"Ah?" Jiang Jiang mercilessly leng one.

Yan Shaoqing looked at her with his lips pursed and bowed his head to her ear and smiled, "My ass is fleshy."
Jiang Jiang "…"
The word ass can pop out of his mouth?
Who is not solemn!
I don’t know if it’s professional. Yan Shaoqing’s strength is really … ecstasy.
Jiang Jiang swallowed saliva and moved uneasily for two times.
Yan Shaoqing’s slender white hand moved two inches at random and squeezed her waist accurately. At last, the forefinger and middle finger pinched her tender cheeks and whispered, "It seems that Chairman Ning has raised you well, and your cheeks are a little fleshy."
Jiang Jiang "…"
I looked at him with a bitter face for a long time and said, "Really?"
"Well" YanShaoQing a serious.
Jiang Jiang’s little face suddenly collapsed. "I always thought I was a glutton."
"Eating nothing but nutritious garbage will definitely not make you fat." Yan Shaoqing’s tone is faint.
Jiang Jiang’s flat mouth is about to jump out of his arms.
YanShaoQing torn her wrist will she all in her arms happy way "run? I don’t think you are fat. You should eat more. Well, you can feel it when you have meat. "
Jiang Jiang blushed and muttered, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh …"
"Hum what?" YanShaoQing along while didn’t catch grumpily asked 1.
"Do men all like big breasts!" Jiang Jiang leaned in his ear and asked slowly
Yanshaoqing one leng hook up lip Angle didn’t speak.
"Isn’t it?" Jiang Jiang pressed his chest with his mouth flat.
"I don’t know" YanShaoQing smiled.
Jiang Jiang "…"
This feeling is almost crazy
She put her hands around Yan Shaoqing’s neck and said, "Come on, come on. Does Dr. Yan like big breasts?"
Yan Shaoqing still smiled without saying a word, sipping his lips. What do you think of it?
Jiang Jiang was a little angry with him and grabbed his crotch. "Will you talk?"
"…" Yan Shaoqing leng for a second metamorphoses, face "put"
"Tell me," Jiang Jiang said with a flat mouth. "I won’t let go if you don’t tell me."
The voice fell to the ground and his face changed.
Look down and bite your lip and let it go.
Yan Shaoqing gasped, his hands clenched her waist and almost cut her off directly.
Jiang Jiang bit his lip and looked at him for a long time. He smiled and muttered, "Why are you so sensitive?"
"Because I never wanted you," Yan Shaoqing said lightly.
I feel shameless myself.
Jiang Jiang was stupefied. "How about tonight?"
Yan Shaoqing sneered, "Do you think your mother will allow you to spend the night at my house?"
"Well," Jiang Jiang frowned and thought, "Why don’t we go to your house this afternoon?"
Yan Shaoqing gave her a deep look.