Lin Yi is really unwilling!

Lin Yi didn’t talk. He stared at Liang Hongyan. Liang Hongyan also saw from Lin Yi’s eyes how unwilling he was at the moment.
Liang Hongyan added, "If you don’t agree with me, you will be cut to pieces, but your’ master’ will also die and will die miserably. I won’t tell you the truth. Qin Gumei was imprisoned in a secret place by me, except that I know it and I gave orders to the guards. If I suddenly disappear, it would be an accident. Three days later, I will put Qin Gumei to death and bury him with me, which is also a punishment for his betrayal and abandonment of crime."
Liang Hongyan did not cheat Lin Yi into imprisoning Qin Gumei. She tried her best to take some emergency measures, because Qin Gumei was so important that she had to do it. In case she was left unattended, Qin Gumei was isolated from the world, and they couldn’t get out unless Liang Hongyan made a secret hole from the outside.
So unless Lin Yi agrees to her conditions, no one can find Qin Gumei, let alone save him.
In the end, Lin Yi Kouga made up his mind with a bite. He said, "I promise you."
Liang Hongyan heaved a sigh of relief, and she finally got rid of Lin Yi’s terrible revenge.
Liang Hongyan said, "Now let someone bring me two clothes and give them to me …"
Lin Yi said coldly, "You can take me to my’ young master’ in this broken quilt and wait for me to save him. You can wear as many clothes as you want."
"I don’t wear clothes." Liang Hongyan suddenly thought of an important thing. She said, "But you have to promise me one thing. I saved Qin Gumei and imprisoned him. I can’t let it out. It’s up to you or me."
Lin Yi’s face gave me an elusive smile. He knew that Liang Hongyan was afraid that the matter would be leaked out. Lin Tianshu’s mysterious "smiling face" and "man in the iron mask" would not let her go. Liang Hongyan did his best without leaving hidden dangers.
After all, Qin Gumei was rescued by Su Qinghou, and Su Qinghou knew in advance that a tragic accident was going to happen in the North House, but he didn’t stop it, and he didn’t tip off the news to the North House. If it went out, Su Qinghou’s reputation would be ruined.
Lin Yi said, "I promise you."
So Liang Hongyan was wrapped in her carefully from the kang, although she was very careful, but as her body moved her legs, the broken bones outside the skin and flesh also slipped, and her mouth kept making a "hissing" sound of pain and cold sweat.
Lin Yi threw a steel knife in his hand. He hit the door and Liang Hongyan jumped out of the house, dragging his injured leg.
At this time, everyone’s eyes are on this dilapidated hut door. They don’t know what Liang Hongyan Linyi is doing in the house. You Qin Duoduo is even more anxious. Now seeing Liang Hongyan coming out, Lin Yi is no longer dragging her hair, and she is wrapped in a piece of broken clothes. She is relieved by Qin Duoduo. She knows that Niang’s life is saved.
People in Piaohua Mountain Villa are also much more secure in their hearts.
Liang Hongyan said to Lin Yi, "You can swear in public now, and I will take you to him after you send it."
Lin Yi took a look at the poor sister’s heart and trembled. As soon as the poison oath came out today, he could no longer avenge his sister’s death. He was tortured and hated for ten years, but he didn’t choose to save the "master" now.
Lin Yi went to his sister’s side. He pulled her cloak tightly and gently touched her hair, which was as messy as hay.
Lin Yi was full of guilt. He gently said to his sister, "Brother Frost, I’m sorry that your brother can’t avenge …"
Lin Shuang gestured to her brother with both hands, and made a sound of "making baby" in her mouth. Lin Yi understood her sister’s meaning. Frost wanted to say that my brother didn’t want revenge. I wanted to be with you …
This made Lin Yi feel another pain in his heart. He restrained his mood and turned to his face and said, "I swear to heaven today that I will never take a step into Piaohua Villa in this life and I will never seek revenge from Liang Hongyan … If I go back on my word, I will never seek revenge …" Lin Yi hesitated here, and finally he made a poisonous oath according to Liang Hongyan’s request. "If I go back on my word, my family will die a natural death."
Lin Yi’ s poison oath came out, and the people in  Duoduo Piaohua Villa were very surprised. They really don’ t know what means Liang Hongyan could make Lin Yi make such a poison oath in public, so that everyone knows that Lin Yi has to keep his promise in this life and can’ t cross the line.
Even Zeng Xiaotong, who was looking forward to returning, was surprised, but Zeng Xiaotong knew that since Lin Yi issued such a poisonous oath, there must be some unspeakable difficulties.
Looking back, he said to Lin Yi, "Xiao Lin, are you crazy?"
Lin Yi said to Zeng Xiaotong, who was looking forward to returning, "We will talk about this in detail in the future. You are taking Frost with you now, and I have important things to do in your old place. I will come to you."
Since Lin Yi swore to return, Zeng Xiaotong hated this vicious bitch, but he could leave with Lin Shuang first.
After the three people left, Lin Yi went to Liang Hongyan and said, "Now take me to him."
