Without looking at them, the men said with a cold face, "Aren’t you going to be responsible for seeing me all over?"

A few men’s footsteps and eyes are all brushed together. It’s amazing to see such news.
The trees turned red and hurriedly pulled the door in and slammed it.
"Can you pay attention to an occasion when you speak?"
It’ s very embarrassing. "You told me to go out and talk."
"You have to come to my room to take a bath, bathroom door, and I will sue you for breaking into other people’s rooms."
Dump the handle and put it in her hands. "All right, we’re even" and left.
She’s messing with the trees, and that’s it?
She looked at her arms, looked at the ceiling and went to sleep. Of course, she couldn’t sleep after tossing and turning.
Lin Shu didn’t sleep well last night, got up early and got up a little late. When she went to the top restaurant for breakfast, it was full of people. She looked around with a plate and it was not easy to find a place to sit.
"Trees, trees, here"
Actually, someone knows himself? Lin Mu was surprised to see that he was the pediatrician when he was friendly.
Although she followed her for a long time, she was quite kind to herself, and it was not easy to find a familiar person among a bunch of strangers. The tree quickly went over. "It’s you. Why did you come to the meeting?"
When the trees came over, the people around him smiled at her and gave her their seats.
She saw that she hadn’t finished eating yet and was about to say that the Lord had already sat in it. "It’s been a long time, but I didn’t expect to see you again."
Lin Mu sat down and was embarrassed to explain that "I didn’t come to say goodbye to everyone because I was in a hurry at home."
The Lord showed an expression that you didn’t explain that our department knew, and pointed to the face, "Did you make up with that one?"
Trees, of course, know who she meant and shook her head.
The Lord looked incredulous. "How do you cheat acquaintances? We are colleagues at any rate. Everyone knows about it and you are still keeping it from me."
The trees stare big eyes. "There is really no Lord. We don’t have one."
The main mouth is bigger. "Explaining is tantamount to covering up that everyone knows that they always slept in your room yesterday."
Trees almost didn’t jump up "what? What’s the matter? "She remembered that she poured out that sentence last night and then entered her door. She didn’t pull her in. How many men saw it? Did she go out early?
Flustered. "How can they talk nonsense? After leaning into the door, she said a word and left. "She finally knew what leaning into the door yesterday. After saying a word, she left the original effect, and she didn’t need to say anything or do anything.
The thought of the creaking sound of the forest teeth actually put pressure on her with the help of public opinion.
The Lord has been watching her expression may have turned white, but she said in her mouth, "You see, there is still a connection between you and the general manager. There is no smoke without fire. You can’t blame those people for having an affair with you. Some people have gone too far and said that you are always relying on your youth and beauty."
Lin Muqi was speechless. "Is it possible to hide the hidden rules?"
"That’s right. Of course, they are outsiders and don’t know us. He never likes women. How can he like to play with hidden rules? So I have explained it to them for you."
The Lord is waiting for you to come and praise my expression. The tree looks at her with a wink and has a bad feeling. "How do you explain it?"
"I’ll tell the truth. Facts are the most eloquent, aren’t they?"
"I told you that you can always come to the meeting this time. Everyone can stay in this hotel for dinner. When you leave, you can take away a sum of money. When you encounter academic problems, you can also get friendly help. These are all attributed to one person. This person is the forest tree who always does these things. Before chasing her, they were boyfriend and girlfriend for some reasons. Now you always have to chase people again. If you still want these benefits, you should cooperate well. It’s not gossiping here."
"I also asked them to inquire about a city, who doesn’t know that they never let women near their side, and they would tell me if it was true."
The corners of the mouth of the trees have been twitching. Is this to help her clear up the misunderstanding? The point is to tell everyone that she came here to dump women and do all this to please a woman. It is only natural that they lived together last night.
So the man just gave her his seat when he saw her coming, because she is a woman who dares to offend.
The Lord gloated, "Do you think they are looking at you with a layer of goodwill now? When I came, they all called you a fox."
The trees swallowed a mouthful of saliva and trembled. "But now they have a deeper misunderstanding. I really have nothing to talk to."
The Lord picked his eyebrows. "No matter whether they want you to be a fox or not, it’s good that they are malicious to you. Anyway, in five days, everyone will be scattered, and then who cares what you are?"
At best, trees are misunderstood, that is, they will go their separate ways in five days, and she can’t care if she is misunderstood. Anyway, she can’t see them.
"Hurry up and have breakfast. Let’s go together."
Where to eat? The trees drank a bowl of porridge and went to the institute with the Lord.
After listening to her talk about the friendly hospital, it turned out that the old lady fell down more than three years ago and broke her leg. Since then, she has resigned as the dean. This is a private industry, and the honorary dean position has been ruined. Because she is not a professional in this field, she hired a capable expert to manage the hospital.
"The old lady is so careless. No wonder when I saw her the day before yesterday, I felt that her legs and feet were not as neat as before." This should have happened after she left. Anyway, she was fine before she left
"Where have you been these years? I heard that you are an expert in surgery now. "
Lin Shu told the story of the past few years. After all, it is no secret from now on.
The host didn’t expect her to go to those places after so much experience over the years. "What happened to you that year? I have to run so far and so secluded? "
Trees bowed their heads and said nothing.
The Lord knows it and doesn’t ask much. "No wonder your skills grow so fast."
"Yeah, I’m not afraid to take any responsibility, and I’m not afraid to face it because you have to do it."
When I got to the conference hall, the forest chose a corner to sit in and invited the Lord to sit with me, so that I wouldn’t sit next to her and harass her.