At noon, the good news came from the southern front. General guderian’s armored group broke through the first port of the Soviet front in prakash. The vanguard troops of the armored division have advanced to the unknown town of Weilong, which is nothing special, but it is several kilometers away from the German northern line troops who just occupied Gnezno at noon. From the map, it is a pocket with two complete walls and four shallow pockets. If the pocket is instantly sealed, ten thousand Soviet troops, four tank armored vehicles and ten thousand cannons will all be in the German pocket. However, Manstein’s plan is not to create a big pocket because of the existing equipment and strength of the German army.

Nevertheless, with the formation of the "fish array", the first step of the German counterattack has been basically achieved, and it will be a powerful turning point in this war to carry out a large number of killing Soviet frontline troops according to the original plan!
The good news of the restart of the special train with huge eagle emblem on the car body is still one after another. In the distant Balkans, the German army suddenly attacked and broke through the Soviet positions in just four hours. In addition to killing and capturing a large number of Soviet officers and soldiers, the powerful armored forces quickly advanced in depth for 4 kilometers, which directly destroyed the first-line and second-line artillery positions of the Soviet army. Once the Soviet army started to move, a few heavy tanks were blocked, and the German army also invested in this direction, such as several dive bombers equipped with new bombs to deal with the top of the tanks and motive bombs. The battlefield was huge! d
Chapter 95 Vigorous
In the last ten days of the month, we crossed Poland and advanced to Germany. The Soviet lion blade killed 100 million people to defend the country. The German troops fought fiercely across a oder river. Because the army did not have an advantage in this area, the Soviet troops were stubbornly blocked by the Germans. Three assault regiments lost their troops, and the elite and mechanized troops withdrew to the rear because of more than half of the losses. Ten thousand guns were also consumed in many attacks. The Soviet troops temporarily turned to defense.
The so-called "many men make great strength" in the east coast of oder river, the Soviet army built a defense body with an amazing scale in a short time. There are four favorable terrain in the trench belt, and countless artillery positions are built, which is even more beneficial to the surrounding natural environment. With the efforts of Soviet officers and soldiers, German planes can’t see groups of tanks passing through this area, and it is difficult to accurately locate Soviet artillery groups. Of course, strict defense can’t bring ultimate victory. The Soviet army is full of expectations and yearning for advancing to shoot forests from the beginning to the end. After entering the battlefield and resting in Poland, the elite troops came from the rear to the new forces. 6. After arriving at the front, the morale of the Soviet front was high. Even when the Germans just split up and fought back, many Soviet soldiers remained optimistic. Frankly speaking, people with strong German strength will be regarded as cowards. Once the traitor passed the overwhelming offensive in Poland, it was really easy for Soviet commanders to underestimate the German war capability, which directly led to the Soviet army being located on the north side of the front line when the German North and South wing assault troops were quickly inserted into the hinterland of Poland. Despite the frustration of the second assault regiment, the infantry turned around and launched an extremely fierce attack on Piva City. The number of infantry was not shaken by the tsunami, but more than 40,000 people were damaged in just two days. The Soviet high command was furious. If it was not for this road, the overall situation would not be out of control. I am afraid that the old Soviet Lieutenant General Wali Lenkov.
The first regiment army lost its combat capability, and the old regiment army stationed on the left side of this unit decisively replaced the Soviet army with the main force of the 7 th mechanized army to cut off the German counterattack troops. A tank arrow with 20,000 experienced infantry, supported by seven artillery regiments, stormed the east-west direction on the roads located in Steddin and Piwa. The asphalt road with a length of less than kilometers has become the focus of the bloody battle between the soldiers of both sides. The Soviet tank troops have repeatedly made meritorious deeds in the Polish battlefield, where they were slaughtered by German anti-tank artillery. A large number of platoon units with rudder mm guns were deployed at various intersections and tactical support points. Since the end of the battle on the western front, the gunners belonging to the German national army have added anti-tank yuan training subjects in their daily practice. This group of guys can neither fly nor act as infantry, which made the Soviet army lose an hour. Many tanks of various types also played the role of meat grinder when dealing with the Soviet infantry group!
With the passage of time, the strong position of the German two-wing forces finally made the Soviet officers and men on the oder river front feel the pressure from the side and rear. The root method of supervising the team prevented some rumors from flying among the soldiers. It seemed that hundreds of thousands of allied troops were surrounded by the Germans in Dunkirk. It was inevitable that the horse would fall on its own head, and it was inevitable to shake its morale, especially in the front line of oder river. Every Soviet officer and man finally kept himself alert. Every move of the German army on the other side could cause a large-scale reaction, but the Germans had to cross-border shooting with long-range heavy artillery day and night. In the absence of practical significance, the Soviet artillery
There are still three hours before dawn on the morning of the 2nd, and the Germans finally fought back on the long oder river front. In an instant, thousands of cannons roared earth-shattering, and fierce artillery fire turned red. The black night on both sides of the river was also dyed yellow, and the terrible metal flame swept across the target on the east coast of oder river like a storm. The shelling lasted for more than two hours, which was not only a catharsis, but also the follow-up troops crossing the river cleared the obstacles to the maximum extent. When the artillery fire gradually extended to the depth of the Soviet position, the German officers and men performed their different performances. All kinds of boats, including inflatable kayaks, wooden lifeboats and transport boats, small motor boats, even parks and lakes, tourists and human boats appeared on the west bank of the river by means of shoulder-pushing, truck towing and pulley traction. Although each boat was very limited in weight, a considerable number of German officers and men crossed the river in a short time, reaching 100,000. Before the Battle of Britain, the British were very worried that the Germans would benefit this abnormal English Channel, so they used your bombers to attack the port of Huangkou, a German-controlled area. There was no such situation in the river port until the end. A very clever German tactic crossed the moat. oder river, which is less than a kilometer wide, is the ideal place to achieve the miracle of this small boat!
