After the confrontation between Shen Menglu and Xiao Zhulin, Yan Qingluo found that his waist tag and Dan medicine had been stolen.

Yan Qingluo wants to steal from her, but there will be no one else except Shen Menglu! It is difficult for ordinary people to get close to her if she is so clever and talented!
After she left Yan’s door, she had contact with others except Shen Menglu. She didn’t even touch her skirts!
Yan Qingluo went to Shenfu and found that Shen Menglu didn’t go to Shenfu. Later, he heard that Shen Menglu was treated by Muwangfu.
Think of when the grove that Shen Menglu despised Yan Qingluo’s small mouth for her, and she simply took out the resurrection pill she stole from her dad.
This rejuvenation pill was refined by the elders of Yanmen at eleven o’clock in 991. A few rare and precious rejuvenation pills, as the name suggests, have the effect of bringing the dead back to life. Even if the dead can swallow this rejuvenation pill with their breath, they can get their lives back.
Yan Qingluo came here to show Mu Wang in front of Shen Menglu and let this Shen Menglu look at her! Who knows, I jumped! I didn’t see Shen Menglu, but I was forced by this ungrateful king.
Yan Qingluo stared at Zhu Yinzhen unhappily. She was secretly clicked on the acupuncture points and could not move, otherwise she would slap the old man with a slap in the face.
If Zhu Yinzhen knew that Yan Qingluo had called him a dead old man, he could jump up from * with anger. But Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t hear Yan Qingluo cursing at the bottom of his heart. He heard Shen Menglu spit out from her mouth.
"What are you doing with Shen Menglu?" Zhu Yinzhen’s pupil is miniature and Shen Menglu. Maybe Shen Menglu likes it because this hair hasn’t grown up yet?
"You tube I told her what! Let grandpa go quickly! Small ye saved your life, and this is how you repay small ye? " Yan Qingluo was a little anxious when she heard a voice outside. She must not let Shen Menglu see her in such a mess or she would make fun of her again!
Zhu Yinzhen also heard the sound coming from the door, and he frowned slightly, indicating that the wind shadow Yan Qingluo untied the hole, hiding the dark place, and the wind shadow got the instruction, indicating that Xiaozhu untied the hole for Yan Qingluo with a single shot.
Yan Qingluo moved her muscles and adjusted her expression to prepare for the most proud gesture to meet Shen Menglu, but … She waited until it wasn’t Shen Menglu!
"Report … you are awake …" WeiXinYan people didn’t arrive there first, but they trembled for seven points, mixed with sorrow and joy, and choked back tears for three points. Yan Qingluo heard a scalp tingling.
What woman talks like this? Obviously not Shen Menglu that courty woman!
Yan Qingluo clearly remembers that when Shen Menglu was malicious by her, the sound was cold and hard.
Of course, the bearer is not Shen Menglu but Wei Xinyan.
Soon Wei Xinyan’s tearful cheeks and pear blossoms with rain appeared in front of everyone. Yan Qingluo’s face turned from sunny to heavy rain, and Zhu Yinzhen’s face also sank.
Into the bedroom temple WeiXinYan straight to Zhu Yinzhen * edge "report you can worry about dead male and female servants" words haven’t say that finish, she has tackled Zhu Yinzhen leg breaks down crying.
Zhu Yinzhen’s face flashed with anger, and his chilly eyes pointed straight at Xiaofu, which made Xiaofu tremble.
"Ai Fei, don’t cry, Wang … isn’t it all right?" Brimming with displeasure Zhu Yinzhen insincerely clap WeiXinYan pressure his leg head, light comfort way
Yan Qingluo didn’t pay attention to the pretense of love. She looked around for a long time and didn’t see Shen Menglu’s pretty face. "Where’s Shen Menglu?"
Xiaofu glanced at her and then at Zhu Yinzhen and carefully replied, "Back to the report, Shen Huiren said that he was tired and went to rest in the palace where he died."
"What?" Yan Qingluo’s disappointment was replaced by anger. "Does she know Xiao … Xiao Ye, I’m here?" She wondered! Previously, this Shen Menglu was in such a hurry that she wanted to find Yan’s medical sage. Now she took the initiative to show up. This Mu Wang Ye also saved her. Shouldn’t Shen Menglu have rushed to find her at the first time? Why did you go somewhere else to rest? What does she mean? Did you take her seriously or not?
Xiaofu took one look at the prospect and dared not do it. This young man who claimed to be a doctor of Yan’s family has been a supremely arrogant expression since he appeared, not to mention that his expression is quite similar to that of Shen Huiren when he first treated Jing Xuanshi. However, no one dared to say anything about it. Who wants somebody else is to save the report!
