Ning’s family has already had a princess. Is it a curse or a blessing to have another princess? It is better to keep a low profile and develop the family power steadily.

If you have this idea, then Xue Yong is a very suitable candidate.
Although Xue Yong’s father died, the family elders are still here. He is the eldest son, and when he gets married, he will give him the position of master.
In this way, if you can marry Ning’s family and marry Ning’s first daughter, it will be a lot of fun if your father and his uncle kill the eldest brother Ning’s family again.
Strange to say, our Ning family has always had a shortage of men, but every generation has an only child’s home, and each generation can barely last. Once something happens to my brother, there are still a few small and medium-sized families left, and other ordinary branches of the family are afraid of competing for profits. No one can form a joint force against Xue Jia and several other families with ulterior motives
At that time, Xue Yong’s name of the office son-in-law is just around the corner.
It is impossible for the prince to argue with him about what to maintain his support for the prince, and the prince will acquiesce in his gradual erosion of Ningjia. "
Ning Zheng listened to her daughter’s analysis while eating and nodded slightly and sighed, "The cloud says that it makes sense to be afraid that Xue Yong is going to find Guanger to sound out."
The Xue family is also loyal. Every generation has people who died in the battlefield. How can a person like Xue Yong be born? "
Cold hum Yi Ningguang sullenly said, "Father will take care of it at ease. He has his abacus and we have our plans!
The mantis catches the cicada and the yellowbird is behind. When everyone mantis is a yellowbird, it is still unknown who will die! "
Stretched out his hand and pressed his fist on his brother Ningyun laughed. "My brother is not so angry at dinner. I am most afraid of not knowing who the enemy is. Now that I know it, I have no fear. The odds of mental arithmetic are on our side."
These are just things that can’t be seen. They are hiding in the dark and want to sneak up on us, but now that they know their identity, they are not afraid of their means. "
And he said to his father, "My father pretended that I was a child when I first arrived in Jinshengguo today. I saw that Xue Yong had a great reaction.
Xiaochu deliberately couldn’t say clearly, but he became white when he heard it.
Ordinary Tianshun people will never know this thing, let alone know its efficacy. Before I came, my father and uncle didn’t know it. Did Xue Yong know it? "
"It is natural for a willing heart to tell him that since he is poisonous, he must always pay attention to whether there will be something around me that can detoxify."
Chapter 57 is yellowbird mantis 2.
Ning Zheng looked at his daughter Shen and said, "It seems that this person must have me dead. Even I have never heard of Jin Shengguo. He actually told Xue Yongke to see it in case it was lost."
"If it’s really a one-thousand loss, you should intercept me on the road and kill me. Jin Shengguo robbed me. This is a one-thousand loss." Ningyun has experienced a lot of big waves, and his attitude is much more calm than Ningguang’s, and there is a difference between Ningzheng and Ningchengen.
"Since we didn’t do it, we should fight back!" Then she looked at her father and uncle, and both of them stopped chopsticks. "Now Xue Yong’s side already knows the news of Jin Shengguo, and they must know the father’s detoxification day. Before that, they must get Jin Shengguo by any means!"
Ning Zheng watched the page come in quietly and put away all the dishes and chopsticks. He was skillful and gentle, but he didn’t see any sound until the page reopened. He looked at the map of Nanyu as if talking to himself and said, "I know that I have Jin Shengguo. Didn’t he ask me how I knew I was poisoned by voodoo?"
Shaking his head, Ningyun is preparing his father and brother to make tea and scoop the spring water into the small pottery pot of the stove. "I feel strange about this, but I haven’t heard him ask about it. Xiaochu said that his mother received Jin Shengguo and asked me to bring it. He didn’t ask what his father would do in witchcraft or how."
"It seems that there is a ghost in my heart and I dare not ask about it." Ning Chengen has been silent listening to the dialogue. "It is meaningless to ask about this matter again, but it is estimated that someone will sit still and test it."
"Yes," Ning Guang affirmed, "If you cast witchcraft on your father’s detoxification day, people will know all about it. There is still half a day before this. If you start work on Ningfu before this, you will be able to make a decision on Jin Shengguo."
After that, he worried about looking at his father. "Father big sleep is not as good as planning to make Jinshengguo into pills as early as possible."
In the face of the child’s heart, Ningzheng frowned instead. "You are the heir to Ning’s family. Why is General Ning still not as calm as your sister in the future?
How can I trust you with Ning’s family in the future? "
Father’s words are more about hating iron and not turning into steel, but Ningyun knows that his brother’s performance is good. After serving fragrant tea, his former father advised, "Where did my father say? I think my brother did a good job. He didn’t show any flaws in front of Xue Yong and successfully handed him false news."
