Liu Xuanyu was shocked by the scene before him. Liu Xuanyu hurried forward two steps, only to see Zhou Lishui standing in the distance laughing and looking at the depths of the jungle.

"Bastard … don’t … don’t run?"
Zhou Lishui saw that the other party had disappeared, and looked back at Liu Xuanyu with a serious expression.
Liu Xuanyu saw that Zhou Lishui had nothing to do and wanted to speak forward. Unexpectedly, Zhou Lishui’s eyes turned over and she immediately fell into Liu Xuanyu’s arms.
Liu Xuanyu hurriedly took out the kettle from his arms and slowly dripped the clear water on the lips of Zhou Shili’s dry column. Slowly, Zhou Shili’s water had a little consciousness, slightly opened his eyes and looked at Liu Xuanyu without god.
He said, "Brother Liu, this water doesn’t taste good. Do you have any wine?"
Before going to the thatched cottage, the two bodies of Mo Hongyan and Lu Duan Niang were placed under the eaves by Li Rucai and others, and Cheng Buyou, Cheng Yuru, Li Rucai, Cheng Coral, Green Tea, Azhu and others were waiting around with tears in their eyes and sad faces.
Cheng Buyou seems to have just had a fight with someone. His face is slightly pale and mentally exhausted. There are three or two dead leaves in a corner of his clothes, and there is a less obvious blood.
Cheng Bu, who pretended to be sad, stretched out his hand and knocked down the dead leaves of his skirts, and then covered up the slight blood.
Just then Zhou Lishui came back with the help of Liu Xuanyu, and there was an evil wolf on Liu Xuanyu’s back.
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Chapter 260 It’s hard to find those responsible for Yin and Yang.
It’s hard to find the real killer between yin and yang
Zhou Lishui looked into the distance without worrying about other people’s rules, and found nothing suspicious. Perhaps because of hunting prey, Liu Xuanyu was pushed away in high spirits.
Shouted: "Hey, martial sister, look, look what delicious food martial brother brought you."
Say that finish from the bosom took out a few crystal clear purple lovely wild grapes.
Cheng Bu squinted at Zhou Lishui and looked back at the bodies of Mo Hongyan and his wife.
Marotta hurried out and quickly came to Zhou Lishui and Liu Xuanyu.
Sad, he said, "Brother, Elder Mo has been assassinated … already …"
Twist a head to look at the parking place of Mohongyan couple’s body.
Zhou Lishui felt bad, and his laughing face gradually became serious, and then turned into sadness. The wild grapes in his hands suddenly fell to the ground from his hands.
Liu Xuanyu seems to have heard the reason. The hunter in his hand involuntarily fell to the ground, and immediately ran towards the bodies of Mo Hongyan and his wife. After a long time of visual observation, he "burst" and knelt in front of the bodies … Zhou Lishui stared at the bodies of Mo Hongyan with tears in his eyes.
"Mo mo predecessors? Who is it? Who is so diabolical ….. "
Say that finish kneeling in front of Mohongyan.
I took out my hip flask from my waist and said, "Elder Mo, although you and I are very different in age, we are destined to see each other, and our feelings are better than our own brothers. Elder Mo, this hip flask was a gift you gave me before your death. Today, my younger brother came to see you off …"
Say that finish spilled the wine in the pot.
Then he said, "Elder Mo, you have worked hard for a good marriage in the Wulin, but you don’t want to be framed by bad people when you see the beautiful scenery coming …"
After that, I glanced at the others.
He added, "Elder Mo … who killed you and your wife ?.. I, Zhou Lishui, will definitely find out this person, and I’ll bring him here and tear him to pieces …"
Don’t worry about hearing your hands tremble a little.
Liu Xuanyu held Zhou Li Waterway with tears in her eyes: "Brother Zhou, don’t worry, I will help you find this person ….."
Say that finish four eyes relatively firm nodded.
At this time, Cheng Buyou cleared his throat and said, "Ahem, Li Shui, Brother Mo is also sad that he was persecuted as a teacher. As the saying goes, he is buried in the grave. If Brother Mo is alive in heaven, he will let you find out the murderer."
Zhou Lishui stood up and said respectfully, "Well! Everything is arranged by the master. "
In the spring of the four seasons, the clear water flows and the green leaves abound. Hundreds of magpies have also lost their calls after competing for fear in the past, and listlessly landed in front of the graves of Mo Hongyan and his wife, unwilling to leave for a long time.
Under the instruction of Cheng Buyou, Li Rucai and others set up a stone tablet in front of Mo Hongyan’s couple’s tomb. Li Rucai found pen and ink to write the inscription, and Zhou Lishui stopped it.
"exemptions, I’ll …"
Marotta nodded silently and handed the pen and ink to Zhou Lishui. Zhou Lishui stretched out his hand and pushed the pen and ink out. Wow, he pulled out the green snake sword.
Suddenly, the green snake sword danced on the stone tablet, and clouds of dust dispersed around, and the gravel splashed on the grave. Zhou Lishui’s sad eyes followed the green snake sword intently, until the dust dispersed and the green stone tablet appeared; Megatron everywhere, tigers roar in Kyushu; Mo Hongyan, Lotus Out of the Water, Fengming World: Tomb of Lu Satin Niang and her husband and wife.
Then Zhou Lishui put away the green snake sword and knelt in front of the tomb.
Liu Xuanyu, Li Rucai, Azhu, Cheng Coral and Qing Tea knelt down in turn.