"You can’t stay where you are for the time being," Liang Hongyan told everyone, and then she whispered to Lin Yi, "Go to my garden first, you broke my leg, and I can’t leave now …"
Lin Yi didn’t wait for Liang Hongyan to finish her words. Her body fluttered and flew away toward the garden where Liang Hongyan lived.
Chapter rediscovered (3)
Lin Yi took Liang Hongyan to the garden where she lived, and then the two of them fell into the garden. The pavilions, trees and rocks in the garden were all wrapped in silver. The big pond was frozen and the ice was covered with a layer of snow, such as a white blanket, and snowflakes kept falling into the garden.
Several garden guards saw the lady with long hair and a tattered quilt, her legs and bones were broken, and she was also held hostage, and her face suddenly changed, so she quickly pulled out her weapon and rushed over.
Liang Hongyan flustered and shouted at those people, "Get out of here, you bunch of losers! Get out and close the garden gate. No one can come in! "
The men saw that the lady was angry and hurriedly turned out of the garden and closed the garden door.
Liang Hongyan pointed to the rockery in the middle of the pond and said to Lin Yi, "There is a rockery to take me there."
Lin Yi remembered her flyby to the center of the rockery again.
Lin Yi discovered that this rockery is shaped like a crater and stands deep in the rockery. There is also a cave that is difficult to see from the outside of the rockery.
Liang Hongyan jumped into the cave with one leg, and Lin Yi followed Liang Hongyan’s hand into a hole in the cave wall, and twisted a secret door from the inside to make a "crunch" sound.
Lin Yi thought it was so secret that it was really hard to find him if it wasn’t for Liang Hongyan, and no one would know that Qin Gumei was imprisoned here.
There are more than 20 steps in the secret passage door, and two dim lights reflect these cold stone steps. There is a faint feeling that Liang Hongyan is holding the stone wall and dragging her broken leg. She is struggling to jump the stone steps. Every step of jumping is more painful because of body vibration and broken bones. Lin Yi saved time and saw the "master" earlier, but she simply walked quickly again, otherwise he must let this evil woman jump through these 20 stone steps painfully.
A turn to the left on the stone steps is a tunnel.
Lin Yi walked her down the aisle. At the end of the aisle was an iron gate. A man was sitting at the table, drinking wine. He was the master of Qin Gumei. His name was Lei Peng.
Lei Peng saw the lady like this and was dragged over by Lin Yi. What happened to Ma Bai? He suddenly stared at Lin Yi in shock, but the boat did not dare to make a move.
Liang Hongyan saw Lei Peng alone and asked, "What about Xiao Ye?"
Lei Peng said "inside"
Watching Qin Gumei, the two masters are not weak in martial arts, Liang Hongyan sent them to watch Qin Gumei all the year round, sent two powerful masters to watch Qin Gumei, and sent two ugly maids to serve Liang Hongyan, knowing that Qin Gumei’s romantic nature worried that the girl with a better appearance would be seduced by Qin Gumei.
In this way, Liang Hongyan also warned the two girls that if Qin Gumei had an affair, they would dig their eyes and cut their tongues. Although the abode of fairies and immortals was lonely, the two ugly girls dared to cross the line and even worse Qin Gumei couldn’t look at them.
But after all, isolation is too lonely, and people’s desire for performance also needs to be satisfied. The two ugly girls are better than Lei Peng Xiao Ye and can’t consider that these two girls are ugly.
Now Xiaoye goes in, ugly girl fooling around, and LeBron stays outside.
Liang Hongyan said to Lei Peng, "Hit the door."
"Yes" Lei Peng should take a look at Lin Yi again and again and beat the heavy iron gate from the table.
After Liang Hongyan advanced to Lin Yi, Lin Yi stepped into the iron gate and instantly behind him, Lei Peng suddenly attacked Lin Yi. He took a quick shot at Lin Yi in the middle of the back, which was a great opportunity for Lei Peng. If he could kill Lin Yi and save his wife, he would have made great achievements.
Of course, Lei Peng never dreamed that he attacked this young man as a human being.
Just as the palm of his hand was close to Lin Yi, he seemed to have eyes behind him. He didn’t look back. He hit the palm of his hand with a backhand. The palm of his hand was stunned by the shock, and he didn’t retreat a few steps. He felt that he was sucked hard by a powerful force behind Lin Yi and slapped his head with a backhand. His body died "bang" in a tunnel.
From the end, Lin Yi never forced or looked back.
Liang Hongyan looked back and fell dead. Lei Peng was even more surprised in his heart. Her villa was one of the best masters, so Lin Yi’s martial arts is terrible now.
Lin Yi entered the iron gate, so his eyes showed a fairyland, a fairyland and a fantasy palace. The colorful stone breast clocks reflected luster and dreamlike.
There is a pleasant fragrance in the air, just like the fragrance of Liang Hongyan, which exposes Liang Hongyan.
Lin Yi looked around this huge and wonderful cave, and there were even small bridges and flowing water in it. There were many wonderful flowers and plants in the beautiful houses, and the cave was also very warm.
All this is really beyond Lin Yi’s expectation that his "master" will be tortured in the cold dungeon, which is so wonderful.