhangyuan, Tang Ye’s trip to Tiandufeng is bound to make him feel bad. It is a wonder to think that the Lion King has not been heard from so far, and the face of the dragon is as heavy as water, which is in sharp contrast with the excited faces around him.
"Spicy next door, Tai Sui is in power, the broom is coming, and when you go out, you will hit a ghost!"
Swearing in his mouth, Tang Qing looked at the noisy crowds in the distance, as if he had been robbed of the beggar flower of the rice ball, and everyone in the world owed him two measures of rice, which made him feel uncomfortable. i
Today is a big day for the empire. The Elite Club is in full swing, and dozens of foreign envoys and clan forces are all present, scattered in the western peaks. Its position is determined by the empire, and no matter which external force, there can be no doubt. I don’t know if it’s intentional. The location of the Holy See and the devil Sect in the Western Regions are closely adjacent, but the orc country and Java are separated at both ends, while the Philippines, Yingla and Yenan, which are known as the Three Kingdoms in the southeast of the empire, are separated by the rest of the forces and cannot hear from each other.
Inside the empire, large and small clan doors have already been arranged. Including four six mercenary clubs, all of them are located in the eastern mountains, except for the ghost clan and the retired Yunhua clan.
Far behind them is the heart of the whole Chena country-Tianducheng!
The three platforms are lined up from north to south, and the northernmost is the venue for bodybuilders. A large number of bodybuilders, including imperial official institutions, are placed on the northernmost hillside of Wuzhangyuan. Because most of them can’t fly, they also have the intention of watching nearby. The southern fighting platform is used by monks, regardless of the realm, and the fighting methods of monks at all levels are held according to the date.
As for the particularly tall stadium in the middle, it was built for the final decisive battle. The platform is more than 100 meters high and 1000 meters wide. It is made of extremely hard jade with a sacred whiteness.
It is a defensive array in itself, and there are countless mysterious runes to prohibit it. It is strong enough to withstand the magical power of the big monk without being destroyed.
From a distance, this is not a platform, it is simply a tower! A magnificent tower that is itself a magic weapon.
This is a permanent building, which will not be demolished because of the holding of the conference or not. It is a symbol of eternal existence with the empire.
This station has a dragon-lifting platform!
Anyone who is qualified to be on this stage, whether a monk or a bodybuilder, is a leader among practitioners, and is destined to soar to the sky and jump into the dragon’s gate. In fact, most practitioners who come to participate in the competition are not doing the water of Tianchi Lake. For them, one in a million is too elusive, as long as they can step on the dragon gate, it is enough to masturbate, and they dare not ask for further luxury.
Sunrise in the east, with the first ray of sunrise, the red sun Ran Ran as big as a wheel rises. Endless brilliance stretches along the horizon, driving the dark night to the west in a rapid way, removing the chill in people’s hearts, bringing distant breath and warmth, and the brilliance that breeds everything and can give life to the earth.
Everyone’s body, as if covered with a layer of pale gold gauze, is not rich in color, but it is extraordinarily heavy and makes people feel safe.
At the turn of late spring and early summer, everything is full of vitality, and the initiator of all this has no arrogance. It just watched silently, spreading its endless glory as an unchanging gesture, watching silently with warm eyes, watching the endless world that is only a corner for it, peaceful and serene, without any anxiety and impatience.
Looking from afar, Tiandu Peak is full of Jin Hui, with seven colors lingering in the clouds, but it is not as vigorous as usual, but a little soft. It’s like a warrior who has been bathed by God’s glory, which soothes the pain and anxiety, leaving only tranquility and indifference.
This is a miracle! It is a miracle that no magical power can do, even without the qualification of simulation!
The hustle and bustle of Wuzhangyuan quieted down, and faces were looking up, worshipping and even praying. Even the dragon, full of mania, became gentle. Together with the surrounding gods, it crawled on the top of the mountain, its huge head was deeply buried, and it worshipped the red sun!
Between heaven and earth, every breath, every wisp of wind contains sacredness and solemnity, evil and yin cold go away, and warmth and peace stay. People seem to be watered by holy water and become the most devout believers in heaven, full of peace.
It happened that at this time, a very discordant voice sounded, gently, arrogantly and resolutely, piercing people’s eardrums and drilling into their minds.
"It turns out that the sun is so big … what a day!" ……
Of course, Tang Qing has seen the sun. After he came to this world, he also went to see the sunrise many times in order to wake up and return to the original world. But since the Xinger, this kind of mood is more and more light, more and more strange, almost became a dream.
Sometimes, Tang Qing can’t help thinking, is it true that Tang Ye is originally from this world, but he just had a dream about the earth, or he experienced some changes such as being struck by lightning and taking the wrong medicine, and then he had some hallucinations. This feeling once puzzled him and even made him afraid. As a result, Tang Qing is now consciously unwilling to recall the past and think about the world that has been impossible to meet.
"Rooted in the ground, the descendants of the Chinese people are the most adaptable and assimilative race, and Tang Ye has kept his nature!"
This is, of course, self-consolation. He knows in his heart that he is actually escaping. Escape from the pictures, characters and feelings that are rooted in the soul and cannot be erased anyway.
He is afraid that he will cling to his memory, and eventually he will not be able to integrate into this world, and then he will not be able to get along with those who have become a part of life.
For example, three beauties! For example, the newly built spike! For example, Yanlong, Jinxiu Valley, Xixin Island, and so on.
He wants to forget, forget that he is an earthman, forget his experiences and past, and completely integrate into this world. He once thought that only in this way could he belong here and really feel at home.
However, at this time, Tang Qing suddenly discovered that these worries and fears are actually meaningless, boring and even ridiculous.