Chitan Dan is a little silly. He has no impression of this young car, but how can the other party know him?

"Me! Lin Sensen sticks to firewood! " The famous car youth shouted happily.
"Article wood? Are you a faggot? "
As soon as I heard the nickname Chi Tandan, I remembered that this firewood belonged to the school tyrant in high school and was also the fuse of the school tyrant war. Ya, many people are weak in money, so it has become the target of oppression in banyan colleges and universities, and the bully in other schools also knows that this person is collecting protection from Lin Sensen, who gives money to Lin Sensen.
At that time, Chitan Dan thought that this was a stupid little person with more money, but later/after many things, he discovered Lin Sensen’s meanness. Just like the incident of "Happy Valley Campus Bullet Opening", Lin Sensen caused this trip to Ronggao and told the bully that there was a foreign school to accept his protection, and then he went to the foreign school and told the bully that Ronggao was not allowed to give him the money.
From this, there was a squabble over the hegemony of this machine, and then there was a small conflict. Finally, the two sides met and opened the film. The scene was great. There were hundreds of people on both sides and nearly a thousand people playing in the stadium. However, it’s not tragic. The soy sauce party like Chitantan belongs to most people. Everyone takes money to do things, and they have met each other. When fighting, you chased me and chased me down, which was also very real.
The real fight belongs to the core figures of the school bully gang. Together, the two sides only played black and blue. Finally, they all lay down and were carried to the hospital, which was regarded as the most embarrassing group. Lin Sensen has been fighting for nearly 30 times among the school bullies in Ronggao for three years, which shows how much this little boy knows how to vent his anger on himself.
Chi Tan Dan Lin Sensen actually has no contact, but he knows some small gangs with many school bullies and social idlers to blackmail Lin Sensen. When Chi Tan Dan sees them, he will try his best to keep Lin Sensen from being blackmailed by small gangs.
However, in high school, Chi Tandan didn’t like Lin Sensen. Although he was a soy sauce party, he really looked down on Lin Sensen’s so rich at home. It must be very impressive. Even though Chi Tandan helped Lin Sensen solve the encirclement several times, he didn’t even look at him. There was no impression of this person in his mind.
Now, when I see Lin Sensen again, Chi Tandan also wants to know what this little thing did not move in those days. At a young age, there was that kind of deep scheming at home. Lin Sensen, this Wynaut is an attribute of dressing up as a pig to eat tigers; Therefore, after learning that the famous young man in front of him was Lin Sensen, Chi Tandan quickly giggled and assumed that "classmates haven’t seen you for a long time!"
Compared with Chitan’s hypocrisy, Lin Sensen seems to be quite sincere. He warmly embraced Chitan’s junior in high school and now he is more than one meter away. At that time, a guy who held a bag in crew cut all day long was timid. Now he is driving a famous car and wearing a famous brand. When he is straight and handsome, he can prove everything!
After Chitantan embraced warmly, Lin Sensen asked Chitantan to wait for him to pick up his brain again and said, "It’s rare to meet Zhou Huaiyu, so let him enjoy a treat and take care of me for three years in high school."
Chitantan shuddered. This firewood is still so cruel as expected! It is estimated that Ya would have recognized Zhou Huaiyu’s intentional splashing of water on Zhou Huaiyu’s partner and then lured Zhou Huaiyu to hit him. But a stick of firewood is like packing up Zhou Huai? This makes Chitan Dan curious to be an old soy sauce party. Chitan Dan has a strong mind, and he quietly watches the development.
The siren sounded from far and near, and then four policemen came running in the rain. Lin Sensen took out his mobile phone, looked at Chi Tandan’s probe and smiled. Lin Sensen, this is a premeditated scene in which Wynaut kicked Zhou Huaiyu. This is evidence.
"Hello Zhou Huaiyu in which room? No idea? Do you want me to go in and check? " After hanging up for about three seconds, when there was information coming to Lin Sensen to check, he whispered to four policemen, and then one or four policemen turned and entered the Guo Huang Hotel.
"Dan elder brother …"
"Don’t introduce Senge. It’s stressful for you to call me that!" Chitan Dan hurriedly motioning with his hand and said
"Ah, brother Dan, how can you be such a stranger? You helped me many times in high school. I’ve been thinking about contacting you, but it’s always the wrong time! What does it say that we can meet again here after seven years? Say that our friendship must continue, or God will not see it. "
"Wocao Nima, this little truth can say" Chi Tandan wanted to roll his eyes after hearing the news, and then remembered that this was not a virtual world. He quickly fixed his eyes and continued to pile up that false smile and said, "Meeting is fate." Then he beat about the bush about Lin Sensen’s situation. Lin Sensen seemed to have a good impression on Chi Tandan and told him nothing about the development in the past seven years.
