With the invasion of the spiritual world, the dark forces are gradually expelled, and the spirit of this elf is also rapidly weakened, because the two are very closely combined, and this elf is more difficult to control, and the rest is not something he can control.

As the face says, you may wake up as a demon and an idiot! Of course, there may be nothing to see if she can get through this difficulty herself.
Why this elf will be invaded by the dark forces may have something to do with her excessive pride. You can see from her usual words and deeds that she can’t see a key being frustrated at any moment, and her psychology may be distorted, thus creating demons and giving the dark forces an opportunity!
This should have been premeditated long ago, and according to Duan Muming’s guess, it is very likely that not only one elf was affected, but there are many people who may even know about it because there is no incentive to rush.
After a secret discussion with the clan leaders, Duan Muming decided to let all the participants enter the glorious outer city, which not only can test whether there are traitors in the process, but also can scan all people’s bodies more easily with the help of the outer city power, and find out the hidden dark forces.
And the winner in the end has the honor of entering the city, Duan Muming, and of course they will follow, but they are in a hidden state
This accident was finally solved satisfactorily due to Duanmu’s introduction. Raymond walked around the ghost gate and came back. He was extremely weak. Even though he had been a soldier in Bi Meng, he needed a month to cultivate himself. But it was not without gains. When Raymond recovered, his body would be stronger than before, and his strength would increase by 30%, which can be said to be every cloud has a silver lining.
The sacred elf is not so lucky. Waiting for her will be a century-long atonement period. It is not allowed to step out of the elf forest for a hundred years, but it is acceptable for her to escape the bad luck of being swallowed up by the dark forces.
Maybe it’s time for the holy elves to put away their arrogance anytime and anywhere!
Due to such changes in this competition, the result was cancelled. Of course, the Holy Spirit was disqualified. Raymond also tried to compete again, and the result was a waste of money. The winner of them was the final champion of this competition.
Of course, this result makes the tauren and the berserker two families very happy. At the same time, the fierce warriors, the tauren, the berserker and the Bi Meng warriors want to be very good. They all agree that the frontline soldiers like them are the noblest and most admirable occupations, which are much better than those who can hide behind and stab in the back and confuse the enemy with some cover-ups. This competition is obviously a victory for soldiers!
Compared with them, the other five families are also good, but the elemental elves, the sacred elves and the magic fox family are better, the grassland elves and the night elves are better, and their records are basically the same as those of the warriors.
Throw away these elements, and the elves have to repair the ring again. It seems that they are the most favored by others. After a while, the ring is revised again without rest, and both the tauren and the berserker soldiers appear.
Their blood is boiling and they can’t wait to compete for the final championship.
All day long, the tauren shouted and cheered, drinking and fighting all the time, which made the tauren shrouded in a yellow light and raised a sharp axe. The tauren roared and rushed to the mad wolf warrior.
Mad Wolf Warrior showed no weakness. The blue light swept out in the roaring sky, and almost everything in front of Mad Wolf Warrior and other wolves was torn out.
The two sides are about to touch, and there are still a few meters away from the sudden change!
The berserker suddenly jumped up and pounced on the tauren from the square, while the other wolves were still advancing. A pair of claws and sharp teeth attacked the tauren from the ground, but at the same time, the tauren suddenly threw the tomahawk like a flash of fierce chopping, and he himself flew up and pounced on the berserker.
The two sides moved almost at the same time, and the Mad Wolf Warrior escaped the tomahawk flying at it. The Mad Wolf Warrior and the Tauren collided with each other like two meteors to give the brightest light! Lvses(;
Chapter 34 People change &#B7; continue
It’s three months later, and Duanmu Ming has no place to appear, which makes many people feel at ease to recognize Duanmu Ming. Although his strength is extremely tough, I’m afraid he won’t be lucky in the face of the siege of four big families
Except those women who know the source, the only two people who don’t believe that Duanmu Ming was killed are ghosts. Because they sent agents from the underworld and the demon world, they have found out about Duanmu Ming. When they heard that Duanmu Ming made a mess in the underworld and went to the demon world and the clan alliance to join in the fun, the two people also got a headache.
There are still more than two years to go, and they need to pretend to be grandchildren for two more years, and they can do whatever they want. The gods and demons have gathered hundreds of millions of troops to wait for that day, and when the time comes, all those who stop them will be crushed to pieces.
With the disappearance of the four great families, the small and medium-sized forces that were originally suppressed by them are ready to move, and they have been waiting for this opportunity for too long.
Don’t say it, but there is no Song family to suppress the four major gangs in Beijing, and fighting with each other has gradually escalated from a small-scale collision of stars to a large-scale bloody explosion. The people in Beijing can hear it almost every day, but they have not moved nuclear weapons.
