Around him, dozens of tanks and armored vehicles marched forward steadily, followed by an incalculable number of infantry, who put the second combat echelon and backbone into battle. Their commander, an infantry major wearing three iron crosses on his chest, called out to himself in a rough voice.

"Soldiers keep marching in formation!"
The battle broke out at the touch of a finger, and the sponge just suffered great humiliation not long ago. The German fleet was firing fiercely and fiercely, releasing a cavity of anger. Craters of different sizes on the smoking hills, collapsed buildings and broken flagpoles all reflected the difficult situation of the defensive side, but they never reached the moment when they were forced to give up, as evidenced by shooting cannons in the direction of the sea every minute.
At the military airports in Yanji, Mudanjiang, China and Qingjin, North Korea, silver eagles lined up neatly on both sides of the runway, and the ground crew were not ready for the plane to take off at any time. They were still waiting for the moment when the fog dissipated.
"How long will the fog last?"
Senior generals of Chentian Armed Forces in the headquarters of the German Far East Group on the east coast of Jiaozhou Bay are also paying close attention to the news from the periphery of the sea cucumber.
"According to the latest report of our meteorologists, the sudden fog will last until noon this morning. Now our ground troops have entered and attacked the position, and the artillery units have been shelling the scheduled target area for an hour; Naval aspect
The ninth fleet was temporarily transferred. It just arrived at each battleship half an hour ago. The main guns and ammunition consumed more than half. Marshal Spey is ready to let the battleship detachment take a proper rest at the right time! "
Manstein, chief of staff of the Far East Group, replied
"At noon … at noon …"
Chen Tianqing repeated this simple noun, keeping his eyes on the sharp strategic map. The battle in front of him was certainly stressful, but what he saw was something farther away-once the sea cucumber returned to Germany to control Germany’s strategy in the Far East, it would enter a brand-new stage. This was not aimed at Japan, but the German government and military had long been extremely dissatisfied with that extremely disobedient and even daring Russian Far East politics.
Because of Germany’s secret checks and balances and other reasons, he controlled the three major forces in Russia for more than a year after the end of the German-Russian war-revolutionary politics, Inheriting the mantle of the old Russian government, the so-called democratic government divided a large area of land in the Far East, and the local governments were hostile to each other but tried to destroy each other. Of course, most international forces were happy to see this situation. However, the latest information shows that the Russian democratic government has played an important role. Although several powerful factions have not fought each other, their intrigue and self-respect have greatly weakened their overall combat effectiveness. On the other hand, the revolutionary government is carrying out land reform under heavy pressure from abroad, and at the same time, large-scale military reorganization workers have also done it. In the past, the revolutionary armed forces with a large number of people but poor equipment and chaotic organization have taken on a new look. Although their equipment is far from that of Germany, even German military observers have to admit that their cohesion brought about by the same ideal will make them much better mentally than their democratic army, and spiritual factors are often greater than material factors in war.
"There is also a report and army. Although we deployed fighter planes at the front-line airport for the time being, the weather in central Korea is very good. Our Dornier 2 and Dornier 3 bombers are ready to take off, and once they take off, they need an hour to fly to the sea cucumber! But now the problem is … Although our plane can find the approximate location of the target through the line beacon technology, the fog will increase the danger of the fleet during the flight and it is difficult for us to ensure that no bomb is dropped on our own heads! "
Speaking is still Manstein, while Lundstedt and others remain silent before Chen Tian’s words.
"What do you think?" Chen Tian turned to look at all.
Generals, you look at me, I look at you. It seems that you are all waiting for the high-ranking words, and your eyes are quickly focused on Lundstedt. Although people are speculating whether this commander has been directly "framed" by the Kaiser, the most important and direct factor is the Rommel armored division reached by the group headquarters plus two mechanized infantry divisions. The command of three ground attack groups, which have boarded the 6th Battalion of the 6th Navy, to take the sea cucumber directly seems to people that although this command was issued by General Lundstedt and the group headquarters, Lundstedt’s usual command style is quite different ―― it’s like a defender shooting a forward shot on the court, which makes people feel incredible.
"Positions in the view that at present, the military long-range bomber troops should be delayed to take off and deployed at the front line, and the military troops will continue to be ready to take off. When the fog clears, we will attack! The navy also happened to let the battleship take a break during this period! "
Lundstedt finally spoke, and as usual, he was cautious and steady. This is also the most typical style of a Prussian soldier, which is not surprising to people.
"Well …" Chen Tian didn’t say yes, but pointed out another name.
"General Manstein?"
"Positions in our enemy will also recognize our offensive in the fog period, especially in the military fire support, naval artillery can’t reach so far! Therefore, we now ask General Spee to suspend the shelling of the ground forces and postpone it for one hour. The army’s long-range bomber unit immediately sent a Neil 3 bomber to the police station. An hour later, the navy shelled again, and at the same time, the ground troops attacked. At that time, if the fog cleared, the bomber troops would be bombed or stay in the battlefield as long as possible. Dornier 2 bombers and frontline aviation units are ready to take off at any time. If the fog has not dissipated by 11 noon, the Dornier 2 fleet should also take off from the airport! "
"Well …" Chen Tian glanced at Manstein and then turned his eyes to Lundstedt. "What do you think? Just say it!"
Manstein’s expression was calm, and Lundstedt’s expression was on the presence of generals and staff officers. Some people were eager to try, some people were thinking, and of course some people would rather lose this performance opportunity than get involved in this complicated situation, but these were not Chen Tian’s heart.
