The secret looked up again and saw that the stunning woman had been walking towards the office door on the soles of high heels.

Section 115
And when she went back to see the boss, the man folded his face and lowered his head, but he couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes, but he could feel a depression and … Nai.
Anyan called Jerry Liau when he left the company, and then drove to Jerry Liau.
At the door, the bodyguard saw Anyan coming and respectfully nodded to her as "Miss Big".
An Yan’s delicate eyebrows slightly picked "Where is Jerry Liau?"
"Brother Yang is inside."
When Anyanmen went in, the early Song Dynasty was sitting on the sofa with an irate look, and the index finger pointed at Yi Yangyin sharply. "What are you? Why am I under house arrest? "
"I want him to do this" Anyan behind Jerry Liau light out put his bag on the table and looked at the early Song Dynasty coldly.
At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, when I saw Anyan, I was even more angry, but I got up and was held down by Jerry Liau. She could look up at Anyan. "What are you doing?"
An Yan smiled and stood hand in hand. "I want you to leave Xiao Jing. Xiao Jing is my husband. I have been silent for a year. Since I survived every time, Xiao Jing can be mine now."
At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, I looked at Anyan’s face and smiled, and my eyes slipped through a mocking smile. "Anyan Xiao Jing doesn’t love you! How long are you going to lie to yourself? !”
"Even so, but this is important? I love him enough, but I don’t want you hanging around him now. I was stupid before the early Song Dynasty. I know that you used to let you go, but you were so ignorant, impatient and annoying in the early Song Dynasty! "
That divorce agreement … Maybe in the early Song Dynasty, maybe there will be different results.
But she said she didn’t want to put up with it now. Anyway, in the end, she had to solve the trouble in the early Song Dynasty first.
Jerry Liau has long accepted the words in the early Song Dynasty, and now she has nothing to do.
She looked at Anyan coldly, and there was no fear in her eyes, which threatened her. "Anyan, do you dare to kidnap me?"
An Yan frowns and walks up to her and interrupts her coldly. "What dare I do? You dare to correct some crooked melons and split dates to hurt me. Can’t I kidnap you? "
"Come on, I’ll see what you can do for me. Xiao Jing will not let you go. "
"Well, even if he won’t let me go, he looks like a stone with you around. I might as well get you away according to my own wishes, so I can be happier, right?"
At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, naturally, she would not allow her to come back to Wencheng, and Xiao Jing’s attitude is ambiguous now. Naturally, she can’t be so calm.
"It’s safe to say that everything will not be as you wish."
An Yan blinked and turned to look out of the window and smiled softly. "Well, I don’t care. I told you every time that I wouldn’t let you go."
Paused Ann turned and stared at her and took one look at Jerry Liau. "You are not my opponent in the early Song Dynasty in terms of means and scheming. It is not that I have never done such a thing."
At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, Anyan was deadlocked for a while. Anyan couldn’t have done anything to her anyway.
But she didn’t expect the video before her to make her finally compromise.
An Yan bowed his head and looked at his newly made nails, and his red lips pulled out a cold arc. "I really won’t touch you because of Xiao Jing, but you are not alone in the early Song Dynasty. You still have your uncle and aunt. Have you forgotten?"
Paused to continue unhurriedly tunnel "if you don’t leave me, I’ll send your uncle and aunt to die on the plane when the time comes, then it’s all your fault."
At this moment, the early Song Dynasty suddenly believed Anyan and did everything. This woman was obsessed and crazy about Xiao Jing’s love. She dared not gamble and she wanted to see what Xiao Jing was thinking.
It’s safe to say that Xiao Jing loves himself. In fact, he didn’t even know it in the early Song Dynasty. Even though he had been to her apartment, they never happened.
Even though she had humbled Xiao Jing, his eyes were too cold and he said, "I can’t go against the principle."
The principle is that he is married.
Including an Yan, he finally said with confusion, "I talked to you calmly for the last time in the early Song Dynasty. Please go. If he really wants you, he will come to you. I won’t stop him this time."
