Such a boring day is also a kind of torture and test for the active Tianjun. Fortunately, after each meditation and entering the mysterious dreamland, the lonely soul can get excellent relaxation there.

Open your eyes, breathe out a sigh of relief gently, and Tianjun slowly stands up. The initial fresh energy has long passed, leaving only endless loneliness and unyielding faith. If anyone says to Tianjun at this moment, how wonderful it is to cultivate immortality, and wants to exchange with him, he will surely cry and shout, and thus run to a better new life naked.
The light y and n passed away like running water, so time slipped away quickly in a blink of an eye. It’s time to go to the inner door to report. In front of a small pond, Tianjun faced the calm water and felt a lot in his heart.
In the past few days, Tianjun finally made a new breakthrough. The whole person and heaven and earth maintained a tacit rhythm, and the mind was unusually empty. This good state lasted for a long time.
Suddenly, the spiritual force between heaven and earth was quickly sucked into the body, and in an instant, the meridians and then were enlarged accordingly.
Not only for by going up one flight of stairs, but also for "a new ability, that is, spiritual force can be quickly placed on the skin surface, and it is more effective to form a thin protective layer with the enchantment.
After the surge in cultivation, Tianjun’s spiritual knowledge is much stronger, the scope of divine knowledge detection is also expanded, the mental reaction is more sensitive, the thinking speed is greatly improved, and the whole brain can run at a faster speed.
Compared with ten days ago, Tianjun has changed slightly, because practicing the powerful skill of "the secret change" contains a majestic spirit, which makes the thin body have a trace of majesty and people can’t be underestimated.
"Ha ha ha ha!" The sound was loud and clear, and the rocks broke through the clouds and went back and forth over the mountain peak, shaking the surrounding trees. The trees nearby were like a storm, and the green leaves fell to the ground.
After laughing, Tianjun was relaxed, and his understanding of "The Secret Change" was by going up one flight of stairs. Many incomprehensible methods were suddenly enlightened, and he decided to test this method and feel its power when he was happy.
After searching in my mind, Tianjun found that there are few and far between methods and tactics that can be understood and related to attacks. Even if there are so few words, they are ambiguous and can’t be understood after much effort.
"Alas," Tianjun sighed with a long face and thought, "You can’t have your cake and eat it. You have to think of another way to attack."
In that case, it’s better to report to the inner door as soon as possible, because Zuo Hao told himself that the inner door is divided into men and women, so Tianjun and Xuanji understand that it may be difficult to meet each other when they go to the inner door.
Walking in a slightly strange place, Tianjun looked around and unconsciously came to a small town. The houses in the town were covered with thick snow, and the appearance was almost indistinguishable. However, the height and size can be clearly distinguished, and Tianjun can see it without looking carefully.
Is this really the inner door of Van Gogh? If you were anyone else, you wouldn’t believe that this humble place would be the inner gate of Van Gogh among the legendary Four Immortals.
Some were at a loss, but the direction pointed out was exactly the same as that given by the master. Tianjun looked around, brimming with suspicion, and walked into the three-foot-high stone house, which was the most conspicuous in it.
Knock on the door gently for a long time, only to hear a man clear voice, Tianjun gingerly pushed open the Shimen. The stone house has a large space, five feet square, with rows of wooden chairs, fine workmanship and lifelike carved huā bird patterns.
There were a dozen people sitting inside, including many ugly and eccentric monsters, and their costumes were even more strange, which made the large stone house look full of popularity.
Most people sit upright and choose to close their eyes. Only a few people keep their voices down and whisper, turning a blind eye to the arrival of Tianjun.
At the entrance of the stone house, there is a long table of iron wood. Behind the wooden table, there are two inner disciples of the true fairy realm, one with a goatee and dressed in a gray robe, and the other without white flour, wearing a blue Se robe.
They were just idle and talking quietly, but were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Tianjun. They slowly raised their heads and looked at him.
Looking at it for a moment, the goatee man picked up a crystal clear thing called a spar stick from the desktop, handed it to Tianjun and said, "Boy, it should be the middle of the fairy, right?"
Tianjun, however, did not reach out and took a slightly longer spar stick from the desktop. Without changing his face, he said, "Brother, I don’t know something. I may have made a breakthrough recently. I want to try this."
The spar stick held by Tianjun is called "spirit detector", which is specially used to test the monk’s mana.
Yes, all these have been described in detail from Zuo Hao’s mouth, so Tianjun is particularly concerned about this, and he also understands that my inner brothers are a group of arrogant people. If you don’t come up with some real skills, there will be some disharmony in the future.
Therefore, Tianjun is going to fight hard today, hoping to hide the sky and make a shocking scene. Anyway, he didn’t say anything to death.
Tianjun’s eyes swept away, and he saw Lu’s surprise on their faces. After a little meal, he ignored it, silently adjusted his state, held his breath and tried his best to transport the cat’s chance.
In an instant, then the golden Se spiritual force surged and flowed at a high speed, spinning round and round with the egg-sized dragon mirror in the center.
Such as the tide of spiritual force in the meridians in the j and dang, like a runaway wild horse, uncontrolled Pentium to the right hand. Many psychic powers poured into the hands of the "spirit detector" like a mud cow into the sea, and J: I can’t afford any waves.
Tianjun looked focused and never discouraged. He ran the psychic force to the extreme, and the meridians swelled and ached faintly. He gathered a little in his mouth, twisted it into a strand, spun it at a high speed, turned it into a spiral strength, crossed the circle of his palm, and attacked the "spirit-measuring stick".
Between the fire and the calcium carbide, the "spirit detector" in the hand flashed slightly, emitting méngméng milli-light, which disappeared in a blink of an eye and dimmed again.
Tianjun struggled to support him, unwilling to give up, and shouted loudly in his heart: "Why not?" It seems that I have to make the last move and let go. " ! .

Chapter two hundred and twentieth Speech
Tianjun didn’t stop, and in an instant, then a spiritual force sprang up, just like a raging dragon making waves inside, tumbling over the river, and the spiritual force was like a flood that burst its banks, attacking it instantly with irresistible force.
"Ding" rang lightly, and the spirit meter in Tianjun’s hand immediately shone brightly, raising a halo, and the bright sky was like a bright moon, which was really beautiful.
And support for a moment, the brilliance on the SPAR stick gradually dimmed until it went out. Tianjun’s face was radiant with a brilliant red, and his hands were as white as paper without Se. Slowly loosen your fingers and put the spirit meter back on the desktop.