"I’m sorry!" Gently said a mu north stretched out his hand and put his arm around Qiao Huan "let you be wronged"

This room has bad memories of the past. Qiao Huan still clearly remembers how embarrassed she was when she was caught in bed. Not everyone can understand it.
At that moment, life is worse than death
"It won’t happen again," Mubei assured Qiao Huan.
Qiao Huan heart.
What the hell is she struggling with? Do married people have to dig up the past again?
Although Mubei agreed with her method, at that time and that night she had decided to give herself to Munan. If there were no Mubei medicine that day, she might have been Munan’s wife.
If she knew Munan’s purpose of dating her, would she have to regret it now?
Said she should actually thank MuBei less at that time stopped her Munan further development.
"Things have passed" Qiao Huan smiled at Mubei and watched Mubei Room at will.
Section 162
Everything is still clean in the new house, and the window is still pasted with a happy word. After more than two months, it can be seen that the room has been decorated by people.
"This is our wedding room." Mu Bei hugged Qiao Huan from behind and leaned against her neck and whispered in Qiao Huan’s ear. "I personally decorated it in your favorite color. I dreamed of living in this room with you. Who knows what happened?"
Mu Bei paused slightly here.
Qiao Huan fell ill so suddenly that everything came so fast that his heart almost stopped.
"You don’t know how scared I was," Mubei sighed. "I almost never slept a day. I just narrowed my eyes and was always awakened by your bloody lying in my arms."
"In the past" Qiao Huan hand fell on MuBei hand gently took a "all in the past" glad than the rest of my life secretly pleased.
"So I am very grateful to Lu Xiaoya. At that time, I almost went crazy. At that time, I was thinking that Lu Xiaoya could give you bone marrow. She just wanted me to die and I sent her to ask you to live well."
Mu Bei hugged Qiao Huan tighter.
"I don’t mean anything to live without you." With a sigh, Qiao Huan said slowly, with a little tear in her eyes, she was moved.
"Fortunately, it’s all over, and Qiao Huan will live happily every day after the sunrise." Mu Bei said with a brisk tone, reaching out and putting her body back to her face to face.
"Cherish every minute we are together."
"hmm!" Qiao Huan nodded seriously. "I will cherish every minute we are together."
"Do you know what I want to do most at this time?" Mu Bei asked Qiao Huan
I want to kiss you.
Mu Bei said to Qiao Huan, "Say that finish". Before Qiao Huan answered, his lips fell on her lips and gently kissed them like a feather falling on Qiao Huan’s lips and brushed them over and over again.
Joe’s heart suddenly trembled for two times.
This feeling really made her heart throb inexplicably.
She loves this feeling.
"Bang!" There was a knock at the door. Xiaoya sounded inappropriately. "The sun is sunny outside Qiao Huan. Let’s go out for a walk."
Qiao Huan was shocked by Lu Xiaoyin and consciously reached out to push Mu Bei Mu Bei. After she pushed him back, he looked at Qiao Huan with a face of sadness.
"Qiao Huan!"
The eyes are accused.
Qiao Huan couldn’t help laughing "Lu Xiaoya is outside"
She was scared, too
Mu Bei’s face was impatient. In the previous step, "Ignore her and we will continue."
Qiao Huannai sighed and knocked at the door one to one. The road was small and the sound was big. It was difficult for her to ignore it.
"We still have a lot of time together." Qiao Huan said in a low voice and took a step to the door.
Mu Bei’s face darkened to this road Xiaoya. If it weren’t for her being Qiao Huan’s savior, if it weren’t for fear of Qiao Huan’s illness, he would have thrown her into the sea.
Qiao Huanmen looked at Lu Xiaoya with a cold face.
Looked at Qiao Huan road xiaoya is laughingly.
"Go out for a walk!" She deliberately ignored the dissatisfaction in Qiao Huan’s eyes and reached out to pull Qiao Huan.
"I can walk by myself." Qiao Huan made a slight step sideways and went out.
Lu Xiaoya walked shoulder to shoulder with her to the floor.
Muna was still sitting in the living room and heard footsteps. He looked up slightly and lowered his head to read the newspaper in his hand.
Lu Xiaoya whispered in Qiao Huan’s ear, "My husband has always been attached to you."
Qiao Huan frowned a sip lip remained silent.
Munan’s love affair is something that she didn’t want in her generation.
"Are you sick or happy to be missed by another man like this?" Road Xiaoya to Qiao Huan face a strange smile.
Qiao Huan’s eyes were obviously a little impatient. She stopped and looked up at Lu Xiaoya. "If you want to say this to disgust me, I solemnly tell you that you succeeded."
"Are you? I’m so happy. "Lu Xiaoya has a proud face.
"So can I go now?" Qiao Huan simply said, turn around.
"Don’t!" Lu Xiaoya grabbed Qiao Huan’s arm and "accompanied me out for a walk."