The stench in Wang Lame’s mouth made Bao Shi feel sick and trembling. "All the dead people have been stripped naked and thrown into the eagle sorrow stream. A large group of wolves are eating those bodies. The scene is terrible."

"Hurry up" Wang got up and limped out of the gate and led Huang Weida to feel Wang Hangyan’s home in a hurry. Wang Hangyan was shocked to sleep. Wang limped and kicked the gate. "Something big happened. Come with me to the eagle sorrow stream."
Chapter two hundred and fifty The murderer
More than 400 bodies were eaten by wolves, and a large part of them were left with a skeleton. Wang Xingyan wait for a while said, "What’s going on? How did this happen? Didn’t you say that no one could beat the Japanese?"
Wang Lame frowned and said nothing. Wang Hangyan quickly ordered people to get rid of the evil wolves in Ma Xie, and gathered the Japanese bodies. He sent someone to watch that the evil wolves would not continue to nibble at Wang Lame and Wang Hangyan sitting on a stone.
"This horse company is really good at finding trouble for us." Wang Hangyan first said, "How did more than 400 people do it? Isn’t it so-called invincible that people can’t beat a pony company?"
Wang Lame sighed, "Don’t talk so much nonsense and give the body to the Japanese to annoy these big ye."
Lieutenant General Wang Hangyan and Wang Lame, the headquarters of the East Army Command in Siping, received a letter jointly sent by them and four cars. The eyes of Japanese corpses were red. Since the Japanese War, he had never experienced such a thing. More than 400 people, although Wang Hangyan found some clothes for the corpses, they were eaten by wolves. Everyone found it hard to accept.
In the "pa" department, a heavy slap hit the messenger’s face. "Your commander Wang ate rice and watched the Japanese imperial warrior die in front of them."
The messenger quickly explained, "No, no, no, it wasn’t that the bandits were too powerful. When our commander Wang received the news and led his troops to rescue him, it was already like this. In less than two hours of fighting, tens of millions of bandits were everywhere. Our commander Wang fought to the death to get these bodies back from those bandits, and hundreds of soldiers died."
The more this guy talks, the angrier he will be. He also knows that there is a battle situation in Mayuan Truong Squadron. He informed the headquarters through Taiwan that the belly will press his anger hard and send a message, "Tell your commander Wang to hand over the murderer in three days or I will lead his troops to crush Changchun."
Before sending letters and quibbling again, Japanese soldiers will be asked to carry Japanese bodies from the car. According to the Japanese ceremony, the bodies will be cleaned with clear water, dressed in military uniforms again, and all the officers of Siping will be called in line to watch these bodies burning in the fire. This is also to boost the morale of the entire Siping headquarters.
The belly will look solemn. "Our best squadron is ruined. This is something that has never happened since the war. It is also a shame for our Siping headquarters. It is also a shame for the Japanese imperial army and revenge for the dead samurai. I ordered to attack Changchun in three days."
Wang Lame and Wang Hangyan listened to the messenger’s word-by-word report. Wang Hangyan sighed and slowly got up from his chair and looked at Wang Lame. "Commander Wang, hello, I don’t expect to sit any longer. I will leave Changchun with my family after the mayor of Changchun." Then Wang Hangyan led his own people out of garrison headquarters slowly
Looking at Wang Hangyan’s back, Wang Lame cursed, "All his mother is not a good thing, so you shouldn’t be with such a bastard. Get out of here. If you fight hard, you can still get a national hero’s title as far away as possible." Wang Hangyan heard in the courtyard that he didn’t look back and shook his head with a wry smile.
When Wang Hangyan walked out of the gate, Huang Weida gathered around Wang Lame. "Since the commander’s surname is Wang, we are not in the same boat."
As soon as Wang Hangyan got home, he immediately ordered people and his wives to pack their things. They were all ready to leave Changchun early in the morning. What’s going on? They looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. Wang Hangyan angered, "Go quickly. The Japanese will go to town to kill people. If you leave late, your life will be gone."
Wang Fu suddenly boiled, and everyone was rushing to find a carriage to hold things. It was simply a chicken flying a dog jumping. The mayor’s family soon moved to the street city, and there was an escape from the limelight. Men, women and children all knew that the Japanese were coming, but they killed people without blinking an eye. Everyone helped the old and the young to embrace outside the city.
"Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
Huang Weida knocked on dozens of doors, and nobody paid attention to them. Huang Weida made an expression of eyes. A dozen soldiers were carrying a huge piece of wood and slammed into the black door of Wang Hangyan’s house. The whole door was lying on the ground, and Wang Hang was led out with a loud noise.
"Huang adjutant, what are you doing?" Wang Hangyan saw Wang Lame adjutant Huang Weida.
Huang Weida smiled, "I was ordered by the commander to arrest the bandits."
"Tongfei" Wang Xingyan looked at Huang Weida. "This is the mayor’s residence in Changchun. How can Tongfei say that my family can pass bandits?"
Huang Weida took out a piece of paper from his pocket and read aloud, "It was verified by Changchun garrison headquarters that Wang Xingyan, the mayor of Changchun, had come to the surrounding bandits, such as Zhang Blind, White Bears and Flower Foxes, and had close contacts. These bandits were the main culprits of this attack on Japanese troops. I found Changchun peaceful, and the people enjoyed their work. In order to calm the Sino-Japanese storm, I entered garrison headquarters and approved the arrest of Wang Xingyan’s property department for confiscation."
"You" Wang Hangyan couldn’t say anything after listening to half.
Huang Weida didn’t give Wang Hangyan a chance to speak. Just after reading it, he ordered "Zhang Lianchang to start work."
Garrison headquarters soldiers like wolves and hungry tigers pounced on those trembling servants and family members of the Wangs. Two soldiers tied Wang Hangyan with a hemp rope and swore, "Wang Lame, you can’t catch a bandit and frame my king’s egg."
"How dare you insult the commander and call me?"
These soldiers are all in their twenties, and they have no weight to punch Wang Hangyan and hit Wang Hangyan with a prosthesis. They are lying motionless on the ground with no air intake.
"Master, master, father" servants’ families are crazy, crying and tearful. Wang Hangyan’s wife Scott kneels and climbs in front of Huang Weida. "Lieutenant Huang bothers you to tell Commander Wang about the property. If our department wants it, please let my master go."
Huang Weida lifted his foot and kicked him in Scott’s chest and sneered, "Do you know what the crime of bandits is? You also killed so many Japanese commanders with bandits. Can you let the Japanese leave the commander alone and take it away?"
Chapter three hundred and six A wily rabbit has three caves
Ma Hang slowed down for a night, and his body and spirit were much better. He got up early in the morning and fought with stones in the square outside the shack. He felt very sweaty. Shu Lifang smiled and handed the towel to Ma Hang. Ma Hang wiped his face and sweated at the stone. "Brother Shi, why do I think your kung fu has regressed? Are you not contributing?"
Stone took the horse and handed me the towel. Hehehe smiled. "It’s that my brother’s martial arts have improved a lot and he is about to surpass me. Hehehe, my brother is old."
The two were talking, and Heiwa rushed over and looked very excited. As he ran, he shouted "Big Brother, good things!"
Heiwa handed a piece of paper to Ma Hang. "This is what the master just sent. It is the Korean shopkeeper who got the news that the city of Changchun is in chaos. Wang Lame and Wang Hangyan choked up and heard that they would be sent to the Japanese."
Ma Hang looked down at the note stone and asked Heiwa, "What does Wang Lame want to send Wang Hangyan to the Japanese?"
Ma Hang smiled. "It’s called that the top package has died so many times. Every day, people will definitely want those two guys to surrender to them. It’s good to do it themselves when they can’t catch us. This king limps very fast. I thought Wang Hangyan would act first."
Heiwa said, "Korean shopkeeper said that Wang Lame had an adjutant named Huang Weida, the little worst."
"Who cares? Let Wang Lame give Wang Hangyan to the Japanese, and we’ll be fine." Stone shook his clothes and wore himself.
Ma Hang shook his head. "It’s not necessarily that the Japanese are not stupid. This little trick can’t fool them. Go to Brother Mu and Brother Wu and White Bears. We have to be careful to prevent the Japanese from hurting this time."