After graduating from high school, Lin Sensen went to the United States to study in college. After four years, he returned to China with a bunch of master’s titles and entered a venture capital company, earning some money, buying several suites, selling several stocks and buying several cars. He said that when Chitan Dan listened quietly, there were 10,000 grass mud horses running over him.
Is there such a big gap between Mabi people and others? If he hadn’t picked up a loophole in the diary and entered the game, he would have encountered a bunch of fantasy things, such as a rooster crossing the home and stabbing, and so on, then Lin Sensen’s seven-year experience would be enough to detonate Chitan Dan’s envy and jealousy.
Chapter 15 Dragon Eye (3)
About half an hour later, a burst of shouting came from the hotel gate. Zhou Huaiyu was handcuffed and twisted by four policemen and walked outside. His companions were talking and talking. Chitan Dan turned his head and looked around. Lin Sensen wanted to see what this little guy was going to do next. Lin Sensen didn’t disappoint Chitan Dan. He walked towards Zhou Huaiyu.
"Where is the quality of the buddy now?" Lin Sensen smile happily said
"This brother Zhou is ignorant of Mount Tai and has offended you. You adults have great confidence that Zhou is willing to set a table of apology wine at Dunhuang Hotel. What do you think?" Zhou Huaiyu attitude put very low said
Before Chitan Dan couldn’t understand Zhou Huaiyu, he dared to regard Lin Sensen as driving a famous car and said that Zhou Huaiyu was also relying on something. Now Zhou Huaiyu has been handcuffed by four policemen, so he thinks he is a coward? This is obviously unscientific, unless the four policemen have any history. Although Chitan is a policeman, he still thinks that it is a regular policeman or an ordinary policeman with no rank.
Lin Sensen obviously didn’t expect Zhou Huaiyu to recognize the cowardice. He actually didn’t intend to get even with Zhou Huaiyu to be a Gao Qian family. Lin Sensen’s tutor was strict and he was educated to a certain extent. If he had to haggle over everything in high school, he didn’t have to haggle over everything. Since he graduated from high school, Lin Sensen has left high school behind.
Besides, he seems to have suffered in high school, but he didn’t get beaten, that is, he lost some money. For Lin Sensen, money is not the most important thing, and he also made money to pick out school bullies and play with them many times. Lin Sensen is also secretly proud that the so-called extortion in high school has no influence on his character and outlook on life.
But the world is so wonderful. He came to attend the high school reunion this time, but when he transferred to the parking space, the rain splashed Zhou Huaiyu, and Zhou Huaiyu kicked him, reminding Lin Sensen of what happened in high school.
"Hey, the quality is in the foot. How did the buddy recognize it in the blink of an eye?" Lin Sensen continued to ridicule and said
"I’m unintelligent, brother. If your heart is not smooth, kick me. If it’s not smooth, continue to kick until you are smooth." Zhou Huaiyu struggled not to let the police drag him away and some shouted.
"Brother Dan, do you think I should kick him?"
Chi Tandan, who was bent on soy sauce, was watching the play happily. I didn’t expect Lin Sensen to turn his head and put him in all the sights. He experienced tens of millions of stares in the game, but he didn’t feel nervous. It’s Lin Sensen who is so unkind. It’s his own business that leads her to him, which makes Chitan Dan very unhappy.
"Dan elder brother? Ah, Chitantan, I am Zhou Huaiyu! " Zhou Huaiyu was familiar when he looked at Chitan Dan. Although Chitan Dan was a soy sauce party in high school, everyone naturally knew Zhou Huaiyu. Chitan Dan had many face-to-face meetings and needed help from Chitan Dan to support the scene.
"Zhou Huaiyu? Ah, brother Yu, don’t you recognize him? He is Lin Sensen! " Chitan Dan’s acting skills have been exercised in the game for a long time, and then he sold Lin Sensen. He didn’t want to get involved in such a bloody thing.
Although Zhou Huaiyu didn’t recognize Lin Sensen, he was deeply impressed by this name. After hearing Chitan Dan say this name, his face suddenly turned ugly. After sighing, he stopped pleading with Lin Sensen and let four policemen walk towards the police car. Obviously, he also knew that he had treated Lin Sensen in high school and made Lin Sensen not let him go easily at this time.
