Looking at such a small snack, even Fangzhou was a little embarrassed and couldn’t bear to eat it. This is a case in point!

Lotus son don’t understand to see her "Li Furen how don’t eat? Is it not to your taste? If you don’t agree with the handmaiden, go and get a few more samples. Well, there are three fresh dumplings, mushrooms, pheasant dumplings, crab yellow steamed buns, milky pearl corn preserves, milky grape cakes, pea cakes and almond cakes … "
Xiaolian leaned her head and broke off her fingers and counted nine more samples.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "I’m not picky about food! Either it doesn’t taste right, or it’s all your cases. Will you eat less-not enough? "
Lotus son zheng couldn’t help giggling yan mouth heart way this Li Furen is really interesting! But no lady has ever said such a thing in the palace!
Lotus son was busy laughed "Li Furen rest assured! I have it! There are several kinds of porridge at midnight every night. My sisters won’t be hungry! "
As she spoke, she leaned slightly closer to Fang Zhou and whispered, "Madam, I don’t know that my sisters eat very little on weekdays, saying that they are afraid of getting fat if they eat too much! Well, if you are fat, your waist is thick, your ass is big, and your face is round, it will not look good! "
"…" Even Fang Zhou opened his mouth and tried to hold back a smile.
It turns out that the women in this palace are so interesting one by one! Dieting and losing weight really goes back to ancient times!
However, it is no wonder that although they are a cage in this palace, what they can see is the first place in the world. When your luck comes, it will be seen by which noble person or simply by the emperor. That is why a generation of wealth can’t be enjoyed. No wonder they would rather go on a diet than keep their slim figure and pretty melon face!
Even Fang Zhou didn’t know how her brain hole suddenly opened so big that she couldn’t help but blurt out, "Aren’t they afraid of eating less and getting smaller breasts?"
Damn it!
Even fangzhou regretted this when it was said, and he couldn’t wait to bite off half his tongue!
Xiaolianer was stunned. "Oh, dear!" A stamping stamping burying his face in shyness than trail "Li Furen you, you, how can you, how can you say this! Whoo! Shame on people! "
Even Fang Zhou can’t see Xiaolian’s face, but she can see her ears and Bo Yuan’s white complexion glowing red. It’s really a shame to die, not for fun.
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help secretly turning over a supercilious look. Can you say that your ass is swollen again? Isn’t the ass a lot more ashamed than the chest?
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "I’m just curious. It’s just an expression! Don’t be annoyed, Xiaolian! "
Blushing, heartbroken and ashamed, Xiaolian slowly recovered for a while, burying her face in her hands and still blushing.
She took a look at Fang Zhou and shook her head and smiled. "I’m not annoyed! I, I, I am-Li Furen, you can’t talk nonsense outside, others will laugh! "
Lien-erh kindly woke up and said, "No wonder this Li Furen is from the countryside. Although people are quite nice, it’s really a shame when it comes to speaking."!
Even Fang Zhou almost laughed to death in his heart, but he nodded to Xiaolian and said sincerely, "Yes! Then I’m white! Don’t worry, I will never say anything outside! "
"hmm!" Lotus son saw that she was so kind to herself and was very happy, so she nodded with a smile.
Hesitate for a moment but can’t help but wring my hands and feel ashamed. "Well, will that Li Furen dieting chest really get smaller …"
Even Fang Zhou’s shoulders couldn’t help shaking, shaking and biting his lips. How could he laugh? He couldn’t help but cover his mouth and coughed a few times to cover up the past. Then he said solemnly, "I don’t know. I’m just curious to ask!"
Lotus son disappointed "oh".
We can’t go on! Keep talking, something will happen!
Even Fang Zhou’s mouth is too upturned to pull. It’s so coke to enter the palace today!
She smiled quickly. "I’m really a little hungry! Have some, too! Let’s eat together! "
Lotus son smiled and shook his head, "there are handmaiden hungry wait to eat! Where can handmaiden eat with his wife? 848. Chapter 848 Food size
Even fangzhou stopped laughing and laughing when she saw her, picked up a poria roll and ate it.
