Pan Chenhui hold Liu Manru trembling shoulders frown to Feng Baobao.

"I have been talking to her for a long time."
Feng Baobao’s unkind temper didn’t get any mutual affection.
Liu Manru looked at her daughter bitterly, knowing that one day she should have told her about her painful contradictions earlier.
"Since I make you hate me so much, I’m leaving."
Liu Manru already broke down in tears and acted out of the door.
"Your mother really wants to make it up to you … how can you be such a child?"
Pan Chenhui sighed and quickly chased him.
The large living room became quiet and Feng Baobao burst into tears.
Liu Jinyuan smelled and hugged her tenderly and let her cry on her shoulder.
"You heard everything, didn’t you?"
Feng Baobao asked with a sob.
It’s hard not to hear them arguing so fiercely.
Feng Baobao sobbed a few times and looked at him with a pair of tearful eyes.
"Do you think I am too much?"
"I know you’re just trying to protect yourself." Liu Jinyuan knows very well that this girl has had a hard life over the years. He gently wiped the tears in her eyes with his fingers. "It’s Pan Chenhui’s right that you should give your mother a chance to change her blood relationship. You are all her daughters, she is all your mothers, and you have the same blood in your bodies. This is a way to change the facts forever."
☆, Chapter 435 Find Liu Jinyuan outside.
"Since your mother bravely took a step forward, you just need to stop where you are. You will get closer and closer one day, understand?"
Feng Baobao stared at the man in front of him deeply, and his eyes reflected a gentle and profound brilliance.
She is his niece and he is her little brother. He will always protect her.
Is it what he call blood relationship?
Feng Baobao thought for a long time nunu mouth.
"I really want to be where I am?"
She grinned and her voice was still slightly astringent.
"Lu Jin didn’t expect you to preach so much?"
"Is there?"
She tilted her head and stared at his face seriously
Lu Jinyuan laughed it off without words, and her gentle eyes were deeply fixed on her.
In fact, sometimes Liu Jinyuan is not so cold.
Suddenly she wanted to reach out and touch his eyebrows.
Suddenly feeling that she was rude, she lowered her head and asked, "What should I do next?"
"Isn’t it your birthday next Wednesday?"
If you want to be gentle, Feng Baobao will come immediately for nothing
"You mean let my mother come and celebrate my birthday?"
"Not good?"
Feng Baobao frowning slightly pursed mouth "I don’t know if she still remember my birthday? You don’t know that no one has given me a birthday since you left. "
Lu Jinyuan’s heart was slightly tight. "I will celebrate your birthday every year after I am here."
In a blink of an eye, it is Wednesday, and Feng Baobao will celebrate her first birthday.
Only one birthday was given to her by Lu Jinyuan when she was one year old, and a crystal plane was given to her.
Section 396
This is the second time that he still gave it to her.
Lu Jinyuan said he would celebrate her birthday at home.
After school, she went home with her friend Yi Shuiyao.
Feng Baobao a conscious look at the kitchen.
"Liu Jinyuan Liu Jinyuan I’m back. Where is my chihuahua? Give it to me quickly! "
Xiao Yao followed Feng Baobao into the kitchen and was slightly surprised. Liu Jinyuan was skilled in stirring with a shovel.
A burst of vegetable fragrance jumped into her nose and made her stomach purr.
Unexpectedly, Lu Jinyuan turned out to be a kitchen man in the hall. At that time, she secretly vowed to marry such a good family man.
Liu Jinyuan slightly sideways face "in your room"
Feng Baobao jumped up happily. "Wow, I finally have my own Chihuahua. Yaoyao, do you think it will be as cute as your home?"
Said cheerfully, pulling Xiao Yao straight to the bedroom.
However, as soon as she entered the room, she saw a beige kennel on the balcony.
That kennel is surprisingly large. Do you need such a big kennel to keep a chihuahua? Can you raise at least five chihuahuas here?