In fact, this is also true. If you count the shadow demons, the strength of this side can be regarded as almost twice that of the enemy. Naturally, it is the mind of killing both of them. Besides, Peng Sheng and others don’t belong to the white tiger’s subordinates. As long as the shadow demon doesn’t speak, he can’t command at all.

After the Shadow Devil’s sneak attack on three noes, he naturally doesn’t want to make any mistakes in his life’s core monuments magic gas. Even if Taoist Sanjiu walks away, he will never allow the monk to escape from his palm. Fearing the Buddha’s Light without Three, he hid himself and made a sneak attack, thus effectively containing the Sanjiu Road, while the rest of the monks let go and attacked wildly, which can be said to be the arrangement of killing two birds with one stone.
Shadow demons know that Kyoto at this time has the strongest fighting power, except for retiring, which is the two people in front of them. There is no need for him to worry about the hidden old man. If we can kill this monk together, it will definitely be a fatal blow to the emperor.
As you can imagine, if there is no big change, Sanjiu Road may still have a chance to escape, but Sanwu is doomed to be either taken away or killed.
As for the above ground, the war of more than 100,000 people, the shadow devil simply didn’t bother to watch it. These stupid ants don’t realize that they are simply regarded as "food".
Thousands of years since I followed my master, I have been waiting for thousands of years, all for today.
Once great things can be achieved, I will have the opportunity to become a member of the holy family and have the opportunity to practice immortality. How exciting it is. As the master said, the world regards me as a demon, and my self-esteem is sacred. Why not?
Saint, saint, isn’t that something that was blown out by others after it was powerful?
"Who can say that the devil can’t be called holy in the future, but his strength?"
Shadow devil thought of here, in the heart can’t help but sneer, more proud.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (forty-two)-The origin of cramming for the Buddha’s feet temporarily
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (forty-two)-The origin of cramming, go to the website.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight: Killing the Sage by Tu Sheng (43)-Breaking the Bureau
Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight: Killing the Sage by Tu Sheng (43)-Breaking the Bureau
High in the sky in Kyoto, the magic cloud rolled, and as the blood clouds around it gradually spread toward the center, even the outer dark clouds seemed to converge with the magic cloud.
Huang Jia, his face is as heavy as water, and his palm is gradually sweating, but he can’t make a move. He clearly felt that a very powerful force of psychic reading had locked the emperor’s driving. Once he left, if the owner of this psychic reading started, the emperor would die.
Besides, if you hide your old hand, even if the other party doesn’t take the emperor’s life, it can also kill our monks. He can care nothing about other people’s lives, but he can’t live in seclusion. Coupled with the induction of old age, this magic cultivation is better than himself, and naturally it is even more afraid to do something.
At this time, the situation above the ground has stabilized, and with the participation of Xidaying, the two sides formed a stalemate. The situation of the dispute between monks, which can really determine the outcome, is extremely bad.
Of course, Yin Lao noticed the dilemma of three noes and three nineties, but he could do nothing about it. It is unrealistic to draw people from other battlefields. At this time, the situation and the struggle between monks can be said that all battlefields are at a disadvantage and there is no one to draw.
"Whether to launch ahead of time …"
Faced with this situation, Yin Lao has tried to show his cards several times, but in the end he is still patient. At this moment, the overall situation can only be solved if no two people can get out of trouble in March 93, or if one side has strong foreign aid.
Locking the spirit of the old man is obviously a demon, and it seems that he is not in a hurry. He is sitting in the magic cloud and waiting for something quietly.
For him, there is really nothing to do. As long as the old man is contained here and the killing continues, the large array of blood clouds will continue to provide nutrients to the magic cloud. As long as you wait until you’re done, who can escape here?
On the lotus terrace, there was no expression on his face, and sometimes he made a few gestures with his hands, but it seemed dull and stagnant, and then he was lost in thought.
The situation of March 9th was not good, and the veteran was anxious. He finally wanted to seize an opportunity to hit the white tiger hard, but was attacked by the shadow devil in time. Although under caution, I didn’t fall into a state of almost paralysis, but I was also hit by the shadow demon, and I was drawn by the white tiger with a whip tail, which was already hurt.
Fortunately, the sophisticated dust-blowing is very powerful, and the shadow demon was shot into the demon body by a dust thread broken off by Sanjiu, so he forgot to continue his attack and went into hiding to heal. The flying tiger made by the white tiger was cut off by a dusty silk, and its combat power was almost removed by half.
However, the veteran himself is also weakened, and this dust-blowing, dust silk is the number of three or nine, and even his name is derived from it. At this time, two pieces are removed continuously, but the power of exerting magical powers is greatly reduced. As a result, the battle with the White Tiger Messenger is still a tie.
However, after a long battle, it is really hard to say who can have the advantage.
And at this time, Peng Sheng and others also secretly complain.