It’s because my brother is too concerned that my father is not worried about his father’s affairs. "
He turned to look at his brother and said, "You and your uncle both hope that your brother will grow up and live up to your expectations, but his brother is only in his early twenties and needs his father and uncle to hone him a lot."
It is said that both sides are calm. Ningzheng took the daughter’s tea and was silent for a moment. He said to Ningguang, "Guanger, you have been working hard since you came to Nanyu. Father and your uncle all saw it in your eyes. Your performance exceeded our expectations!
It is because we have great expectations for you and hope that you can shoulder the burden of Ningjia that we will be strict with you. Can you spare us all your pains? "
"Of course!"
Ning Zheng has always been very strict with him. No matter how much he practices martial arts and hard work, he can’t hear a compliment from his father. Ning Guang is very nervous and worried that he will fail his father’s expectations.
I can get this evaluation from my father. Ning Guang’s eyes are red. He got up and saluted his father and his uncle. "My father and his uncle are strict with me, which is good for me. I am white. Father, please don’t worry, despite strict requirements, never complain!"
"This is my good son!" Three uncle high-fived, turned to Ning Zheng and said with joy, "Brother, we Ning family have successors, and we will enjoy our retirement in the future!"
Ning Zheng didn’t praise him, but his face showed a satisfied smile, and he felt quite relieved.
Seeing my father and uncle like this, Ning Guang is even more excited. I don’t know what to say. It feels good that someone is pulling his sleeve. When I look down, I see my sister looking up at her and smiling.
This just to react to do return chest ups and downs, trying to calm their excitement.
Ning Yun was very pleased to see three relatives talking in harmony.
This is what she dreamed of seeing, and now it has finally come true.
But when I heard his uncle say that I want to live in retirement in the future, I couldn’t help thinking of the past three people who experienced a sour nose and almost cried.
Fortunately, everything is still here.
The family and everyone will be fine!
NingYun so said to myself is also so believe!
This time it’s not the same as previous lives. Everyone will succeed with one heart!
Having said that, Ning Chengen, who is in charge of intelligence matters, said some new information sent today. "The witch of heaven has definitely returned to the country of Chiyou. We found out in Chiyou that we saw the witch of heaven appear in Huanglong City!"
They said that Ningyun wanted to hear these things, but it was white. It was not for her to hear these things. Father’s detoxification was a public matter, and she had to leave the house.
After everyone filled the tea, Ningyun was about to leave the room. I didn’t expect to keep looking at the map with my back to the door. My father suddenly said, "Yuner doesn’t have to go. I also want to hear your opinion!"
Ningyun was surprised to look back at his father’s eyes and see his brother. But after the surprise, he nodded excitedly at his sister. His uncle Ning Chengen still seemed to have known his father’s decision.
Can let Ning Yunliu hear these latest confidential news that the core figures of the family have admitted that she can agree with a family secret that can be consulted by her family!
For Ningyun, this affirmation is more important than Ningguang!
After all, Ning Guang is the heir of the family, but Ning Yun is just a woman, and she is not allowed to participate in family affairs unless she marries a man who is very powerful and excellent and can contribute a lot to the family.
This kind of situation is rare in the history of Ning family for hundreds of years, and the core matter of unmarried female ginseng family has never happened!
I cherish this rare opportunity. Ningyun is clever and sits beside my brother, listening to the news from his uncle.
Chapter 5 is yellow finch mantis 3.
Seeing that Ningyun was seated, Ning Chengen continued, "This time, the witch temple lost a lot, not only in the capital, but also in the left witch. We killed the witch temple and some other young talents in the south domain, and the loss was not small, even it was going to die for a while."
Nodded NingZheng will look to the daughter intentional examination school, she waited for her analysis.
He said NingYun cleared his throat and said, "I don’t think the witch temple will make any move until my father has news.
For the witch temple, this loss is enough to hurt the bones. The witch temple is the same as our heavenly palace. Except for the great wizard, the left and right wizards and the top ten wizards have their own hills to guard against each other.
Although two principals were lost this time, it is impossible for the wizard to successfully accept the influence of Zuo Wu Zhu and Feng Wu Shi for a while.
During this period, we don’t need to pay too much attention to their movements. At most, the Witch Temple should be United, which should add to our difficulties, but it is very difficult to really send people to move. "
When I saw my eldest brother, Ning Chengen nodded and continued to read a message: "I heard that Yi Wang has been slowly moving recently, and yesterday he attended a banquet for his family and talked and laughed with some people."
"This is someone else returning to Beijing!" Ningyun and other three uncles said as soon as they finished reading the horse that she knew Zhou Yi’s mind very well, and it was also clear in analysis. "When calculating, it is time to travel day and night, and now it is time to arrive in Beijing. Since it has appeared, it is necessary to move slowly, and he will not be dead for a day."