He has been with Bai Zhiyuan for so many years, and naturally he can see that he is not convenient to talk at the moment.

Qiao Mubei nodded. "Well, let’s discuss the development of a Bai clique. Did Mr. Bai fail to negotiate with investors just now?"
He corners of the mouth slightly hook "so you thugs in the case"
Section 71
Qiao Mubei, while enjoying this process, was afraid to talk about it. "People’s potential is limited. If I don’t even have the courage to try, I’m not surprised how the group ended up in such a field today."
"Am I right, Mr. White?"
Bai Zhiyuan was dumbfounded. It’s not that he hasn’t tried. On the contrary, he talked to the investors several times and tried everything, but the investors refused anyway. There is no reason to refuse because of the dishonesty of the Bai clique.
In the face of Qiao Mubei’s provocation, he actually retorted!
Qiao Mubei looks quite confident. Qiao Cen took a look at Huo Yanming’s side. He leafed through the case in his hand with a positive color, and there was no response at all.
Make her feel.
These two men must be connected!
How did Huo Yanming, the board of directors of the Bai Group, know this clearly? And just now Qiao Mubei looked at Huo Yanming in the eyes, and it all seemed to be under their control.
When did they discuss it? She had no idea!
Looks like I’ll go back and ask.
Qiao Mu’s northern dialect is like a sharp sword thrust into Bai Zhiyuan without hesitation, and the pain in his heart suffocates him.
And his pain is not Ye Lanyu, but the Bai regiment was taken away by Qiao Mubei himself.
Qiao Cen listened to Qiao Mubei’s words, and his heart felt very bad.
She didn’t know that Qiao Mubei was so concerned about it for so many years. Although he seemed to have forgotten it on the surface, it was actually …
"You … you are all deliberately you are hide me! I want to ruin my life! " Bai Zhiyuan is almost shout out!
He swept all the things on the table with a hook and a swing!
Suddenly Bai Zhiyuan eyes rested on Huo Yanming and Joe Censhen who were sitting nearby.
Before he got up and walked quickly.
Qiao Cen reflexively got up and Huo Yanming put his arm around her waist and pushed her behind him.
But see Bai Zhiyuan a dashed forward eyes shine looking at Joe cen "cen cen dad know you and your brother is not the same, right? You still have me as a father in your heart, right? Dad, please help me. I beg you … "
As he spoke, his knees bent and he actually knelt down.
Joe cen frowned at Bai Zhiyuan is nothing to move.
Just as Qiao Mubei said, Bai Zhiyuan today has everything to blame, and he will sympathize with himself?
"Mr. Leblanc, please respect yourself." Huo Yanming’s cold voice seemed to have a coolness. He protected Qiao Cen and forgot Qiao Mubei and motioned for security.
Bai Zhiyuan didn’t stop to hear Huo Yanming’s voice, but instead intensified his efforts to hold Huo Yanming’s hand but saw Huo Yanming step back to one side first.
"Huo less huo less do you know who I am? I’m Cen Cen’s father and I’m your father-in-law. You won’t go to from ruin, will you? I beg you to help me … "