He sent a message to "Dr. Zhou Zhuxu wants to take an hour off to get the certificate. Can you approve it?"

"I finally thought of it. I also arranged a meeting this afternoon to approve where are you?" Zhou Shiyu chuckled.
"I’ll thank Zhou Zhu for his love at the gate of your hospital." Fu Jingxiao flattered.
"All right, I’ll help you call the marriage registration office. There’s still an hour before the door opens. You’re really in a hurry." Zhou Shiyu hung up and walked to the doctor’s office.
He knocked on the door.
All doctors looked up and saw Zhou Shiyu.
What is so serious?
Zhou Shiyu looked at Xu Jinyan, who was looking at the case. "Dr. Xu, you should work early. Your family members have declared to the hospital to take you to get a certificate. Hurry up and ask for the door."
"Ah?" Did Xu Jin finish listening to Bai?
"Congratulations, Dr. Xu."
It’s always ringing in her ears that she thinks it’s true. What does she want to prove that she doesn’t know?
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Chapter one hundred and fifty big sleep
"Why did Dr. Xu leave the rest to us?" Shen Dan saw that she was stupid and pushed her.
To tell the truth, Xu Jin inkstone didn’t know how he lost his sense of proportion all the way to the hospital gate with his own thoughts.
Fu Jingxiao is already in front of the car.
She realized that all this was not a dream, but something really happened.
"Are you kidding?" She asked in disbelief.
Fu Jingxiao has hit the co-pilot door to let her sit in, and then buckled the seat belt for her. She can’t even move because of sluggishness.
He leaned close to her ear with a smile in his mouth. "A joke is true if someone believes it."
Her ears are still warm. This man has already recovered his body, and the door has gone to the cab. After all, he is in a hurry to pull the card.
Can’t come
"Fu Jingxiao, didn’t you say to eat mala Tang?" Xu Jin inkstone turned to look at him.
He corners of the mouth, "Mala Tang didn’t say not to eat, but to eat after doing business."
"But you know we … your home there …" Xu today inkstone clear fu family has not recognized her if Fu Jingxiao insisted on hurting but their family this is not what she wants to see.
"It’s necessary to get a license. I got it fair and square, and I didn’t steal or rob you." Fu Jingxiao calmed her down.
Those two thieves must be sneezing at this time.
"Then I don’t have a mouth?" Xu Jin inkstone said to him
Fu Jingxiao asked her to hit the car. There was a file cover inside the front cover. Xu Jin took it out as soon as he saw it, and then hit the file cover.
Her ID card is also visible in her mouth book. She carries it with her, and the rest of the materials for obtaining the license are all ready.
"I have gone home to get your address book since I came back. Didn’t you say you put it in the drawer of your room?" Fu Jingxiao lowered his eyes and he was all ready.
Xu Jin’s inkstone mouth is listed with her mother Song Rou, where Song Rou died. She was the only one. At the beginning, the demolition had to be divided into two rooms, so Xu Shunli went to list it. Later, he married Zhang Yanfen, and Zhang Yanfen was afraid that she would not be allowed to list it.
She has been carrying an oral book all by herself.
"You had a plan. No wonder you asked me where I put my book?" Xu Jinyan remembered that he didn’t know what to ask.
Where does she think so much?
"It’s been planned for a long time." He chuckled and answered her.
Xu Jinyan is actually not ready to do this. "But is it necessary to be in such a hurry?"
"There is a reason why I don’t want to give you more opportunities to think about it." Fu Jingxiao knows her personality. On the one hand, she is afraid of her own family. Now she has made it clear, on the other hand, she is afraid of her family. He has solved everything, and he will take her to get the license when she is finished.
"Do you understand the idiom big sleep?" Fu Jingxiao gave her detailed science popularization.
Xu Jinyan was amused by his words. "Do you mean that I have to send it?"
"That otherwise? Do you still want to escape marriage? " Fu Jingxiao joked.
Xu Jinyan snorted. "I’d like to, but can I escape you from Wuzhishan? Aren’t you all in my heart and I have tight encirclement around me?"
He called her to get the certificate in one sentence.
How high did you go directly to her hospital leader? If you call her, she will hesitate. Maybe the marriage registration office will be closed.
"I installed a tracker in your body and you knew it." Fu Jingxiao pretended to say to her deeply.
Xu Jin’s inkstone head is swaying with laughter. She seldom laughs so impudently. Her eyes are full of light around him.
Soon arrived at the marriage registration office.
Xu Jinyan is a pity. "You should have told me that the photo of the marriage certificate is very important. It depends on the next generation. Summer deer wear the same color clothes when they get the certificate. It looks good."