In black blind ditch Juyi Hall, Ma Hanggao took the first place, and the white-haired bear guest arranged a chair next to Ma Hang. White-haired bear was as happy as a stone when he heard that Wang Lame had caught Wang Hangyan. "This is a good thing. The more chaotic Changchun City is, the better it will be for us. Isn’t it" eating chaos "in our line?"
"Having said that, we can’t underestimate the Japanese. They are animals. We’d better take precautions."
MuYunChen nodded. "Eldest brother said that the Japanese were in the limelight, and this loss would never be so well. It’s to prevent the Japanese from starting work and let’s be at a loss."
"Well, I listened to my brother." White-haired bear patted his chest. "I saw that my brother was a Han. I listened to my brother after my white-haired bear said that my white-haired bear would go east and west. I couldn’t afford to be with my brother."
Everyone laughed and stopped at the street. "Bai Dage’s words are welcome. Since we are United, we will closely discuss which one is bullied and the other one will go all out."
"Don’t worry, this and Japanese personnel brothers are helping me save my life. I will never forget the white-haired bear."
"Good white brother hero" Ma Hang gave a thumbs-up glance at the crowd and then said, "I think so. Now our black blind ditch and Black Bear Ridge are our camp. As the saying goes, we have two caves. Are we looking for a place to have room for manoeuvre as a last resort?"
Everyone nodded, and the white-haired bear followed. He thought for a long time, "There are many plains and few mountains in this place in Northeast China, and it is not easy to find another place like Changchun City."
Ma Hang smiled. "It’s not too urgent. If you can’t find it slowly, I’ll withdraw from Changchun where I can’t raise people."
Heiwa shouted, "Isn’t it a good place to discuss Zhang Jia Zhai and Hua Fox’s white leather grave with them? Isn’t it more powerful to have more than one person?"
MuYunChen shook his head. "I’m afraid that’s not possible. Those two may not be United with us. Besides, they may not agree."
White-haired bear also said, "That guy who is blind is a child prodigy. Let’s go find him. He appointed Sister Otawa to show off in an ostentatious manner. He should be careful when dealing with it. It’s not bragging that a woman can occupy the mountain in this place."
Everyone fell into pieces of silence. Liu Wu quickly got up to ease the atmosphere. He laughed. "Don’t be discouraged. Maybe the Japanese can’t tell us what to do. Whether it’s black blind Ditch or White Bear Ridge, it’s easy to keep a good place. It’s better to take some strength from the Japanese or take it slowly."
Seeing that it was noon, Ma Hang prepared a banquet in the cottage to entertain the white-haired bear eagle and worry about the stream. The Japanese squadron of Asahara seized a lot of mortars, and Ma Hang left a few mortars for himself. The machine gun and a small number of rifles were left outside the bomb. Of course, Bai Maoxiong was overjoyed. With these things, he could recruit and become the largest cottage around Changchun in a short time. At that time, whether it was Zhang Blind or Hua Hudie, it would depend on his face.
Xi Baimao Xiong kept praising Ma Hang’s men, fighting righteousness and Han’s all kinds of good words, and all of them were added to Ma Hang’s wardrobe. Baimao Xiong had a good capacity for drinking. Several people drank two altars of sorghum wine and watched it get late before sending Baimao Xiong away.
Ma Hang drank a little too much, but his heart was still clear. Ma Hang didn’t go to bed immediately and called the head of the mountain to discuss it. He didn’t say that Ma Hang had already found a place next to Black Bear Ridge, which is called Bailong Cliff. The terrain is thousands of times more dangerous than Black Bear Ridge.
However, the Black Bear Ridge is located in Bailong Cliff. If you want to go to Bailong Cliff, you must pass through the Black Bear Ridge. Perhaps it is because of this that the white-haired bear is watching the Black Bear Ridge, unwilling to give up and unite with himself to deal with the Japanese.
Ma Hang has secretly been to Bailongya several times. The cliff is steep, not to mention that there is a wooded mountain road, which is very steep. If you keep that road, even Japanese people will have enough materials and ammunition to last for a year or two.
Mu Yunchen nodded. "I’ve been to that place, too. It’s really nice. It’s not easy for us to get involved with the white-haired bear."