Hou Dasheng held the words and said, "Tell me what you know. Mutual trust will always be established slowly. If you say no to your things, then you must produce evidence that I can trust."

"There is no complete evidence" and the other end was silent for a while before saying, "The other side is well prepared and has now withdrawn to South America."
"We have examined the bodies left behind, and some of them are small mercenaries who have disappeared recently, and some of them have been identified as small assassination organizations."
However, I heard that the other person whispered, "The other party has handled the beginning and end very cleanly, and we can’t find too many things for the time being."
"I don’t have that much time to wait," Hou Dasheng whispered. "I can trust you for the time being, but this is also temporary."
"You said that the war had stopped for us, so there was no need to start again."
Holding the words, Hou Dasheng said word for word, "But if I find out that you are plotting this."
"Then I don’t mind restarting and escalating the war."
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen Wandering
"First of all, I am not afraid to continue the war, but I
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I want to say that this matter really has nothing to do with us. "
After a long silence, the man said, "We are going back to the channels through which these people came in. So far, we find that none of them have an entry record, and there is no entry record in Canada or Mexico."
Hou Dasheng was silent. He knew what this meant. He said that it was not impossible for the other party to sneak in and want to escape the National Guard and sneak into the United States. But when he came from Mexico, he said some questions.
"If there are no accidents, there will be more people in Mexico." The voice continued, "Mexico has recently discovered some special changes, but it has not been involved in our company, so we have not paid too much attention."
However, I heard that the voice remained low. "Again, we are not afraid of war. Is it necessary?"
Dozens of people suddenly appeared in large cities in the United States and attacked a motorcade with a large number of automatic weapons, which is very abnormal, although the security situation in the United States is not good
Weapons are also rampant, but it is very problematic to attack at this level. If there is no wind here, it can be said that someone in their department has covered these people.
Moreover, they are not low-ranking people. When an organization is approaching its twilight years, they will show symptoms that it is extremely bureaucratic and inflexible. The company is such an organization.
At one time, they spent money separately to deal with the investigation bureau. During the Cold War of World War II, they played a great role and even became one of the symbolic institutions of this country.
However, after the end of the cold war, they gradually moved towards the old age, and their performance in September 11 prompted the establishment of homeland security
The power originally belonging to the company has been dispersed again, and many of them have been taken over by homeland security. They have also been questioned, and they will be more dispersed if they go this way.
Although it is not necessary to be dismembered directly, it is expected that it will be dismembered gradually.
Maybe in the end, there is a body that can’t threaten others, so it is in the interest of most people. The giants are always the vultures who want to devour flesh and blood.
Even before the giant fell down, the vultures were ready to move. When the giant was weak, they all gathered quietly and waited for him to lie down.
The company was once one of these vultures, but now they have become one of the giants.
"Boom" a loud noise crow jiling suddenly up "enemy attack"
Roaring jackals suddenly jumped out of their sleeping bags, grabbed guns and formed a group. Without saying anything, they rushed to the preset evacuation passage.
Then a team breaks and protects a team, which is a coordinated evacuation.
"chug chug" crow swept past the explosion area with a shuttle bullet and quickly changed the magazine. He rolled and ran towards the evacuation passage. It was also at this time that the booby trap was buried and "boom" exploded continuously.
The crow breathed out a sigh of relief. He knew that the other party was trying to surround himself and others. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the evacuation passage was built as early as before camping, and all the booby traps were arranged. Just hang the strings when their team evacuated.
It doesn’t take them long to hang the strings, but it takes a long time for the other party to pass through that passage carefully, which is even more time-consuming than their own passage.
"It should be that camp left traces yesterday," the crow gnashed her teeth. "It’s trouble that Falk ran away."
Another stereo in the headset says, "Captain, there’s nothing I can do. Who would have thought that a team suddenly came to their place and arrived after an ambush outside?"
Yesterday crow, he didn’t attack a drug dealer camp, got a lot of supplies and had a hearty meal. They also added some raw materials, ammunition and medicine.
Those drug dealers are well prepared. After all, it is a camp deep in the jungle. If there is anything, it is the root. Don’t expect to get help when it happens.
All the things they prepare themselves are sufficient, such as high-calorie cocoa powder, fresh meat, bacon, simple vegetables, firearms, ammunition and grenades.
When crows enter the camp, the first thing to do is to let the manager and others change their clothes before washing. There is a lot of fresh water in the camp.
Instead, we found clothes and shoes suitable for dressing in the jungle from the camp, and everyone took turns to rest. At the same time, the crow booby-trapped people and went out of the evacuation passage
Drug dealers have a way out when they come, but they don’t have to bother to start their own way. They need to expand and then arrange some defensive measures
Counting the crow yesterday, they have already kicked off four camps. They can take it with them and destroy it if they go through the camp.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety Life or death
"Damn it, damn it," the knight murmured, and the camp was bombed by napalm. Not only was the knight sure that there would be no trace left here.
You can see a cut path from a distance, but the knight knows that path and doesn’t know how many booby traps have been buried. It is better to cut a road by himself than to chase the road.
They have tried their best to narrow the scope of each other’s activities, even at the expense of offending several drug dealers and destroying many camps, but so far they have achieved little.
Those damn bastards can run so fast and hungry that they can run like slippery snakes, but they catch their tails every time and watch them jump out of sight and out of the encirclement.
"Those bastards have escaped again. Our side will be blocked. Please cooperate with all departments to block it."
Although I knew that there were no knights, I took out my walkie-talkie to contact other teams, and the lazy response soon sounded one by one, sighing, and the knights waved their hands and the Han people in camouflage scattered.
As always, there was no trace left. The knight sighed, and at this time, a cold sound like a poisonous snake sounded in his earphone.
"You don’t have much time," the voice said coldly. "It’s been five days. You haven’t even touched each other’s fur. We have caught their tails several times, but you just haven’t caught them."