Lin Sensen watched Zhou Huaiyu be taken away by the police and then turned to Gherardini and looked at Chitantan. Chitantan shrugged his shoulders. Then they smiled tacitly and went into the hotel together. Lin Sensen Chi Tandan is not a class, and this reunion is not the class of Chi Tandan, but the monitor Niu Daqiang is still quite courageous throughout the year.
In fact; there are nearly 100 people throughout the year; but Niu Daqiang seems of be selective. Some outstanding students are invited and other students are also informed. Ronggao recruits students for cities and counties. Some students from counties and counties will not be notified unless they develop the rest Niu Daqiang in the city. However, nearly 300 Niu Daqiang rented a hotel venue and set up nearly 50 tables as a box banquet.
Chi Tandan used the excuse that he didn’t go in the toilet with Lin Sensen. When he went in, a well-known singer was singing at the venue, but he didn’t catch what the singer was singing. A young man with black-rimmed glasses strode towards him, and he held out his hand far away before anyone laughed. Chi Tandan looked around to make sure that the young man was running towards him, which surprised him.
This young man is Niu Daqiang, who was a standard soy sauce party in Chitantan high school. Why is Niu Daqiang so enthusiastic about him? Although there are millions of money driving a second-hand Alto, this Nima is not worthy of such a warm welcome from a cow who graduated from Huaqing.
Niu Daqiang was holding hands, wondering while saying irrelevant polite words. At this time, the mobile phone shook in his trouser pocket. When Chi Tandan took it out and opened it, he was shocked. The message "Little Hedgehog Run" was not displayed, but who else can call him Little Hedgehog except the rooster? And "run" these two fully said that the situation is critical and can endanger his life, so there is that Shen Yuyi.
Chitantan abruptly threw off Niu Daqiang’s dragging and hurriedly ran out of the venue. He made such a big order that everyone present talked about it. Not only Lin Sensen showed doubts, but Niu Daqiang also changed his face. After chasing a few steps, he hid in a place where he took out his mobile phone and dialed the number and said, "He left the hotel."
Halfway through the stairs, Chitantan went out to change the stairs and let him breathe a sigh of relief. No one has come to catch him yet. He ran out of the hotel and got rid of the second-hand Alto car. He took a taxi directly to the nearest AM machine to get the maximum amount of money. After that, Chitantan took another taxi and went straight to the long-distance bus.
The long-distance bus heading for Rongcheng county slowly rushed out and squeezed into the traffic flow of the night city. Looking at this familiar city through the window, Chi Tandan felt a little uneasy and sad. It’s estimated that I won’t be able to come back for a long time. I just bought a house and paid for the car, etc. I can’t move it. It’s a pity that the climax virtual game recorder was transformed from a rooster.
"The situation is very complicated. Leave for a while. Remember those who received A-class wanted criminals? Go to Wu province and find a person named Wu Zhiren to stay for a while. Then someone will send everything to you. Remember to find a timeline to avoid being abdicated and make way. "
Chapter 15 Dragon Eye (4)
An hour later, I received a short message from the rooster again. Chi Tandan sighed, took out the mobile phone pool, pulled out the card and threw it away at the "abdication", which means that the head of the army or the gang leader will automatically abdicate if there is no line for a week; It seems that Shen Yuyi’s gang should start with reality and virtuality. According to Chitan Dan’s guess, Shen Yuyi found himself again after nearly a year, which means that the rooster should be exposed.
It is Shen Yuyi and other people who can’t find the rooster, while Chitantan is the one who got the "big diary of loopholes". Once Shen Yuyi and others find that the rooster is in nature, they will associate it with Chitantan knowing the curtain; However, the personal information of Chitantan was encrypted by the rooster. It is more difficult to find Chitantan from the real archives. Shen Yuyi knew which city Chitantan was in at the beginning, and after some inquiries, he could naturally find the trail of Chitantan.
Judging from Niu Daqiang’s actions, he should also know something, but these are not important now. Chi Tandan is worried that he is in the game industry. The personal information of the players’ game data is extremely confidential, and even the top management who developed this game can access it, but the players’ personalities are very erratic. After they meet some players with similar temperament, they usually pull out some real information.
