She looked at the essence and the other side looked thinner. The clavicle was very obvious. The wrist was thinner than her, and her face became smaller and smaller.

"How have you been recently?"
Can’t help but ask 1 more.
Essence eyes light up a little surprised and then smiled and said, "It’s good when you come, little darling wants me to wake you up and go to see the lanterns together at fifteen o’clock."
"Of course, I have an appointment with the little darling."
After a simple greeting, Han Zhaoxue took the essence into the banquet hall. Han Zhaolin lit a cigarette in the corner and smoked casually instead of going.
Soon after, Ji Mo and Yan Minzheng also arrived, followed by Xu’s sisters and Struve Feng, who were the last of this group of acquaintances to be present.
I haven’t seen it for nearly a month, but I still seem to talk in the same way. It’s a little out of tune. No matter whether I’m angry or happy, I’ll always be smiling.
He sighed a little regretfully. "I was wondering when you two would break up, but I didn’t expect to get married so soon."
MuYunZe corners of the mouth smoke smoke "get out!"
Seal smiled and waved the invitation in his hand. "I’m invited. I haven’t heard of a word. It’s easy to send God." He raised his eyebrows and looked at MuYunze. "I won’t roll."
Section 223
MuYunZe …
"Stop it!" Singing in distress situation, "Are two men in their sixties a joke?"
"Don’t make trouble" immediately revealed a gentle smile "I listen to a little song"
If the eyes can kill people, the seal has now been tied into a sieve.
Singing and laughing, "Go in and find a seat and sit down for a while. We’ll have a good drink."
Feng Ying handed her the gift before leaving and whispered, "Little Song wishes you happiness."
Singing loudly, Zheng lifted her eyes and looked a little sad in the letter. It was rare to move her eyes. She took it and gave him a sincere smile and answered "thank you" lightly.
After the seal, Mu Yunze immediately came over and took the high singer’s bag away.
The things in the bag are heavy and weighty. Mu Yunze wrung his eyebrows and said, "Did this guy send a pig?"
Sing …
MuYunZe said, will take out the box inside.
Singing loudly, he stopped and said, "Don’t unpack what people gave me." The box has been unpacked. Inside it is a pure gold apple about the size of an adult male fist. It is no wonder that the weight of pure solid gold apples is so heavy.
Singing loudly at the apple in front of me, I thought of teasing the letter, and my eyes suddenly turned sour. This fool really sent a solid golden apple.
MuYunZe weighed a twist a head and handed it to the special recipient with a facial expression, "Look for someone to estimate how much it’s worth later."
Sing …
Xu Anyan, a narrow-minded man, just gave him a present. Didn’t she say anything?
The banquet hall soon became lively. At 9: 30, Xiao Xuewan came over to urge the singer to change the wedding dress. When the wedding dress was ready, the ceremony was coming.
Gao Ge went to the lounge with the sugar cube. Bai Xiaoran’s mother was recently hospitalized. She was going to the whole sugar cube for a while, and invited a sugar cube maid, Mu Yunze, to invite the best man to be more casual and directly let Ke’s assistant take the place of Gao Ge. After thinking about it, his group of "friends" seemed to be less reliable than Ke’s assistant.
Yoky Lo is responsible for bringing the wedding dress and singing with sugar cubes. In the past, the makeup artist was playing with the wedding dress and looked pale.
"What’s the matter?"
Gao Song asked the makeup artist coming this way. When he saw Gao Song’s face, it was even worse. He whispered, "Mrs. Mu, your wedding dress is … dirty."
Song dazed, and then I saw a large coffee stain on the front waist of the wedding dress on the hanger, which looked particularly obvious.
Sugar cube didn’t stretch at that time and scolded, "How did you get so dirty? How can you wear it for a while?"
The makeup artist with two apprentices trembled and said, "It’s not that we got dirty when we just delivered it …"
Singing loudly, I looked at the two apprentices with red faces and eager to explain. It seems that they really didn’t do it.
Singing loudly, I saw a wedding coffee stain, twisted my eyebrows and asked the makeup artist, "Can you cover it with something?"
The makeup artist shook his head. "If it’s a small piece, it’s too big to cover."
"Isn’t it …" Sugar cube suddenly thought of what was about to be interrupted by singing. "Boss Fang, you go to the front and talk to Muyunze. Is there any way for me to make up first? If not, I’ll go to the wedding dress shop to rent a set first."
Sugar cube saw her like this and knew that she had guessed a close call, but at the moment, she didn’t have time to argue with Gao Song and ran to the banquet hall to find Muyunze with her skirt.
When the guests were almost here, Mu Yunze’s cell phone rang. He went to a secluded place and pressed the answer with his cell phone.
"General Mu has arrived."
When MuYunZe looked at his eyes, he whispered, "Send it to me in the banquet hall."
Just hang up, I heard someone call behind me, "Happy wedding, General Mu."
Chapter 3 This … This is a must-see for sister-in-law.
Chapter 3
MuYunZe move a turn around and see Xiao Yin holding Su Jinghuan arm side by side behind him.
Xiao Yin wore a white and pink dress and looked exquisite and beautiful.
See her see Xiao Yin blunt he smiled and whispered "cousin happy wedding".
Su Jinghuan handed the bag in his hand and hooked his lips with a smile. "Mu always has a happy wedding."
This sentence sounds strange and can’t say a kind of discomfort. Shu Muyunze glanced at him and didn’t stretch out his hand to pick it up.
"Cousin is a token of my appreciation to Jing Huan. I hope you can get along with your wife for a hundred years."
Su Jinghuan’s lip angle smile is even worse. "The gifts are carefully selected, and I think Mu always likes them."
MuYunZe stare at him for a long time stretched out his hand to pick up light way
"Please go inside."
"Thank you"
When passing MuYunZe, Su Jinghuan whispered, "It’s better to watch the gift now if it’s too late."
Leave this puzzling words Su Jinghuan with Xiao Yin into the banquet hall.
MuYunZe pinched the bag in his hand, turned around and handed it to the recipient, and suddenly called out "Wait" before the other party left.