An Yan looked at the tone of the early Song Dynasty and mocked "If I lose this game in the early Song Dynasty, I will leave you myself."
It suddenly became so quiet that you could hear the wind whistling loudly outside the window.
Jerry Liau couldn’t help but look up at Anyan’s expression. The delicate face was indifferent and sad, but it was also full of desperation.
I’m afraid this decision has been considered for a long time.
Last Dance
In the early Song Dynasty, Xiao Jing was promised to know that her adoptive father had a heart attack, and the parents must be settled in peace.
An Yan promised one by one and then asked Jerry Liau to book a plane ticket for a week later
When I returned to Xiaoshan villa, Yan Yan was relaxed, and Xiao Jing finally wanted to belong to her alone.
Jerry Liau looked at Anyan’s face and smiled. He was slightly relieved. He knew Anyan had something to say to him, so he decided beside Anyan after the car.
An Yan handed the car keys in his hand to Jerry Liau Jerry Liau, took the woman and tightened her coat and looked at him. "Jerry Liau, from today, you are no longer my bodyguard. Congratulations, you are free."
He didn’t speak with his head down in front of Anyan.
"I have a bad temper. Follow me. You’ve been wronged and you’ve been seriously injured. I’ll give you my car as a reward."
"Jerry Liau for so many years, thank you for wrapping me Xiao Jing. I’ll say hello there. You have no scruples to go."
An Yan suddenly felt a little sad, and what emotions were gradually accumulating. She pursed her lips and smiled and tried to make herself look pale. "Jerry Liau’s incarnation is ashamed of everything else. Listen, I have done it. I hope you can do it."
Jerry Liau wanted to make peace, but gave Xiao Jing all his good temper. All the life trajectories of the man who made peace with him revolved around him.
But fortunately, before he left, he made a meaningful thing, and he still hoped that Anyan could live a happy life.
Jerry Liau bowed respectfully to Anyan with a serious expression. "Miss, it’s cold. Don’t catch a cold. And I never feel wronged. I hope you can have a happy life later. I’m leaving."
Section 116
She nodded and forced the warmth in her eyes back. "Okay, you go."
An Yan entrusted the adoptive father in the early Song Dynasty to a better nursing home and gave them enough money to spend the rest of their lives.
Three nights later.
There’s not a word that trouble sleeping Xiao Jing hasn’t come back in bed. She doesn’t know what Xiao Jing is doing. She’s wondering if there’s still a week left for him in the early Song Dynasty … and stay with him in the early Song Dynasty.
When the man came back, it was already late at night, and he was completely awake in Xiao Jing’s wet arms after bathing.
Xiao Jing hugged her tightly and said it as if she felt his depression and despair, but she didn’t know it, so she was afraid to tell him about the early Song Dynasty at this moment.
An Yan did not dare to move. At that moment, there was a warm feeling at the neck. An Yan felt a quiver in his heart and held her man’s body trembling slightly.
An Yan turned from his arms and carefully put his hand in his face. His palm was slippery and cold, and his voice lingered in the silence. "Xiao Jing, you are crying."
In my impression, Xiao Jing is cool thin and arrogant. She has never seen a similar sad expression on Xiao Jing’s face, and their recent relationship pattern is very strange.
But tonight Xiao Jing made her feel particularly distressed. She still put her hand in his cold face and touched him like a child. "Xiao Jing, what did you do tonight?"
The man’s forehead is against her whole person, and her voice is vague and low.
She thought that even if she went to see the early Song Dynasty, he should not bother to cover it up.
But why would he be like this tonight?
An Yan turned over in his arms and clung to Xiao Jing’s chest. He hesitated to tell him what happened in the early Song Dynasty now.
At the end of the day, I didn’t hear his movements. The novel "Xiao Jingsong promised me to go to the United States at the beginning, so shall we be together from then on?"
An Yan didn’t expect himself to say this, and he would have a good temper, but Xiao Jing’s reaction was so common that he just said, "I know," and then he hugged An Yan and said, "Go to sleep."