Without hesitation, I hit my fists and two loud noises again. Two magic weapons of defense were finally broken and turned into two piles of scrap iron.

The boxing potential is not reduced, and it is directly broken into the real person of Yimu. The lotus flower splashes in the chest and the heart is immediately caught by Er.
Lotus flower flickers in your eyes, sticks out your tongue and licks the blood in your heart, and feels the heat in it. After chewing it a little, you swallow it and get it. Many The Hunger masters are also upset and want to vomit.
"The Hunger Uber damn it, you wait for me." Two yellow lights flashed from the broken body and flew to the top of the mountain palace.
Chapter 246 Ignite anger
Chapter 246 Ignite anger
After a sneak attack, most of the remaining ten masters of Shushan were injured. Looking at the instantaneous killing of two elders, all of them were stunned and their heads were almost in a short circuit state.
Big guy’s eyes emit cold light because he is in a frenzy, and his mind is a little confused. At most, he can distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. It is difficult to spit out a word "kill" in his big mouth.
In fact, more than four The Hunger door experts have already seized the opportunity to attack and release an offensive magic weapon before your command. At least 1,000 pieces of baby’s vicious breath stings people’s hearts like poisonous snakes.
Due to the violent change into a wolf god, the fighting capacity has soared, both in speed and strength, which makes it impossible for these people who have not robbed Shushan to guard against it.
The two’ cold blood sets’ are like two blood dragons attacking everywhere, like the’ heady stick’ often made by the black and white goddess of the underworld, harvesting the remaining lives of Shushan Gate quickly.
End-to-end, there was a bloody rain, and more than a thousand magic weapons swept and directly hit the people of Shushan Gate who were still in a state of short circuit in their heads. Although these people had a magic weapon to protect themselves, they were all depressed, and their defense power did not reach one tenth at ordinary times.
Except for one of the big fellow, he was hard-working and as hard as iron, but he was able to resist the attack, but he also had more than a dozen holes in his body. He endured great pain and drove his life to turn into a tree and fly to the top of the mountain palace.
The rest of the more than a dozen masters of shushan were suddenly drowned in the attack of blood and rain all over the sky, and all of them were instantly ashes, even the magic weapon of protection was also smashed into a little starlight and dissipated in the virtual.
A roar, this is not easy to control, and the murderous mind is slightly restored as rough as grinding sand. It is said that "the retreat of the boss and the army should have reached our goal soon, and the goal has been achieved. It will be difficult to stop if the real masters of the Shushan Sword Sect rush out."
More than 400 young people in The Hunger Gate looked at my present appearance and the soaring murder. No one dared to stay around me more. One by one, they were exceptionally obedient and suddenly turned into a burst of blood and rushed out of the big gap. If I couldn’t control myself and killed everyone, it would be wrong to die.
Although my mind is a little confused, fighting can keep his mind on the top of the mountain and never leave the palace.
Suddenly, two more deadly breath suddenly shot out of the palace on the top of the mountain, and the spirit collided slightly. The latter suddenly felt a stuffy breath in his chest, and the blood rushed into his throat and could not help but spurt out.
Er frightened heart suddenly white these two strands of murder to the first roar also dare not stay too much hands drawing can’t help but spray blood was immediately received palm a The Hunger door the most vicious blood curse instantaneous was he to make will come out into the valley.
The greatest effect of this blood curse is to destroy everything. Once Fiona Fang’s ten miles are used, it will be deserted and nothing will grow for a hundred years, and it will never recover.
Although he was a little confused, it doesn’t mean that he is stupid. Those real experts of the Shushan Sword Sect should have woken up and asked these people to take off their skins as soon as they got out of the palace, even if they could escape less.
Especially the two weapons that conan the destroyer murder let you instantly see what is called the real weapon, the hand blade, and the weapon is really not comparable to him.
Just as Er broke through the array and fled, two clothes were suddenly shot out of the palace for a full kilometer, and Changhong reflected all over the sky with colorful lights and dazzling.
Two young people, Yue Tianhai and Li Yingji, followed closely at the end of Changhong. Their eyes were burning with anger and looked around. The whole gate was full of blood and fire, and the treasures and animals had just been captured and died in a flood of blood and fire.
Then hundreds of real masters also shot out of the palace to take the lead. It was Xuanguang who could not see his expression clearly, but felt his qi and blood shaking slightly, and knew that he was definitely not as calm as he appeared at the moment.
"Remains of The Hunger"
Looking around at the bloody fire, Xuanguang immediately recognized that this was The Hunger’s door. After all, it was a struggle for hundreds of years. I don’t know how many ghosts of The Hunger’s masters gathered in his hands. Judging from his memory, there were at least thousands of masters and unknown masters.
He is clear about the attack means of The Hunger Gate, but it is exaggerated to say that even the low-ranking master of The Hunger Gate estimates that he knows those vicious spells better.
From the moment he appeared, it was like being crushed by a stone. There was a feeling of danger that lingered in my heart for a long time, but I couldn’t say for sure that it was wrong after thinking about it.
My eyes suddenly fell off and stared at the foot of the mountain. Vulcan read the carpet and swept to find something. Suddenly, my mind was shocked to find out the cause of anxiety.
"Hum! This trick also dare to take it out and make a fool of yourself. "
Out of my understanding of the magic of The Hunger Gate, I knew that I was uneasy because of the cold hum, and I hurried into another dimension with my right hand and took out a spell. Among them, Lei Yun was densely covered with fire clouds, a top spell, the’ Five Vulcan Thunder’ lightning spell.
