Besides, Khan has already made preparations, and only brushed one yesterday.

The point is that after Khan finished brushing one, he won the "war". Although it is emphasized in the "war" that today may not be better than brushing the horn, people in the game have analyzed what the game can compete with except brushing the horn.
Of course, everyone has considered that the name "Wang Daqian" may be called by a horn merchant. He shouted that today is not necessarily more than the horn, mainly because he wants to put a smoke bomb so that he can buy more horns at a lower price.
However, many people are convinced that they can still brush their horns today, even the judges think so.
Therefore, the price of horns began to increase immediately after Khan finished the "war" yesterday.
As we all know, today’s horn consumption may reach a record high, and there are a lot of horns in the station.
Exactly. Khan’s horn is almost 11 thousand if he can shoot at this time
Khan quickly opened the auction house and took a look at the price of the horn. He felt’ quite’ satisfied and hurriedly put up one.
Of course, this horn is the color of Khan’s other corner. At this time, he just opened it twice.
Today, there are many people who sell horns and many people who buy horns, because they want to "fight bravely" and are all friends with bullies and mighty men. Of course, they have to help them out.
Although the stage now belongs to Khan and overlord, the horn brushes of those supporting brothers are also very’ fine’
The judge doesn’t know which speakers in the auction house are Khan, but this doesn’t prevent the judge from tripping Khan.
Wit judges are almost every group of non-stop auction houses.
As soon as there is a new low price, a large number of speakers appear in the auction house, and the judges will fight like this
The simple purpose is to drive down the price of speakers.
After brushing for more than 6 times, Khan clicked on the e-mail and there were few game coins in it. Immediately, he clicked on the auction house to check the price of a horn.
"Judge, I knew you would leave me a hand." Khan smiled at the price of the horn in the auction house.
"You and I didn’t consider your home court advantage?" Khan smiled in his heart. "But you probably didn’t expect that I had already visited this area when I declared war on you, and I knew that there was a bully and a local tyrant in this area and a player who defended the power of a foreign country."
"It is my expectation that Weiwu is willing to be with me, a Shandong native in the Imperial Capital. How can he not’ pay’ with you when he is a local tyrant in the area?"
"I asked him something about you after I got together with Weiwu, and he replied that you asked him if he had brushed his horn with the bully."
"At that time, I guessed that you might have expected that I would park my horn. When I make profits from it in the future, you will definitely step in."
"Because … I don’t think you are smart, but … I know you!"
Khan kept brushing numbers in his head, and his mind seemed to simulate the dialogue between judges and kept chanting.
It’s as if at this moment Khan felt that he was a relic and that he had already won the match.
But Khan didn’t know that even after the judge tripped him up, the judge was still collecting enchanted orbs in large quantities, and the equipment in the auction was circulating very fast, after all, it was cheap and good.
Chapter 985 Good play
As time goes by, the trajectory sets off, which is the number of the horn soaring.
When the bully finished brushing a horn and brushed more than dozens, Khan brushed enough for one horn.
Khan is slow, of course, because he still cares about another speaker with double account numbers, and he can’t ignore it.
"The judge doesn’t know my horn account, and I don’t know him either, but I guess he has a horn in his hand to deliberately pin me down." Thought of this, Khan took the horns in the auction house one by one to bargain.
At this time, the horn seller in the auction house is like a runaway horse with a green leather car. After all, Khan released the news yesterday, and now the horn war is just in full swing. If you miss it again, when will the horn war be held?
Therefore, the price of speakers has been hovering around 10 thousand
However, the price of Khan and the judge’s horn is very high. If the buyer is slow, both speakers can be pressed to 10 thousand level.
"I don’t know how many speakers the judge has parked, but whether you can clean them up or not, I should stop." Khan thought contentedly as he watched the price of speakers return from 10 thousand to 10 thousand.
But the number of speakers on the judge’s side is really not as big as Khan thought, and it happens that the number of them is the same.
When Khan sold it here, it was almost sold out by the judge.
"If I had known, I would have collected more horns." The judge looked at his mailbox and turned the horn into a gold coin envelope and shouted at his brain.
At this time, the overlord stopped counting and brushed a horn and shouted, "I have brushed more than 16 mighty dogs and big guns, and there is not enough one in your place."
When the bully finished brushing this horn, Khan just brushed one, and then the horn replied, "Well, I have already brushed one here."
"Then don’t talk nonsense. I’ll continue to brush. If you have something, you will continue to follow. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you have dozens more." The overlord horn brushed and then began to count the numbers.
"Wait, I said today we’ll play some stinging", "Khan immediately replied with his horn.
"Hehe, let’s hear it when you are still playing with thorns." Overlord stopped counting his horns and asked.
"A horn is now worth more than 100,000 game coins, and it is only a few dollars until it is bright every day." Khan shouted, "Let’s compare the way of changing words with the way of opening cans."
"… open cans? How much is the can worth? And can you open 30 people a day to make everyone laugh off the’ door’ teeth? " Overlord looked at Khan horn immediately sneered.
"When I say cans, I don’t mean clay cans, gold cans and selling cans. I say this."
Khan opened his backpack and right-clicked on the can.