It’s great to hit others without fighting back, but it’s frustrating to be busy without practical effect. Whenever the Buddha’s light is dim and about to be broken, the monk will spit out the essence of Yuan Shen to make up for it. Although the monk’s face is even uglier after doing so, this five-color lotus stand has always stood as before.
The result has been playing until now, and several people have been tired and tired, but they have not treated a monk who can’t fight back. Fortunately, the price paid by the "three noes" is extremely heavy, and even the later cultivation has been unstable, showing signs of continuing to fall.
Therefore, although several people are complaining, they can’t help but bite their teeth and continue to storm. Under the consumption of monks, the danger of dying desperately is getting lower and lower, and several people have nothing to worry about.
Tang Qing has finished pranayama, and several people look at this situation, but they are all helpless. In fact, there is no need to say bridled, and Tang Qing also understands that his own killing shock wave can’t solve the problem of three noes.
That thing can only be used once, maybe somebody else will clap the team to kill you. Besides, once the firm but gentle is used, Tang Qing not only appears in the eyes of many Yuan Ying monks, but also becomes a lamb to be slaughtered, which is not worth the loss.
Is a crowd waiting between each bosom worry, but see three without opened his eyes and stood up.
The monk’s hands pinch the tactic, and the light shines brightly between the technique changes, while his body is either standing or sitting, staggered, as if he were practicing something.
With the monk’s action, a virtual shadow suddenly appeared behind him. Although it was not clear from the outside, it was a far cry from the light shadow that had to be seen almost with god’s knowledge.
Sanwu monk’s face is still very tired, but his eyes are irrepressible with ecstasy, and it is almost a painstaking effort to contain the agitation of his mind. Its movements gradually changed from crude to familiar, from stagnation to coherence. As a result, the virtual shadow behind him is more and more clearly visible, and the Buddha’s light looms around the body, and the whole person is gradually wrapped in the Buddha’s light.
Peng Sheng and others were surprised to see this situation. Although I don’t understand what happened, I also know that this is by no means a good sign. A few people glances, without leaving any spare capacity, offered their strongest avatar and magic weapon in succession and launched a crazy attack on the lotus platform.
Above the lotus platform, the harsh light shines continuously, and the spiritual force is stirred like a storm, and the Buddha’s light is rapidly dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
At the same time, among the monks’ eyebrows, there was a faint flash like a mini star, and there were violent fluctuations, as if there were some monsters to break out.
The monk turned a blind eye to this and turned a deaf ear. At this moment, his whole body and mind have been put under the spell of law. Gradually, there was a faint singing sound, and the buzzing sound in the air was loud, as if hundreds of people were chanting Buddhist scriptures at the same time.
With the monk’s last set of methods, the virtual shadow behind him has been solidified, just like the method
At this time, the monk’s eyebrows exploded with a crashing sound, and a wisp of magic gas spread rapidly like ink dripping from white paper.
Peng Sheng was overjoyed and quickly shouted, "Fellow Taoist friends, step up the attack. This time, we must not give this bald donkey another chance to breathe."
The other three people also understand that it is finally time for this war to end, and they are even more eager to attack.
Above the ground, Qian Yu’s cold face was tense, and Ouyang’s face was white and bleak.
Tang Qing gave a hard breath and said, "Next door to Spicy, I finally got rid of the thief monk … Well, why are you looking at me like that?"
The Nangong asked coldly, "Boss, what are you talking about?"
Tang Qing tilted his mouth in the air and said disdainfully, "Of course, these old bastards have been caught. Don’t look at the arrogant brother Yuan Ying, they are dead."
Looking at the crowd with a look of disbelief, Tang Qing sneered with ostentation: "Do you know what that is behind the monk? I’m not afraid that you know, that’s Aryaacalanatha, the great god of my hometown, understand? That’s the true god in the true god. Just these old bastards, move their little fingers … and kill them without moving a hair. "
Looking at Tang Ye’s dazzling fascination, not only did everyone get confused by him, but even bridled people were a little stupid. The old man even forgot the current dangerous situation, and could not help but ask, "This magical power is very good, and the monk’s understanding and perseverance are also very good, but it’s not as good as what you blow. Don’t forget that he still has the essence of ancient demons." Uh, by the way, smelly boy, you said this … this virtual shadow method is the true god of your hometown? What do you mean by that? I haven’t heard of such a god? "
Tang Qing one leng: "Is there? Did I ever say that? You heard me wrong, let’s not mention this, and go to the hidden old man to negotiate cooperation between the two countries, old man. "
Bridled eyebrows: …
Tang Qing: "Well, it looks good. Even if you hear me right, I’m wrong. That ancient demon essence, even the top ten ghosts and gods have to retreat, what ancient demons and old demons, he is a fart. "
Speaking of this, Tang Qing simply shouted into the air: "Monk, give me a sigh of relief and quickly put that bird demon out." Otherwise, hurry up and return the achievement method. "