"We have the advantages of quantity and equipment in our ground forces and it is difficult for enemy artillery to accurately shell our attacking forces in foggy conditions, so it is feasible to attack without military cover!" A tenacious wind, dare to fight and dare to fight, said the general, but it was precisely because of this "feature" that he was transferred to the group headquarters
After listening to this suggestion, Chen Tian took a disappointed look at the speaker. At this time, compared with the German military operations overseas, the casualties of soldiers should be reduced as much as possible. If the accident last night was not too "unexpected", Chen Tian would definitely replace the commander to ensure that this principle would not be destroyed by those fools.
"The sea cucumber has been surrounded by our army’s sea 6. Although the encirclement is not absolutely stable, if the Japanese army successfully breaks through our army, it will avoid a tough battle and then it will be wiped out in the wild by the mobility of armored forces and mechanized forces; If the remnants of Japanese or Russian troops on the periphery of the sea cucumber can help our army, it can also take advantage of the armored forces to effectively block it; Therefore, our army should now wait until the situation turns to be beneficial to our army! "
This is a well-behaved suggestion, but in this way, the German army would not have to rush to encircle the sea cucumber in the north at the beginning-this is to prevent Russian troops from intervening and to try to beat the Japanese army who is caught off guard. There are still a certain number of Japanese remnants in the south of Heilongjiang and the northwest of the sea cucumber, and once these troops withdraw into the sea cucumber, the difficulty of fighting will be further increased.
After the generals expressed their opinions, they calmly sat down in the chair on the left side of the big sand table. "Based on everyone’s opinions, I followed General Manstein’s suggestion, which was the most creative, most in line with the battlefield situation and most able to achieve the strategic goal of our army to capture sea cucumbers. General Lundstedt, I suggest that it be implemented according to General Manstein’s suggestion!"
There was no rejection or objection. Lundstedt turned to look at Manstein. "General, just do what you mean! ….. The general believes that our army will successfully achieve the campaign goal and do a good job! "
Destroy the day Chapter one hundred and thirty The spear shield (in)
After the "meeting" on the first day of the morning, the whole conference room was filled with the sound of moving chairs to attend the meeting when the body stood up. The generals and staff officers left the room quickly with or without them. Two people, two people who became absolute topics in the recent period, stayed alone.
One of them is Chen Tian, and the other is the nominal supreme commander of this headquarters, General Feng Longde Steed.
"Do you know what I support General Manstein today instead of your plan?"
Chen Tian unhurriedly picked up the coffee pot on the table and poured himself a cup of fragrant hot coffee, then picked up the same coffee cup in front of Lundstedt, poured the remaining cold coffee into the pot and slowly placed it in front of Lundstedt.
In the process, Lundstedt sat with a serious expression and his eyes flashed when he poured coffee on Chentian, but on the whole, his eyes never moved from Chentian for a moment.
"It’s normal to have opinions!" Lundstedt seems to be somewhat self-explanatory, and replied, "There may be 1oo understandings of the war situation!"
"Half right!" Chen Tian slowly took a sip from his coffee cup. For a monarch who is not good at alcohol and tobacco and doesn’t like luxury, such a hobby is actually perfect.
"Is the other half personal?" Lundstedt picked up the emperor and poured the coffee himself, but the coffee in it finally came into contact with his lips for a moment.
I can see this in my eyes, but I am also very clear that at this time, the other side is dissatisfied. Perhaps a main player has been placed on the bench continuously, which is the mood. Perhaps even the bench is not in the mood.
But this is exactly what Chen Tian wants.
"Half and half!"
Chen Tian’s small tray with coffee cup in his left hand and coffee cup in his right hand elegantly evaluated each other’s answers, but his so-called personal reasons and Lundstedt’s understanding were different, and there was no personal prejudice.
Lundstedt’s eyes were puzzled and puzzled. His lips trembled slightly several times, but he didn’t say the third answer.
"Is the idea! The whole command concept! " Chentian didn’t sell it again.
"Pursuit meaning …" Lundstedt was surprised to put a cup.
"concept!" Chen Tian nodded affirmatively. "The concept of a commander often affects the entire command team, but this influence is not always positive, and a command team affects the fate of the entire legion!"
After a moment’s reflection, Lundstedt suddenly rose from his position and said in a serious tone, "If you think that my headquarters and I can’t beat the whole group, please dismiss us!"
Chen Tian looked up. From the eyes of the general who was in an uncontrollable mood, he saw a German soldier’s firm attitude towards honor and life and his confidence in his command ability, which he was happy to see.
"General von Lund Steader!" Chen Tian said in a serious but not harsh tone, "I’m afraid you still misunderstood. Please sit down first!"
After a little hesitation, Lundstedt patiently sat back to his position, but his eyes did not change at all.
"General, please tell me what is the most important quality of a commander?"
"The overall situation and judgment!" Lundstedt replied without hesitation
"Well, good. Then please tell me what the general’s overall situation and judgment have shown you?" A relatively gentle tone Chen Tiandao said, "What do you see in this Far East battlefield?"
After a brief reflection, Lundstedt replied, "Although there are still a certain number of Japanese troops in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, they are trying to change the situation; At present, Vladivostok is the last goal of our northern line and the most important stronghold of the Japanese outside the soil. If this nail is removed, the Japanese will strongly retreat to the soil! "
"Very well! What else did you see? " Chen Tian asked quietly
"The Japanese army will defend Vladivostok to the death, and we will take Vladivostok as soon as possible, and then we will wipe out the whole Korean Peninsula in one fell swoop with the main force in the south, so that even if the war is over, even if the Japanese pray for peace, China will be in a very favorable position!"
"Good. Anything else?" Chen Tian continued to ask
This time, it took Lundstedt a little long to think, and it took him about a minute to get a deep tone, which in Chen Tian’s view was more like a kind of acknowledgement.