"Of course … ah, I’m really curious after what you said." Purple Yan laughed.

"Thank you for understanding"
"Then don’t try to realize your wish here!"
"It’s cheap for you to stay here for a few days!" Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit way
Xiao asked knew that purple Yan would say so, and there would be no purple Yan dispute.
But at this time Xiao Wen didn’t realize that he and Zi Yan had a physical thing that would last longer before it ended.
The reason is that ZiYan asked a question, but he just gave ZiYan a positive answer.
Two days later, Xiao Wen finally returned to his body from the soul mark, which was completely separated from the purple Yan soul.
Then ZiYan asked, "Are you sure it’s not difficult?"
"Of course, didn’t you see it all?"
So for a moment, Violet Yan directly drilled her own soul mark on this head and emerged from Xiao Wen’s side …
"What are you doing?" Xiao asked surprised way
"It’s time for you to pay back the loan." Purple Yan soul came to Xiao Wen’s cranial cavity and said with a smile.
"Is this necessary?"
"Of course, I didn’t say I was a little curious about men’s bodies."
"I didn’t do anything to you!" Xiao asked urgent way
"I didn’t say what I wanted to do with you. I just felt-can you be a bit promising!"
"Hum, you’d better, or don’t blame me for turning against you." Xiao asked threatening.
"I know, I know, okay, you have to cooperate quickly."
At this time, the purple Yan is just that the soul has entered Xiao Wen’s cranial cavity, but it has not been able to blend with Xiao Wen’s soul. Naturally, Xiao Wen’s body can’t control it. At this time, Xiao Wen urged Xiao Wen to take action immediately and wanted to blend with Xiao Wen’s soul. She was obviously much stronger than Xiao Wen in this kind of thing. When Xiao Wen asked that it was a mistake, it was just deliberate, but who let Xiao Wen take advantage of the purple Yan first? It must be returned. At this time, Xiao Wen was really hard to stop.
Violet Yan soon got Xiao Wen’s physical control. Of course, this control is shared with Xiao Wen, and it is slightly worse than Xiao Wen’s. If she wants to do something out of line, Xiao Wen will definitely stop her.
At this moment, Xiao Wen is almost a secret to Zi Yan, not to mention the blood mark. Even the stone paintings were seen by Zi Yan. I came to observe Xiao Wen’s physical results, and my attention was attracted by the stone paintings.
I saw at once what her vision was, and that was the source of Xiao Wen’s strength. However, Xiao Wen was actually quite honest with her and had already skipped it with her.
Staring at the stone painting for a while, Zi Yan finally came to her senses. She felt that Xiao Wen had set an example, and she naturally had to lose her style. What’s the matter with one yard coveting Xiao Wen’s treasures?
Xiao asked if he was still uneasy. Purple Yan was disdainful and said, "Who wants it!"
"duplicity" Xiao asked immediately made such an evaluation and then urged "you hurry and then hurry back"
"What’s the hurry!"
The fact that it is urgent is also white. It took Xiao Wen and Zi Yan’s soul mark several days to get back, and Zi Yan was lucky that she had to run in with Xiao Wen’s soul mark for several days to return to the original road …
In Xiao Wen’s surveillance these days, Zi Yan didn’t succeed even if she wanted to do something, and she didn’t gain much. Finally, Zi Yan could simply remember what it was like to have a man’s body as Xiao Wen did.
Then purple Yan finally went back.
A day later, Zi Yan, Xiao Wen and 93,000 Yi appeared in a restaurant box in a big city.
Before the battle, 90,000 people made great contributions. This meal was mainly to give 90,000 people a rare sumptuous meal. Purple Yan and Xiao Wen also took the opportunity to relax.
Purple Yan, a total of four enemies, has now killed two enemies, which is half of the revenge. Naturally, I am quite happy in my heart, so I will also show the unrestrained side of the evil queen. I don’t eat much wine but drink a lot.
Ninety thousand can still drink purple Yan when drinking. That’s a good time. Both women are drinking Xiao Wen. Naturally, they can’t help drinking. At the beginning, they practiced the magic tactic of drinking wine. His capacity for liquor is quite large.
Anyway, it’s natural for one of our own people to drink openly, and they don’t take the avatar to force them to drink.
When there were more than a dozen jars in the box, Ziyan’s skin was pale purple and reddish. When she spoke, she smelled of alcohol and her eyes were no longer sharp, which made her look particularly attractive.
Xiao asked that the situation was not much better than Zi Yan’s. Although he didn’t face drinking, it would affect his physical flexibility. At this time, he seemed to sit upright, but he was actually holding on …
When talking at ninety thousand, Zi Yan and Xiao Wen looked at ninety thousand and at the same time grabbed the table jar. Because Zi Yan and Xiao Wen were not in the jar, they didn’t realize that the other party was also reaching out.