Ling day got up and walked to Sue elegant leaned over Sue elegant desk.

Hands holding the looked at Sue elegant hey hey say with smile.
"I don’t believe it unless you dare to look me in the eye" CoM
Sue elegant beautiful eyes suddenly DengYuan tough looking towards ling day.
But it was defeated in less than ten seconds.
Sue elegant will push ling day Wu wear the forehead frown sighed.
"Wu Yuyan is very hard in the background of the company and has always been used to being overbearing."
"I will never let it go after eating such a big loss today."
"Trouble is expected to come soon."
Ling Tianze is a face of indifference vowed way
"My wife can rest assured that there will be no trouble without me."
Sue elegant turned supercilious look a face of teasing way
"You are the biggest trouble, okay?"
Ling day gather together again walked over to say
"Wife, don’t you think we have always been very tacit?"
Sue elegant one leng then eyes suddenly strange look.
Ling Tian doesn’t say that she hasn’t realized it yet
But when you think about it, it’s really!
No matter this time dealing with Su Zhen, Zhang Hao and others or cleaning up Wu Yuyan today.
She seems to really cooperate well.
"Wife, I read less."
"Do you call this a heart-to-heart relationship or a heart-to-heart relationship?"
Pack up ling day smile a face of serious toward Sue elegant asked.
"get out!"
Sue elegant Chen scold a qiao face involuntarily peep out one silk smile.
Just then the office door was suddenly pushed.
"Su Qingya, you do good deeds!"
Su Zhen stormed in.
Pointing to Sue elegant face anger shouted.
"Sue always be careful!"
Lingtianyi drink instantly to Su Zhen before a kick.
Su Zhen screamed and fell on his back.
Scared Sue elegant face a small mouth doesn’t close properly.
"Ling Tian, what are you doing!" Sue elegant little nasty way
Isn’t this day too reckless?
This is Su Zhen. How can you beat someone up without a word?
Su Zhen got up and was livid, angry and angry, and couldn’t speak neatly.
"You hit me!"
"Don’t you dare hit me!"
Ling day suddenly put on a surprised incredible way
"Isn’t this Su Zhen shareholder?"
"When will you come?"
Poof ~ Su Zhen almost spit out an old blood, and he didn’t come.
When do you think I’ll come?
That foot almost kicked the old man to death just now!
"Grandpa, why are you here?"
Sue elegant some guilty quickly walked over and asked
"You said how I came!"
Su Zhen growled, pointing to Sue elegant grind way
"Su Qingya, you are really promising!"
"Not only did he secretly instruct this little beast to arrest Minister Wu."
"Even my elder dares to fight!"
"If you don’t give me an explanation today, don’t be the president!"
Ling tianyi listen to quit came over and cold way
"Su Zhen’s shareholders are supposed to call me a little beast and I should slap you with my big mouth."
"But I don’t care if you look crazy."
You’re senile!
Ling Tian let Su Zhen break through and almost vomited blood with anger.
And ling tianze is cold-eyed continued
"But you don’t even ask why you arrested Minister Wu?"
"Come to singling out?"
"You two aren’t having an affair, are you?"
Su Zhen immediately face a black big scold a way
"You two have an affair!"
After scolding, Su Zhen suddenly realized that something was wrong and shouted, pointing to Ling Tian.
"You fart!"
Su Zhen know bickering bucket but ling day turned and looked at Sue elegant irate way