"Well, I’m back on business." Nancheng put his arm on her shoulder and leaned over to blow into her ear. "Have you been thinking about you all day?"

Nancheng said as he took out the key, and when the door hit, he pushed Yu Shenlan and went in.
Yu Xinlan suddenly hid when his lips were about to stick.
Nancheng was extremely unhappy and pinched her and asked her, "What are you hiding from? It’s not like you haven’t kissed before."
"Today is not comfortable," Yu Shenlan looked at him with sincere tone. "If you really want it, go find someone else to solve it."
"Are you pushing me outside?" Nancheng was furious and laughed. He pressed her against the door and gritted her teeth and asked her, "Do you know how many women want to sleep with me? You don’t know when you are blessed. "
"I know," Yu Shenlan looked down. "You can go to someone else if you need it when I feel unwell."
"Don’t you have cleanliness?" Nancheng continued to ask her, "Not at the moment? Can you accept the same thing as others? "
"No," Yu Shenlan explained to him, "I believe that you will say that you will not touch me the day you touch others."
"Oh, should I be happy?" Nancheng slapped her face twice. "It’s a pity that I didn’t plan to go out and find someone else today, just to find you to solve it. All you have to do is lie down and cooperate. There is no other choice."
"Nancheng …" Yu Shenlan shouted his name. "I’m really uncomfortable. Please leave me alone."
These two are just wrapped in glass slag candy, huh
Fourth, touch my woman and wait to be killed by me.
"What’s wrong with you?" Nancheng obviously didn’t believe what she said, so she had to get to the bottom of it.
Yu Xinlan really doesn’t want to do it with him. Since she knew that he was with another woman last night, she has been uncomfortable and disgusted by his touch.
If she does, she’ll probably be out of control and spit it out.
She completely imagined that Nancheng would strangle her by that time …
"My period is coming, and my stomach is uncomfortable."
Yu Xinlan made an excuse casually. She denied that a man would insist on it after hearing this reason.
But obviously, she underestimated Nancheng. Not only did he not stop, but he intensified. He picked her up and walked towards the second floor.
"At the end of the day, you just don’t want to do it with me. It seems that you forgot how great it was when you did it. I don’t mind helping you remember." Nancheng laughed evil. "You don’t cry when the time comes."
Nancheng was determined to do it. Yu Shenlan knew that resistance would make him more excited, so he changed his method and closed his eyes and invaded him motionless.
Cheng didn’t respond to Nancheng’s last desire to continue. He hastily ended it and went to the health shower.
Yu Shenlan was lying on the head of the bed, looking pale and very weak.
Nancheng came out of the shower and was startled to see her like this.
He put a towel around his neck and went to the bed, pulled her up and held her in his arms. He asked her stiffly, "What’s the matter with you? Is it really a holiday? "
"No …" Yu Shenlan smiled at him with strength. "I just don’t want to have a good sleep."
"Do you have hypoglycemia?"
Nancheng held her hand and clearly felt her fingers tremble slightly.
He remembered that people with hypoglycemia seemed to have this reaction when they didn’t eat.
"By the way, it seems that" Yu Shenlan rubbed his temples. "No wonder I forgot to eat tonight."
"Are you an idiot?" Nanchengsong, she picked up a pillow and put it on the bed for her to lean on. "I’ll cook noodles for you later."
Before Yu Shenlan answered Nancheng, he quickly walked out of the bedroom.
Nancheng’s cooking level is very general, almost at the level where things can be cooked.
When he gave Yu Xinlan noodles, he tried to get a poached egg, but he accidentally broke it up and soaked it in the soup.
When cooking noodles, some dishes are added, and the color looks ok.
After preparing the seasoning, Nancheng took a bite and made sure he could eat it before holding the bowl.
Yu Xinlan was completely surprised when Nancheng put a large bowl of noodles on the bedside table.
She stared at the bowl of noodles for a while and said to him with some difficulty, "This is too much for me to finish."
"Eat slowly if you can’t finish it," Nancheng rightly said. "I’d better eat more after I advise you. I’m a person with a heavy taste. You’re like this now. If I play any tricks with you, it’s a manslaughter. I want to make an appointment and get a life out. Do you think I’m unjust?"
"I’m not thin now, am I?" Yu Xinlan took the noodles and took a bite. "I weigh more than 100 kilograms."
"You are plump in men’s eyes, not fat." Nancheng glanced at her chest. "After all, 34 is not white."
Yu Shenlan was almost choked by his speech. Fortunately, she adjusted her breath to avoid embarrassing herself in front of him.
Nancheng watched Yu Shenlan eat noodles and casually asked her, "Is it delicious?"
Yu Shenlan nodded. "It’s delicious. I didn’t expect you to cook."
"For the first time," Nancheng said something that puzzled people.
Yu Shenlan was confused by him and asked him consciously, "What was the first time?"
"This is the first time for me to cook for an outsider except myself. My parents have never eaten my cooking." Nancheng stared at her face with dark eyes.
Yu Shenlan was so uncomfortable with his eyes that he quickly bowed his head and continued to eat noodles.
Watching Yu Xinlan finish a big bowl of noodles in Nancheng.
Nancheng took the bowl from her hand and prepared to go upstairs to wash it.
Yu Shenlan saw him so quickly stop him. "I’d better wash it. I’m much better now."
"I’ll go." Nancheng dumped her indifferently.
"I’m fine. I’ll go. I’ll be embarrassed if you cook noodles for me." Yu Xinlan’s voice is getting lower and lower. "I’ll be sorry if you wash the dishes again."
"Why didn’t I see you so enthusiastic in bed just now?" Nancheng sarcastically said to her, "I was the only one who worked hard from beginning to end, and you were as motionless as a dead fish. Didn’t you feel guilty?"
"Shut up and leave me alone."
Nancheng rudely interrupted her and walked out of the bedroom with a bowl.
Yu Xinlan is still very sorry after he left. She has never been willing to owe others a favor.
She cooks and washes dishes in the south of the city, and she also has to do one thing, which is still clear about this favor.
Yu Shenlan remembered that Nancheng said he liked pink when he moved a few days ago …
Thought of here, Yu Xinlan quickly got into bed and took out some shopping nets from her bag.
When Nancheng finished washing the dishes, he saw Yu Xinlan holding it and staring at it.