Looking forward to seeing Zhu Yinzhen awake, his eyes flashed with joy, but he was somewhat surprised. Yesterday afternoon, Zhu Yinzhen had already opened his eyes, but his physical strength has not recovered, so he is not as energetic as he is now.
Let Outlook follow Shen Menglu to Huguo Temple, which is also Zhu Yinzhen’s meaning. Otherwise, how could Outlook elm head easily let Shen Menglu out of Muwangfu?
"The report Shen Huiren said that this medical sage may be her classmate, so please treat the report well." Looking forward to telling Zhu Yinzhen every word of Shen Menglu’s words.
Zhu Yinzhen’s heavy eyebrows twisted and twisted. This Shen Menglu really didn’t put him at ease. His attending doctor knew that he had woken up and didn’t come to review for him for the first time. Isn’t she afraid that he was killed by this so-called Yan medical sage? What if somebody else is a fake!
"Report" Since you are saved by the Yan medical saint and don’t invite the Yan medical saint to stay in the mansion for a few days, you can thank Yan medical saint well, and it is also convenient for Yan medical saint to return to the report in the future. "Seeing that they are all silent and silent, no one puts her in the eye at all. Wei Xinyan lost her temper and was immersed in Zhu Yinzhen’s leg. She no longer cared about crying in front of Zhu Yinzhen. She looked up and wiped her dry eyes and whispered softly.
Zhu Yinzhen looked down at Wei Xinyan and looked up at Yan Qingluo. He slowly said, "Since Yan Yisheng is looking for a love princess, please give it to her!" Before, of course, it was the white face that accepted Weixinyan’s hospitality. Yan Qingluo was impatient with Weixinyan, but Zhu Yinzhen saw it clearly.
Today, 6,000 is updated! Look at Wen Yu 141. Be low-key and don’t be too arrogant!
Zhu Yinzhen looked down at Wei Xinyan and looked up at Yan Qingluo. He slowly said, "Since Yan Yisheng is looking for a love princess, please give it to her!" Before, of course, it was the white face that accepted Weixinyan’s hospitality. Yan Qingluo was impatient with Weixinyan, but Zhu Yinzhen saw it clearly.
"It’s the male and female servants who obey!" Wei Xinyan got up and blessed Zhu Yinzhen with a blessing, and then walked to Yan Qingluo with an elegant smile. "Yan Medical Saint, you must treat the sovereign meritorious palace and order people to clean up the Qionghua Temple where you live."
Smell speech Xiaofu and look forward to the eyelids jumped. Oh, this Yan side princess is really taking this route to be a doctor. As a guest, this Qionghua Temple is one of the most luxurious palaces in Muwangfu.
If the report knew, wouldn’t it be unhappy if the princess Yan came to arrange for Shen Huiren to live in the moon-holding building? After all, this Yan side princess treats Shen Huiren and Yan Yisheng differently so much!
Wei Xinyan’s eyes, although this Yan Qingluo is a sign of Yan’s medical skill, it can be said that in the end, it is just a teenager who is inexperienced. It should not be difficult to take care of it and give it some sweetness. After all, people are attracted by her heavy reward.
But Wei Xinyan was wrong. Yan Qingluo couldn’t see her gratuities first, and secondly, it wasn’t embarrassing.
Yan Qingluo didn’t buy Wei Xinyan’s independent Zhang. She took a white look at Wei Xinyan and replied proudly, "Little Master, did I say I would like to stay?"
Weixinyan’s face changed, and she was almost humiliated by Yan Qingluo’s rude words.
"If you want me to stay, I will live where Shen Menglu lives, grandpa!" Yan Qingluo’s target is really Shen Menglu! There is also a reason why she will enter this Muwangfu because of Shen Menglu!
Yan Qingluo said that Zhu Yinzhen and Wei Xinyan’s face sank at the same time. Wei Xinyan was because Yan Qingluo’s front sentence did not give face-to-face words, but Zhu Yinzhen was because of the * unclear words behind her.
Zhu Yinzhen really wants to know what this so-called Yan-men medical sage and Shen Menglu really are, but because of Wei Xinyan, he has to hold back first.
Wei Xinyan’s face froze with laughter and then quickly adjusted her expression. "Yan Yisheng joked about the difference between men and women. If you share a room with Shen Huiren, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to go out in case …" Wei Xinyan carefully observed Zhu Yinzhen’s reaction when he said this.
The purpose of finding this Yan medical saint is to get rid of Shen Menglu. I didn’t expect this young Yan medical saint to have such a * with Shen Menglu. Is this a windfall?
If this Yan medical saint really Shen Menglu has something to hide, then the emperor will definitely not agree to let an unmarried girl marry into the palace. Weixinyan smiled in this way