"Time and tide wait for no man."

Even if Yu Shenlan bowed his head in Nancheng, he didn’t let her go.
He leaned on the door panel and looked down at her.
"I’ve slept with so many women, and your figure is the one that makes me most satisfied."
Nancheng deliberately made the words very ambiguous and then paused for a few seconds, seemingly regretfully sighing, "Oh, it’s a pity that it’s better to miss Miss Yu than to meet each other."
"But Miss Yu is at least someone who used to sleep with her. She shouldn’t mind if I give you a few kind words, right?"
Nancheng asked this question leisurely, and the ending was full of jokes.
Yu Shenlan knew that she was playing hardball with him at this time. She adjusted her breath, raised her head and looked at him "all ears".
"Women still need to pay attention to their figure. Men like women who are pregnant rather than pregnant … Miss Yu thinks I’m right?"
If you don’t know what kind of person Nancheng is, you will think that what he said is particularly sincere. His acting is really good, which is strange that she didn’t find it before.
During Nancheng’s speech, when Yu Xinlan Cheng bit his lip loosely, her head had been bitten out of the blood print.
And she didn’t know it.
"Sir, you’re right. Thank you for your advice." Yu Shenlan looked into his eyes and smiled. "Can you let me go now?"
Yu Shenlan just laughed that it was not quite the same as before. Where is it different? Nancheng couldn’t say that it didn’t feel so fake, but it was still not sincere.
"Miss Yu smiles beautifully." Nancheng praised her without stint. "Before telling the truth, my favorite thing is that Miss Yu smiles charming."
"Thank you" is about didn’t expect Nancheng will boast what she YuShenLan some stupid talk is a word a word to jump out.
"You’re welcome" Nancheng retreated. "I said it was before."
-The word "light clouds and light winds" will directly send Yu Shenlan from heaven to hell.
Yu Shenlan realized that he had been played by him again when his reason returned.
This game of giving a slap and then a sweet jujube is enjoyed by Nancheng.
But she has no time to play with him.
"Sir, if you have anything to say, it’s better to finish it at once." Yu Shenlan looked at him. "I hope we won’t meet again after that."
"Miss Yu, don’t get me wrong-you are smiling very well now."
Nancheng answered irrelevantly, "But it’s not that I like the kind of woman who, you know, I prefer to be a real woman. Miss Yu’s smile is beautiful now, but it’s too artificial. I really can’t appreciate it."
Yu Shenlan was finally aroused by him. In the face of his cynicism, she fought back mercilessly.
"But without carrots and vegetables, each has his own love. If Mr. Xi Shi doesn’t appreciate it, there will be Mr. Li, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Zhang … There will always be people who appreciate so many big men in the world, right?"
Yu Xinlan seldom talks so much at once, and she still quarrels with others.
She has always disdained this kind of business. If Nancheng hadn’t been urging her all the time, she wouldn’t have been so ignorant.
Obviously, Nancheng didn’t expect Yuxinlan to be this attitude.
Hearing her say that, the jealousy in his heart has already knocked over, and he is so sour.
Unconsciously, I remembered the picture of her talking with that Mr. Zhang in the sales department yesterday-
"Miss Yu’s mentality is really good." Nancheng sarcastically said that she "deserves to have seen the world."
"Thank you for your compliment." Yu Xinlan readily accepted without any mood swings.
In this situation, Nancheng is asking for trouble if it goes on.
If he can get better, let her go and let her go.
Nancheng no matter if there are others who wash their hands, they followed Yu Xinlan and went out.
Yu Shenlan returned to her seat and began to pack her things and prepare to go home.
Nancheng saw her like this and robbed her bag directly.
"Miss Yu, be calm" Nancheng put the bag in the dining chair. "Anyway, it’s not good to walk after eating this meal."
Where is Yu Shenlan in the mood to eat at the moment? She’s almost full of anger
Just want to say no, his bag suddenly rang.
Yu Shenlan quickly took out the words.
It’s YuZhan calling.
"Lan Lan, have you finished eating with your friends?" The melancholy stack sound in the receiver sounds a little anxious
"Well, I’ll go back after eating my horse," Yu Shenlan asked him. "Is there something wrong?"
"Yesterday afternoon, I found a doctor to vaccinate my child. Today, the child didn’t carry it and had a fever." Yu Zhan sighed. "It’s no big deal. When you come back later, buy a box of children’s antipyretic stickers."
It is very common for children to have a fever after vaccination.
Yu Xinlan knows all this common sense, but she still can’t help but worry about sharing her own children.
"I see. I’ll go back."