There was another burst of laughter at the scene, and the atmosphere was very good.

Soon Ava threw out some questions, and after Li Chengdu patiently answered them, it was the audience’s turn to ask questions.
Li Cheng answered all the questions he had the opportunity to ask the audience with a smile in the face of the attitude when the audience didn’t answer the reporter’s questions.
The audience who come here today are all pedestrians fans, including male and female fans. The problem is far less tricky than that of journalists, and their mouths are not as aggressive as journalists. Most of them have worship eyes and eyes.
Most of the male fans ask Li Cheng about his future success or his views and opinions on some issues, while most of the female fans’ questions are divinatory questions, such as "Can you accept a foreign woman", "Are you married now" and "What are you and a beautiful reporter?" Li Cheng also has the patience to answer them one by one.
Because Li Cheng is approachable, Ava has always been very good at grasping the rhythm of the program.
Fans, including Ava, didn’t expect to criticize Larry Brown crazily in front of reporters. Will be tit-for-tat with reporters in Chicago; Li Cheng, who will make a "decapitation" in the United Center Arena, is not a arrogant guy with arrogant eyes reaching to the top of his head, but so approachable.
The interview is coming to an end. Ava throws a closing question, "How far do you think the walkers can go this year?"
"I don’t know that our team is much worse than those favourites who won the championship, but we will fight one game at a time and play every game as the last game of the season."
"What’s your outlook for next season?"
"every nba team’s goal is to win the championship, and of course we are no exception. Mr. Bird is a very ambitious man, and our boss Simon brothers are also willing to invest, and we will move toward the championship."
Then, this issue of "Star Meeting Room" ended with the fans taking charge. After the recording of the program, the fans rushed to ask for Li Cheng’s signature. Li Cheng signed his Chinese name and English name for each fan very seriously. At the end, his hands were numb, but when he looked at the fans’ faces and satisfied their expressions, he was extremely happy to be continued.
Chapter DiYiSan Inverse Culture Cafe
This issue of the Star Meeting Room was a great success, and all the recording staff who participated in the program got an unedited original ecological CD to commemorate it, and this program will be broadcast in prime time before the late walker wasp competition.
Ava sent Li Cheng to the gate of the TV building "I wish you a good game tomorrow night"
"Thank you for your blessing."
Ava looked at Li Chengdao with a flowery smile. "Do you have it tonight?"
"What’s the matter?" Li cheng is a little confused.
"I’ll treat you to dinner tonight!" Hua Dan Ava, the head of Indianapolis TV Station, has never been unable to see through men. This time, she is a little unable to see through Li Chengsuo. She wants to find some opportunities to know more about this somewhat mysterious China person.
"Am I lucky?" Li cheng’ s mind flashed and then nodded and replied, "Yes! When will you come to pick you up? Dinner is on me. Although I am poor, I can still afford a meal. "
"I’ve never heard that there are poor people in the nba." Ava laughed. "You can come at 4: 30 when I work at five o’clock. Call me when you arrive." They both left messages for each other just now.
"No problem," said Li Cheng.
Ava watched Li Cheng slowly drive away from the car in a yellow taxi, and the smell of exhaust gas had not dissipated. She drew a radian around her mouth and smiled slightly. "I’m really curious about what kind of man he is?"
Li Cheng sat in a taxi and looked at Ava’s mobile phone number just recorded in her mobile phone. She couldn’t help but show a smile. Men are always attracted to beautiful women.
He let the taxi go directly to the walker training hall, and even if he had a date late, he couldn’t train himself.
In the afternoon, when the team was training together, O ‘Brien didn’t expect that Li Cheng would come back after taking a vacation, but he appreciated Li Cheng’s diligence.
At four o’clock, when the team finished training, according to Li Cheng’s rhythm, he would stay and practice by himself, but this time he walked into the locker room with most people.
"Li Cheng, what are you doing tonight?" Tinsley asked
"well! Go out for dinner with a friend in the evening. "
"It must be a woman." Granger flashed out of nowhere.
"Don’t you practice today?"
"You’re not here. I’ll talk more about you alone, but you’re a model worker in our team. Why are you still practicing?" Granger said casually
Li Chengnai spread his hand and said, "All right!"
Granger saw Li Cheng change his suit again and couldn’t help but quip, "It’s the first time I’ve seen you in a suit to train people, and I don’t know if I’ll go back and change my clothes."
"He will definitely wear it later," Tinsley answered for Li Cheng.