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There is a saying that is quite right. Impulse is the devil!
Cloud creek thus will longed for even arms cloud foam to the tip!
When Yunxi strode towards the front yard, she saw a woman in Mulian’s arms! A woman in red!
The cloud creek will know that that person is the woman who lives in the backyard or is brought to the house by Xiangge!
So Yunxi stood in situ and took a deep breath and strode into the line of sight.
A crowd is just scrambling to see a bride together, but at the moment when Yunxi appeared, everyone was shocked!
There will be two brides? !
They stared at everything in front of them, feeling confused.
Yu Mulian saw the hijab turned to the back, and his face was immediately white after he wore a chaplet and a cloud in the imperial palace. Two words flashed in his heart!
A shrink in MuLian arms YunMo suddenly felt something was wrong with the surrounding atmosphere, so looking in one direction by feeling really scared her!
The real bride Yunxi appears, so this fake bride of hers is definitely a goof!
Cloud petticoats and iron’s reaction are also silly. People in Mulian’s arms are not Yunxi!
Who the hell is that?
"Hehe, Mulian is drunk and holding the wrong person?" I can’t get drunk. Chi Yuan made a joke.
But this sentence is suspected to be a circus for Mulian!
So Mu Lian’s eyes flashed for a while, and then he immediately put the cloud foam.
Yunmo is still in the same place, and she dare not look back. There are so many guests behind her and there are many people who know her!
Going back, many things will become difficult to solve!
"Girl, I’m sorry, I’m drunk …" Mu Lian followed the steps that Chi Yuan said.
And the cloud creek came in a hurry behind Mulian and those guests happened to be face to face. When Mulian put Yunmo Cloud creek, he immediately saw Yunmo’s face!
Her expression was surprised, shocked, slowly calmed down, and then a flash of hatred crossed her heart.
And behind Yunmo, what happened to Yunshang and Tiefan among the guests? The female figure in red with her back to them looks familiar.
Who the hell is she?
"I am drunk, too!" Cloud foam said after a turn your back on everyone and ran towards the cloud creek.
She has to leave quickly or her identity will be exposed and everything will be in trouble!
When I passed the cloud creek, Yunmo touched the cloud creek and took a slight step back. Then the color slowly recovered as usual, and for Mulian, she said, "Everyone is drunk and misunderstood. Everything is a misunderstanding."
After some distance to the cloud type and iron point a head and turned to leave.
But Mu Lian grabbed Yunxi’s arm and said, "I’ll explain it to you later."
Cloud creek coldly caught a glimpse of longed for even after lukewarm said "also explain? Huei-fang isn’t dead, and she still lives in the backyard, and she has become your woman. She just appeared sexually in front of everyone, and she didn’t put me in the eye. I saw everything in your eyes. I don’t need to explain it. I know everything! "
After throwing mu Lian’s hand, he strode back.
33 Chapter 33 First encounter
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It’s a bit unexpected that a play has come to an end!
What the hell is Chiyuan interrupting!
Otherwise, Yunmo will be exposed to people!
But now that Yunxi knows that the backyard person is Yunmo or sister, it seems a little bit.
The guests couldn’t help but continue to drink and eat vegetables, and Mulian quietly breathed a sigh of relief.
Tiefan and Yunshang are complicated in their hearts.
Who the hell is that woman? Look so familiar? !
Yun Zui withdrew his eyes from the theatre and couldn’t help feeling that the drama was over too quickly, but Chi Mie didn’t focus on the drama from the moment of the drama, but focused on Yun Zui.
His fingers were curled with ink, and then they were loose and rolled up …
Does Yunzui feel that Chimie is too chatty?
"You haven’t answered the king’s question." Chi Mie said when he saw Yunzui staring at himself.
Yunzui remembered that he had directly looked at Chi Mi’s words because of watching the drama.