As soon as the spell came out, he immediately stepped on the seven stars. His hands were slightly folded, and the spell was clenched. He murmured in his mouth. Xuanguang, who has always been famous for his swordsmanship, actually used authentic Taoist spells. It was also unambiguous.
As soon as he screamed, the spell was suddenly lost in the flame, and at the same time, it was thunderous and thunderous, and the blood fire fell from the sky. When it happened, it was annihilated into a void, and the blood-saving spell was shattered into a void before it played any role.
"It’s a pity that this old guy’s strength is not much higher than mine, but this spell is really good."
You are a little bit of a blood curse, but before it is launched, you are knocked out by Xuanguang, which is dozens of miles away. You immediately feel that the strength of the other party is even more afraid to stay in shape, and you quickly accelerate the rapid fire to bring it to Jinyang.
Chapter 247 Five elements of runes
Chapter 247 Five elements of runes
At the moment, it’s like knocking over five flavors of vinegar in the heart of Xuanguang Road. I have to stop for a long time. It’s not a taste. My eyes are full of doubts and I stare at the blood in the valley.
Ever since he discovered the blood curse hidden in the blood fire, he has taken it for granted that all the restless parts in his heart are attributed to this vicious blood curse.
But when the blood curse was destroyed by the five fire gods, he discovered that this was not the case. The hidden uneasiness seemed to come from his own heart, and he tried his best to eliminate it.
I am even more confused at the thought of this mysterious road. Since my two brothers got the favor of purple and blue swords, others have slowly changed and unconsciously become quite conceited.
But at this time, he didn’t dare to call the two brothers to the side and said, "Tianer, you Inge rushed to the secret room of Xianfu and called all the uncles. If the teacher guessed well, something big would happen in the near future."
Yue Haitian has a strange face and a series of question marks in his heart. The whole fix-true world will end-to-end attack the sword sect of Shushan. Except that it has just been repelled from The Hunger Gate, there are nine lotus sword sects left.
But now, if the two top sects fight in the righteous war, claiming to be the originator of Taoism, Kunlun Sect will never be without interference. I secretly don’t believe that Jiulian Jianzong will come for revenge. Are you really not going to put Kunlun in the eye?
Looking at Yue Tianhai’s expression, Xuanguang Road, being his teacher, there is no reason. There is a wry smile in my heart. I have been apprenticed in my life. Why would I choose such a person to make people? Is it true that the guardian sword of Shushan Sword School also plays Shushan Sword School?
I looked at Yue Haitian’s mysterious light. There was an impatient tone at the end of the road, and my eyes suddenly shot out two cold lights as if they were real. "God, don’t you go quickly? Don’t you dare to disobey the teacher’s orders?"
Yue Haitian suddenly fell into icehouse and was wrapped in a strange cold, which invaded from every capillary like acupuncture.
Yue Haitian immediately said something wrong, and his soul seemed to be about to be frozen. Suddenly, he trembled and showed fear, and his heart was terrified.
It’s been nearly fifty years since I was adopted back to the mountain gate by this master. It’s the first time I saw him in such a big fire, and my mind became a little confused and I didn’t know what to do.
Li Yingji, who has been inseparable from Yue Haitian, found his strange expression for the first time and hurriedly pulled his cassock gently to wake him up.
Yue Haitian suddenly woke up and hurriedly handed over to Xuanguang Road with a trembling voice and said, "Master, forgive me for not daring to be an apprentice. I’ll go and wake up all the uncles and brothers."
Although Yue Haitian was still wondering, he didn’t dare to stay and hurriedly pulled up one side. Li Yingji drove the purple and blue double swords and shot away rapidly at the top of the mountain fairy house.
Xuanguang Road is also a doubt. Since I spent a thunder robbery, I have deliberately paid attention to my mind cultivation. Although I dare not say that I have cultivated to a calm state, I have already reached the point where I don’t like things and I don’t care about myself. Usually, it is difficult to see foreign things again and disturb my mind. But today, why is it so angry because of such a small thing?
But at the moment, it is not the time to do more research on this matter. Xuanguang Road shook his head and turned his head immediately to get rid of this strange idea.
"Green Moon, you lead your other disciples to quickly find out the source of the broken mountain array, repair it as quickly as possible, and then send more people to patrol around, and then send people to personally preside over the large array to try to exert its real power. I have a bad feeling that something big will happen, although it is still unfounded, but I still have to prepare in advance. I am not afraid of ten thousand and I am afraid of one thousand."
"It’s a teacher!" Yue Haitian’s scene just now was reflected in Qingyue Eye. After hearing the command of Xuanguang Road, he didn’t dare to neglect and hurriedly promised that his body was covered in a thick khaki firm but gentle, shining and dazzling, but no one could see his true expression.
Qingyue didn’t talk much, and hurriedly took a group of younger brothers and sisters behind him to drive their own swords and tyres to fly out quickly.
After a distribution in Qingyue, most people scattered around to find out the source of the broken mountain array, but there were still more than 10 people around him who seemed to be waiting for something, and their eyes showed perseverance.
Seeing that all the people around have slowly gone far away, Qingyue said coldly, "If you disperse and seize the opportunity, sneak into the dungeon and keep an eye on that person. No matter who you are, you are not allowed to get close to it, even if Master Xuanguang sends someone to come in person and ask you to stick to it. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, not only you, but even I, will definitely be more than one bargained for?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.