The heads of the commander of the Beijing garrison and the public security bureau chief are almost blown up. Which of these four gangs has no background and is very hard! The former Song family can contain them, and now all the strength of the Song family suddenly disappears, and the former support Song family backstage is now silent and neutral. This acquiescence certainly makes the four gangs more courageous.
However, a dark horse was born when the four gangs fought and killed each other because they could win the only hegemony.
Nancheng has always been ignored by the four major gangs, not just the four major gangs. Nancheng has been ignored by almost all levels of society in Beijing since ancient times. That’s why there is a force in this neglected place that secretly accumulates strength until the four major gangs are at war. Suddenly, it came out and almost swept all the affiliated institutions of the four major gangs.
Of course, the four big gangs will not sit still and wait for this kind of bold provocation. They are also an ordinary and unknown small gang. They won’t have such great energy and courage. It must be a gang behind them. They also had a war of words and finally found out that this famous gang is really targeting their four big gangs.
The four gangs immediately dealt with the man who dared to provoke them, but they were tricked by cunning opponents. They led the four gangs to an abandoned factory and then successfully evacuated them. After a chaotic battle, most of the people found that they had made a mistake!
The bosses who have been humiliated repeatedly face up to their opponents. This is definitely not tinkering around the edges and robbing gangs in troubled waters. Instead, they really want to drive them out of power. Think about the four great families who once disappeared in a flash just because of a Duan Muming. Their hearts sank.
The fact and their investigation are really that the daughter of boss Wu, who was originally known as "Three Tigers in Nancheng", is Duanmu Ming-is Duanmu Ming behind this gang? They are very suspicious that the so-called Master Zhou is pretending to be Duan Muming.
The four gangs joined forces to find Master Zhou Wanaki’s three tigers showdown. As a result, Master Zhou didn’t mean to negotiate and directly let all the four gangs withdraw from Beijing. Of course, the four gangs didn’t agree to the agreed strength. As a result, nearly 100 masters of the four gangs in Huangcun World War I were defeated by Master Zhou alone, and this person was still a woman!
These four gangs even decided that Master Zhou was Duanmu Ming. Only Duanmu Ming had such a horrible woman.
Without resistance, the four major gangs honestly withdrew from the capital with everyone, and Master Zhou almost accepted all the gangsters in the capital without a fight. To the surprise of many people, the official still pretended not to see a picture of his own solution.
Everyone thinks that this new gang must also have a very hard background. The direct result of this reshuffle is that Master Zhou led the secret gang to replace the Song family’s position and become stronger because there are no checks and balances among the four gangs.
Of course, it is not without challenges, because Xu Shuier has been forgotten by almost everyone.
At the beginning, the reason for Xu Shui’s closure was that she was stimulated by Europe and anger (Chapter 29, Part I). She was determined to surpass herself completely. After half a year’s closure, she had soared to the top of the A-level seal department. If she had to advance half a step, she would be able to step into the S-level realm that she dreamed of, but also enter the S-level, and she would be able to complete her own limitations.
However, when she came out, she could hardly believe that it was still the original world. Six months ago, the B-level master was still very strong, because the A-level master never sold easily. However, she now found that the original B-level master had completely become an errand boy, even the A-level master was worthless, and he could hear the news at any time and was still defeated.
The birth of S-class masters shocked her, and what she couldn’t accept most was that Fat Duanmu Ming, who was once looked down upon by him, was actually a top master! And most of the women around him are also level!
This this also let people live!
Xu Shuier’s previous pride has disappeared and her fighting spirit has dropped to a minimum. Even if she can break through to the S level, what can she do? Duan Muming and his woman have long since abandoned her and sought the S-class state that she dreamed of. Now it seems just a joke.
I have worked hard for so many years and it turned out to be nothing!
Xu Shuier walked listlessly down the street and was a little confused about her life goals. Although she is still the deputy director of the Power Bureau and the first master of the younger generation except some elders, these former women are very honored. Now it seems that the frog in the well is short-sighted
Through the channel of the Power Bureau, Xu Shuier learned that just before the rise, the Nancheng Sanhu gang and the four gang masters wanted to have a decisive battle with Huangcun, and she just went to have a look.
No, don’t look at it.
In this way, Xu Shuier quietly hid in a hidden place and witnessed the process that Master Zhou sent a woman to defeat nearly 100 masters. Among the 100 masters, there were more than a dozen A-level masters, and the four gangs invited an S-level predecessor. The rest were also B-level masters or people with dual abilities of Gu Wu and power.
Just like this, the array is still defeated by the woman who exudes a cold breath, but this woman is definitely a class!