"And the Huang family must pay more attention!"

In fact, they are in a hurry to go back and devour their industry before the three companies react.
How can Lu Guangxian not be white?
"Well, I’ll see you off."
He got up with a sigh and sent people out.
Ling day looking at his back fundus flashed a bit cold.
Those two people who were seriously injured and unconscious looked serious, but they were actually flesh wounds.
Roots do not affect strength.
Lu Guangxian, Lu Guangxian is playing this game under my nose.
You’re a little green.
Since you chose to die yourself, it’s no wonder that I am.
Ling day gently knocked on the chest.
Little hairball poked his head out and looked at him blankly.
"Go and call Erha and Jiang Yu."
Don’t want to go.
Sleep well. Who wants to move?
But it dare not go.
The little hairball flies away.
It wasn’t long before Erha and Jiang Yu came over.
He told one person and one dog what Liu Guangxian might have to do.
After listening to Jiang Yu, he was puzzled.
"Master, why don’t we just kill him?"
It’s just a peak of god’s realm.
Don’t say that master and she can solve it even if Zhou Zhenghao makes moves.
Ling day gave her a look.
"Always find a justified reason."
It’s just killing someone. What’s the reason?
It’s not against ordinary people.
Jiang Yu ignored the idea of Lingtian.
I was just about to ask Liu Guangxian to come back. She can hold back her words first.
See Jiang Yu and Erha here Liu Guangxian leng for a while and then laughed.
"Mr. Ling is really thanks to you today."
"Without your help, I don’t know when this bitter day will end."
"Don’t say that I have prepared a banquet and let’s have a good drink!"
Lu Guangxian is more enthusiastic than before.
I don’t know why that Miss Jiang doesn’t look at him right.
When have you ever offended her?
I don’t understand. He just doesn’t want to.
Anyway, it’s an ordinary person, waiting for him to solve the problem.
Chapter 114 A brain but not much
Lu Guangxian’s solution to Lingtian is simply poison.
But he didn’t poison the wine.
This method is so common that it is easy to be seen
He chose to poison the inside of the dish, and it was also a poison that would have an effect only after the two were mixed.
A single poison root will not rise.
"Mr. Ling, I respect you for this cup!"
Lu Guangxian eagerly gave Ling Tianjing wine.
He brought this altar wine from the main city. Ordinary people will faint after a few drinks.
Fighters are naturally different
But the true qi will force the wine out
But the burning feeling is still very obvious when you take a bite.
Consciously, you will want to eat vegetables.
Liu Guangxian duly took a bite of food for Ling Tian with chopsticks.