The hedgehog corps executives must also have friends who want to disclose some information in reality. It is also conceivable that Shen Shi chaebol and its allies can be a virtual two-pronged approach in the game. In reality, maybe Chitantan doesn’t have much means to struggle and resist, but he is confident that he can resist all challenges when he has been in the game for so long.
Wu Province is a neighbor of Fujian Province. After nearly three days’ turnover, she found a tavern hiding in Wu Province. A few months ago, Wu Zhi’s rooster broke the contract of all vegetable families, causing these families to die. Later, the rooster gave instructions to the younger brother who had recruited the wanted criminals to lurk and find happiness. Some wanted criminals who were uneasy about loneliness committed crimes again, and some wanted criminals who had repented in prison were grateful to hide after receiving the instructions.
The rooster has arranged a new identity for these younger brothers, and it is still very powerful to help hide the information of the wanted brothers with his ability to invade the world. When Chitantan first traveled around the country as a "martyr", these wanted men met and organized many actions to help the martyr get some rare resources.
Although Wu Zhi is a wanted man with seven lives, there are some feelings about him. There are too many people like him in society. Demolition, compensation and so on are enough to make some unscrupulous businessmen do heinous things. Wu’s happy family and urban pollution were destroyed by these unscrupulous businessmen. He was angry and put out a unscrupulous businessman with a knife and then surrendered himself.
After being successfully escaped from prison, Wu Zhi didn’t want to go back to prison and wait for death. He was far away from his hometown and arrived in a strange place. Taiwan and the city of Wu Province helped the cock to do something and got paid to set up a pub as a cover.
I had been working for the rooster all the time, but I didn’t expect that after only three months, I made them lurk and look for happiness instructions. Wu Zhi is also a high school graduate. This instruction is actually that the bosses gave up and they won’t have anything to help him, so Wu Zhi will start a small business with peace of mind.
When Chi Tandan saw Chi Tandan, his face changed a little, but the whole outline didn’t change much. When Wu saw Chi Tandan, he immediately recognized that it was Brother Chitan, which made him very scared. Han, who was in his forties, killed seven wanted men. He was a little scared in front of Chitan Dan, who also knew this Wu, who was not a very prominent role in the original stabbing gang. Chitan Dan didn’t have much communication with him.
"Wounds stab eldest brother, you … I …" I knew that something was serious and I didn’t know what to say at the moment when I received a salute from Chitantan.
Chitan Dan is in the real world when the big shots are comfortable with this scene and patted Wu Zhi on the shoulder and said, "It’s nothing important for Wu Shu to stay with you for a while, is it all right?"
"No, no, Songxian County is a county in Taiwan, and people usually move by the sea, that is, they cough me up," Wu said.
Chitan Dan was surprised and looked at Wu Nima, who looked honest. I didn’t expect to be a master at picking up girls! By the way, doesn’t this guy know he’s a wanted man? Even if you dare to marry a wife, you are not afraid of bringing trouble to others, but naturally you can’t say this. Wu Zhi is married and Chi Tandan has to unify his identity as a distant relative.
Wu’s wife is a widow named Fang Zhaodi, and Wu is almost forty years old. She also has a one-year-old daughter named "Tang Ruth", which shocked the body of Chitan Danhu. Sitting on a Wu-powered tricycle all the way from the city along the national road for half an hour, you will arrive at the Wu-powered bistro in Songxian County, which is located on the beach. At ordinary times, few people come here to do business so-so.
After settling down in Wu’s pub for a day, Chi Tan Dan Wu sneaked to the nearby beach in the middle of the night and waited for half an hour. There were lights flashing on the sea, and Wu quickly returned the message. Then Wu Zhi dived through the water and swam back and forth toward the flashing place on the sea surface for about ten minutes. Wu Zhi came back with a big package containing the modified virtual game recorder that Chitantan had been looking forward to for a long time.
Things are a little heavy. When they were stumbling in Haiyan and were about to walk to the cement road, they heard someone talking. They were startled. Wu Zhi took out a black star homemade pistol from the lower back and looked at Chitan Dan. Chitan Dan shook his head and Wu Zhi put the gun away again. The two men continued to carry things forward. Just a few steps later, a figure ran out of the Woods on the left side of the cement road and directly crashed into Wu Zhi in front.
Wu Zhi didn’t hesitate to kick out. "Ouch!" A woman screamed with pain. She found that Wu Zhi was about to continue to pounce on her body, and suddenly she was delayed. At this moment, another man ran out of the Woods and shouted, "Ruth, Ruth, are you okay?"