When she finished, she stopped waiting for Bai Xiaoran to talk, and she went through her to wash her hands.

After Bai Xiaoran, a faint smell of wormwood came to my face, and the feeling of singing and frowning came back.
I’m not familiar with this smell, but I always feel like I’ve smelled it somewhere, and it’s still a very important thing. I can’t remember the medicinal power, and I have a headache when I think about it
She lingered in the sanitation for a long time before returning to the box.
Half of the people at the table were knocked down. Su Jinghuan’s face turned red and his eyes were slightly blurred. Obviously, he drank too much and looked at Muyunze again. He didn’t face and sit still.
Singing went over and poured a glass of white water and handed it to MuYunZe.
MuYunZe consciously said "good" when he took it.
It’s a little sour to sing loudly and move her nose. She quickly turned her face away and waited for her mood to stabilize before saying, "Everyone has drunk a lot. Let’s call it a day. Sometimes we’ll get together again."
Come on, after the party, there are still songs, and now they are all drunk, so the program will be cancelled directly.
"I’ll take you home."
Cheng Song is a little dizzy, too, but others are better and have less brains.
"No" sang politely. "I have friends coming to pick you up. Go ahead and be careful."
When Cheng Song saw it, he stopped demanding and asked Bai Xiaoran, "What should you do with Don-Su Zong, Xiaobai? Let me send you home. Do you know where Su Zong lives?"
"Not Song Xuechang" Bai Xiaoran revealed a gentle smile "Be careful"
Cheng Song said goodbye to her and took Huang Yingning away.
The box is left singing MuYunZe Bai Xiaoran and Su Jinghuan.
Two big men are a little drunk, but the atmosphere is weird.
Bai Xiaoran lowered his head for a while before taking the initiative to say, "Song, I just said, don’t take it to heart."
There is no ripple in singing. "I just said I hope you can pay attention."
She paused and stopped hiding that "before your paper was reported plagiarized, it seemed that Xiao Yin wrote it. She can do much more than you want. It’s best not to mess with her. She has one in the restricted area, that is Su Jinghuan."
Sing and get up and put MuYunZe up and let him put one arm on his shoulder and slowly take him out.
Su Jinghuan sat in situ, his eyes blurred, looking at this scene, and his heart gently stabbed him. He called out "Little Song"
Before she could respond, she felt that the pressure on her shoulders was a little heavy.
Singing her thoughts was caught back in an instant. She turned her head slightly and looked at Mu Yunze. "Are you uncomfortable?"
MuYunZe didn’t speak is sipping his lips to bring her into his arms.
Singing no more words, so half-dragged MuYunZe out of the box.
When I entered the ladder, I suddenly heard a faint voice, "Did calling your name make you so distressed?"
Sing a song, let go, sip your lips and look at her. "You’re not drunk."
It’s not a question, it’s a yes
Mu Yunze straightened his body and calmly reached out to sort out a dress with a cold look. "How can you see such a touching scene when you are drunk? It’s hard to be around me these years, isn’t it?"
Gao Ge ignored him, took out a mask and put it on his face. When he reached the first floor, he walked directly out.
MuYunZe twist twist eyebrow three two steps after go out.
Gao Ge happened to meet a taxi before he went out of Huiyuan’s gate, and he didn’t want to go directly.
MuYunZe face a change on the glass tiger with a face motioned for her to get to the car before he was angry.
Don’t look at him with a high voice and say coldly to the driver, "I don’t know him when he plays hooligans."
MuYunZe …
The driver’s sense of heroism exploded, and he immediately drove away from looking at Mu Yunze’s flustered face in the rearview mirror and singing loudly.
Section 232
The driver said, "Miss, where are you going?"
Singing dazed, I suddenly realized that I had nowhere to go
Gao’s family didn’t have much emotional connection, and now they’re just married. It’s not like going back alone. Sugar is there for the New Year, and I’m embarrassed to always bother Xiaobai during the holidays … Forget it.
"Let’s go to the nearest hotel."
"Longfei Express Hotel?"
Mu Yunze frowned. "She went to the hotel?"
"My wife checked in half an hour ago."
MuYunZe didn’t speak.
Ke Muqing tentatively asked, "Does General Mu want to bring his wife back?"
"If you don’t pick her up, let her live!"
MuYunZe hung up this sentence.
I didn’t have a good sleep for a week from being busy years ago to singing at the wedding yesterday, and I was full of worries. As a result, I fell asleep when I lay in bed with the word "sleepy"
The dream was a mess, and I slept for more than ten hours. When I woke up, it was two o’clock in the afternoon the next day.
Singing loudly feels stuffy and nauseous, coughing up a voice, and it hurts like scraping with a knife.
She reached over her eyes for a while before jumping out of bed and going to the bathroom.
More than ten hours of sleep did not make up her spirit. On the contrary, she looked as pale as if she had been sucked dry by a demon.
After washing, I didn’t see much energy to comb my hair when the living room door rang.
It should be the hotel cleaning at this time, so I thought about singing and went to the door.
Instead of seeing it, the cleaner saw a handsome man in a suit-Mu Yunze.
Gao Gao took a sip of his chapped lips and whispered, "Why are you here?"
Mu Yunze immediately pulled his face. "If you don’t go back for a night, is this a new wife who can do things?"
Chapter 323 You big ye
Chapter 323
Mu Yunze immediately pulled his face. "If you don’t go back for a night, is this a new wife who can do things?"
Singing and staring at him for two seconds, he said lightly, "I’m off this weekend."
"What?" MuYunZe didn’t come in vain.
I will play Mrs. Mu with you from Monday to Friday, and I will be at my disposal on Saturday and Sunday.
MuYunZe corners of the mouth smoke smoke "who is allowed?"