It’s different from her imagination that eating in the palace always makes people take a bite and their eyes light up.
It’s not as delicious as the food in her apricot blossom village pastry shop!
But if you can fill your stomach, you have to wait until you have no strength to cope.
Even Fangzhou will eat one of everything or not, and I am a little embarrassed to say to Xiaolian, "It’s delicious. Thanks a lot."
"No, I don’t dare!" Xiaolian’s face is stunned and her expression can’t stop it.
Li Furen can eat so much!
Uncontrolled Xiaolian’s eyes fell lightly on Lian Fangzhou’s chest.
Even fangzhou sensed it with a black line.
This ….. What’s the situation!
Li Furen!’ A female feminine stereo looked around even Fangzhou and Xiaolian’s consciousness and saw a young woman wearing a goose yellow palace dress, wearing a ring of bells and pearls, holding a maid-in-waiting and smiling.
Xiaolianer gathered her hands and bent her knees gracefully. "I have seen Princess Li pay her respects!"
"ceremony!" Princess Li smiled and looked at Xiaolianer. As soon as she saw that even Fangzhou was about to salute, she took her hand and didn’t ask her to be blessed. "It’s not the first time we met. Li Furen doesn’t have to be polite!"
Princess Li’s hands are very white and soft, with faint warmth, slender joints and slender fingers, which are also very beautiful, but even Fang Zhou is so held by her, but she feels sticky and greasy, which is very uncomfortable, just like a cold snake wrapped around her hand.
She has no affection for Zhu family at all! Zhu Yuying is much more annoying than Miss Qin!
Even fangzhou shyly smiled and took back his hand. He still respectfully saluted Princess Li’s blessing to carefully smile apologetically. "This etiquette can’t be abolished. If you are a princess, if you are seen, you must say that male and female servants don’t understand the ceremony! I dare not! "
What good things are you, your family, one after another, calculating your aunt again and again? Be nice and have birds! Is it stupid to be an aunt?
Glass princess face smile stiff stiff slightly embarrassed.
Is this accusing her of not being polite? Not following the rules?
She couldn’t help secretly looking at even Fang Zhou. At the sight of her face, people who were scared and unnatural and didn’t like to have such deep calculation suddenly became confused.
Instantly put away guesses and doubts. Princess Li embroidered handkerchief to cover her mouth and chuckled and laughed at herself. "But I was rude! It’s not necessary to be too formal to think that today’s banquets are all family members or acquaintances! By the way, Li Furen, please come with me. At the moment, there is already a banquet in Qionghua Hall. The banquet will be held soon! Mother specially ordered me to take Li Furen there! Just follow me when you wait for Li Furen. Tell me if you have any needs, don’t worry! "
Even Fang Zhou’s heart is slightly discolored.
This is the queen’s bedroom, and Princess Li is also the queen’s meaning. I guess she is not so brave as to deceive herself.
But what does the queen mean by this arrangement?
Even the fangzhou heart a little messy.
At the beginning, the joke about Li Fu and Zhu Yuying was exactly what the queen said. Did the queen want Zhu Yuying to be in charge? Is it also a hint to give yourself to Princess Li?
Even Fang Zhou’s heart was spinning with this thought, but it didn’t show "ah" at all. Princess Li nodded and smiled. "That will trouble Princess Li!"
The queen is not like this kind of person. If she really meant it, she wouldn’t be so kind to herself!
Of course, it does not rule out that the queen is very shrewd and deliberately plays in front of her!
But even Fang Zhou still believes that she can’t feel wrong. She is still willing to believe in the queen before things go wrong!
Princess Li saw that her face was slightly disgusted and had to be secretly disappointed again.
It’s a fool not to care whether it’s a hometown or not! I read between the lines so clearly that she didn’t hear a word! It’s impossible for the queen not to know what she said in the past years. It’s better for the queen to try to get her to bring out something in front of the queen to anger the queen Yinger later, and it’s 70%!