Jiang Jiang hung him up?

This is really the first time.
It’s just …
Yan Shaoqing was so angry that she couldn’t speak and didn’t want to throw her mobile phone directly to the table.
I can’t help but take a look every few minutes.
Jiang Jiang didn’t call him for more than forty minutes.
She won’t hit him!
Yan Shaoqing dialed the words again, and it rang three times. Ginger hasn’t answered yet.
Jiang Jiang was sent back to school by Qiao Yuan after dinner. Sitting on a motorcycle, of course, it was not convenient to pick up the words. After saying goodbye, he quickly took out his mobile phone.
Two missed calls.
She called Yan Shaoqing.
Yan Shaoqing didn’t answer either.
It was not until the third one picked it up that the sound was lightly "hello"
Section 334
"I was on the motorcycle just now, so I couldn’t answer the phone," Jiang Jiang explained politely.
"What?" Yanshaoqing one leng.
"Go back to school after dinner, motorcycle"
"Qiao Yuan?"
"Good" Yanshaoqing voice fell to the ground and hung up directly.
Be furious
Go back to school by Qiao Yuan motorcycle?
It’s intimate to think about it.
I can’t believe she can speak out with confidence.
Can you not be angry?
Yanshaoqing cold hum a sitting in a chair for a long time got up and went to pour water.
It’s Jiang Jiang’s turn to stupidly again.
What did she say to make her face hang over her words? !
Jiang Jiang directly dialed Yan Shaoqing again. He was depressed as soon as he got through. "I didn’t do anything. I just went out for dinner with him. What are you angry about?" !”
"Just have a meal?" Yan Shaoqing said faintly, "What else do you want to do?"
"I didn’t want to do anything!" On second thought, Jiang Jiang felt wrong. "What do you mean?"
"What do you mean by me?"
"How do I know what you mean? I’m not a worm in your stomach! "
"Ha ha" Yan Shaoqing sneer at a "Jiang Jiang classmate you are married"
"Oh, it’s heinous to get married and have dinner with friends!"
"Married should not keep a distance with male friends? Who is Qiao Yuan? !”
"What do you mean he is what person? Just say you’re stingy. There’s no need to talk about him. What does this have to do with him? !”
"I am stingy?" Yan Shaoqing was so angry with her.
"Aren’t you stingy?" Jiang Jiang murmured, "There are only men and women in this world, and I didn’t have any friends before. I can’t break up with all men in this world just because I got married, can I?"
"Who told you to break up with all men?"
"argue irrationally!"
"Who is unreasonable?" Jiang Jiang said angrily, "You have a prejudice against my friend."