"Brother Ying, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?" Chu Yifeng felt a little confused.

039 fix true trend
Chu Yifeng finally decided to go to Qingtangxing with Ying Truss.
Black Yan’s injury can be healed by his own exercise, but the light arrow from the bow of God has a unique nature, so for a while, Black Yan can’t completely drive away the heterogeneous true elements in the body, so finally, the truss used his best seal to seal all the heterogeneous true elements and Black Yan’s own true elements, at least to make Black Yan’s injury not worse.
And the black Yan is no different from a mortal after being sealed by Zhenyuan, and his body is not bombarded and tempered by countless lightning like Chu Yifeng, which is far from reaching Chu Yifeng’s strong body, so Chu Yifeng can only carry him.
Fortunately, after a very short period of adjustment, Chu Yifeng first adapted to his own body, and the huge lightning energy was finally completely washed, refined and absorbed by him.
Then Chu Yifeng adapted to flying again, which was different from flying out of a big pit. At first, Chu Yifeng could only fly in a hurry, but he was not used to flying smoothly or standing in the air. However, his adaptability was still very fast, and with the guidance of the truss, he could fly smoothly on the flying sword.
Along the way, Chu Yifeng waved his studious qualifications and kept asking all kinds of questions. He asked the black Yan all the time, but he was not upset but patiently explained all kinds of questions to Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng first understood the current general trend of the fix-the-true world. The fix-the-true people are divided into four types: monasticism, fix-the-magic, fix-the-demon and ancient immortals or fix-the-fairy. At this time, the fix-the-magic people account for most of the reason, because the fix-the-magic people’s cultivation degree is the fastest, because they can use all kinds of resources by hook or by crook to increase the cultivation of human blood, soul and corpse, and the most orthodox one is the monk, but because
As for the demon-cultivators, they are actually not human beings, but all kinds of monsters are cultivating demons. However, all kinds of monsters have limited intelligence, so there are not many achievers. However, the huge number of monsters can still occupy a place in the realm of repairing reality.
The other ancient immortals are an unusual mysterious legend. They are not practitioners, but practitioners of the martial arts handed down from ancient times. They are not promoted to the highest level of the celestial world, but they are not clear. But Chu Yifeng’s heart is clear. Only then did he know that he belonged to the ancient immortals.
There is no distinction between good and evil because of the great potential of the practitioners in the field of repairing the true. Those authentic monks dare not pretend to be orthodox, so it naturally becomes an outdated slogan. In this way, all kinds of practitioners have merged together, and there is no longer a big fight because they are Taoists, demons and demons. Although some people’s bones are hard to get rid of, at least on the surface, they maintain the peace of the realm of the practitioners, just like Song Wen’s attitude towards Yun Truong, because Yun Truong is a monk, the practitioner Song Wen is not friendly to him.
Most practitioners are cunning and insidious. In order to increase their cultivation, they not only often kill each other, but also kill some mortals to refine their souls. For practitioners, mortals have no power to repay them. Therefore, thousands of people often die in the hands of practitioners.
In order to avoid this kind of thing from happening again, it is said that the celestial world sent an immortal to form a watch city in the lower bound, and many rank patrols were sent in the watch city to inspect all parts of the fix world, and the most severe punishment was given to those who dared to take action against mortals.
At the same time, there is no distinction between right and evil in the fix-true world, so there is no alliance between right and evil. However, various interest groups have not disappeared. In order to compete for certain interests and resources, the fix-true world often fights with each other, so the rank patrol envoy also shoulders the responsibility of mediation.
At the beginning, no one would care about the appearance of the rank patrol envoy, but behind the rank patrol envoy, Watchcity was more powerful and powerful, so it quickly shocked all the people, and then Watchcity quickly showed itself as the biggest force in the field of repair.
Although some other forces are still fighting, the struggle between the fix-the-truth circles has not been banned by the watch city. As long as both sides are fix-the-truth practitioners, even if one side is slain, the watch city will not care, but no force dares to fight with the watch city. In addition to maintaining the stability of the fix-true world, Watchcity also organizes various contests and talks from time to time to provide various prizes, including magic weapons, magic tactics and array methods, and is also responsible for exploring some secrets of the fix-true world.
Chu Yifeng also knows something about the watchcity, which is located in Zihuangxing, where only people over the age of Yuan infant can enter.
Watchcity is divided into four parts: East, South, West and North. The four parts of the rudder are located on the four star balls of Dongping Star, Nan ‘an Star, West Pacific Star and Beigu Star respectively.
There are three-level elders in the watch city, and the director of each rudder is a second-level elder. At least the three-level elders have to achieve the fit period. They are in charge of a small team and then subdivided into small groups. The leader of each group is at least a distraction period. As for the first-level elders, they all work in the guarding city, and there are people above the first-level elders, that is, the immortals who descended from the celestial world.
And the truss is the leader of a group in the branch of Beiguxing.
It’s not a complete coincidence that Yun Truong met Chu Yifeng on Huanggexing two years ago, because Yun Truong was instructed by the second-class elder on Beiguxing to investigate a matter. When Yun Truong told Chu Yifeng about it, Chu Yifeng immediately knew that it was related to himself, or rather to his master Lan Chen.
"Brother Chu, I went to Huanggexing to investigate the mysterious energy there. Later, when I returned to Beiguxing, the elder asked me what I had, so I told you about it. Later, the elder heard that your master was soaring, so he probably thought that mysterious energy was related to your master’s soaring, so he just wanted to see you and get to know the scene at that time. Actually, I also blame me for not asking clearly at that time and not knowing whether your master was soaring in Huanggexing at that time." Ying Kuang is a gentleman, who still speaks sincere words to a newcomer like Chu Yifeng, and feels ashamed of Chu Yifeng because of his own negligence, which makes Chu Yifeng feel that Ying Kuang is a friend to make.
"Brother Ying, look where you said. You don’t know what things were like at that time. How can you think so carefully? But there is one thing I don’t understand?" Chu Yifeng said calmly.
"Well, what is it? I will tell you what I know. " Ying truss said quickly.
"What’s the mysterious energy on Huang Gexing? How did the elder in your mouth know?"

040 Xuanyi School
"The person with mysterious energy now is not the elder of Beiguxing, but the master who watches the city. But as for what energy is now, I don’t know. How can I know so much when I am distracted?" Ying truss insipid smiled and whispered.
Chu Yifeng didn’t know what the immortals who were guarding the city knew, so he was slightly worried that if anyone knew that his master Lan Chen had ascended to the celestial world in Huanggexing, it would bring him trouble.
"What’s the matter?" Ying truss see ChuYiFeng some unnatural asked.
"Oh, nothing. I just want to have time to go to Purple Star to see what the immortal looks like?" Chu Yifeng hurriedly changed the subject.
However, Yun Kuang went on to ask, "When did Yifeng, your master, soar?"
"My master has been soaring for a long time, for decades." Chu Yifeng wants to talk about the time when Lan Chen flies as far as possible.
"Oh, so those mysterious energies should have nothing to do with your master."