The Soviet army, which advocated artillery, was dizzy in the face of the fierce German artillery fire. Before they came to organize a counterattack, the German vanguard troops had crossed oder river and set up more than 20 beachheads on the east coast. The Germans had a strong concept. This time, the infantry held their feet on the river bank equally well. Thousands of fighters and bombers flocked to, and they rained bombs on the east side of oder river. Every Soviet airport fighter dived again and again until the ammunition was exhausted. Marshal Selin and his team of officers, with their rich experience and precise deployment, swung the limited aircraft out of admiration. This attack made oder river firmly occupied by the German army for four hours. What is even more remarkable is that Marshal Kesselring completely ignored those Soviet troops who climbed out of the reserve position and attacked the river bank. His bombers tirelessly ravaged the Soviet field airport and the rear transportation hub, and were even more merciless to the Soviet occupation of the bridge after that day. The movement efficiency of the Soviet troops sent to the front line was greatly reduced and deployed. The large depth artillery method arrived in the original two hours, and the tanks reached the battlefield. It took twice as long as this time. In these most precious hours, the German engineering troops set up the first batch of bridges in oder river, and their first tank actually crossed the river at 6 o’clock when the first batch of infantry boarded, and the original submarine tanks were designed and modified. Although their number was double-digit, the armored forces greatly reduced the casualties when the German infantry attacked the Soviet remnants.
Near noon, the oder river front has lost all suspense. In the face of flying all over the sky, the Soviet commanders in Stuka withdrew their original investment in counterattack. Heavy tank troops were deployed and various regiments along oder river retreated.
At this time, the 2nd Commando Regiment, the 1st Blade Regiment and the 4th Regiment deployed at the southern end of the front suddenly found that the shortest route to the rear had been occupied by the Germans. Although the German law tightened the "pocket" nearly four kilometers wide, the Soviet troops in the middle of the front were already packed with these roads. If they want to retreat, the three regiments will either pass through the German positions or follow up quickly after the rest of the troops withdraw.
According to Manstein’s "fishing plan", German troops immediately attacked oder river at the north and south ends of the front. The bomber group deployed in Germany on the eastern front made up for the lack of artillery. The "diving tanks" and the first batch of tanks crossing the river were also collected, so that the 4 th Regiment at the southern end of the Soviet front could still rely on their positions to stop them step by step, but at the northern end of the front, the 2 nd Assault Regiment and the 1 ST Blade Regiment were still waiting for rotation troops to take their place a day ago. Many soldiers heard the German machine guns and machine guns hissing. The roar scared the daylights out of me. At this time, there was no way to organize an effective resistance to achieve the war effect. Manstein sent some mobile troops to take the initiative to attack. At dusk on the 2 nd, the Soviet army appeared the first whole battalion to give up the resistance. More than 200 troops were neatly equipped, but their morale was low. When the Soviet infantry surrendered to a motorized infantry company of the 3 rd armored infantry division of the German army to take over the prisoners, the German soldiers still had a lot of ammunition in their bags, just as when they marched into the hinterland of France. When they arrived, the Germans had no pity for these weapons. Then they directly asked the prisoners to throw their
On three sides of the German army, more than 100,000 Soviet soldiers belonging to the 2 nd Commando Corps and the 1 ST Corps fled to the south in confusion, but their legs were like ten German tanks. One hundred and twenty armored vehicles and less than two thousand soldiers followed, unwilling to surrender. The Soviet troops were defeated and became the rice harvested in autumn. Moreover, the collapse of these Soviet troops seriously affected the evacuation of other troops. The Germans not only broke through the Soviet flank defense line in chaos, but also captured the Soviet troops in hoarding ammunition and oil. In the case of uncontrollable situation, the Germans put the two counties under the control of Polish towns with a fire, burning a few tens of kilometers, and the red-hot canopy could be seen, and this invisible cauldron was quietly boiling. "D"
Chapter 96 New Crown
Erxia pudding cake is an industrial city in Dresden. Although it is placed in front of you in a palm-sized piece, it is exquisite, but it is not suitable for people to associate with materials that are in short supply during the war.
Logan put his hands together like a devout Christian thanking God for the gift, but this believer thanked the brave German sailors who sailed fearfully through the sea areas where allied ships were still haunting. Thanks to the kind and simple workers who skillfully prepared these foods with their hands, Dresden people are most proud of those sharp war equipment such as the famous Zeiss optical equipment!
After breakfast, Rogan had a meeting with the technical leaders of Zeiss and Paika, two optical industry giants. The meeting was very simple. Although the accuracy of the existing bombing sight of the German army was better than that of Italy and the Soviet Union, the effect of the integrated technology was acceptable in the medium-low and slow bombing due to factors such as the climate and the quality of the bombers. In the attack on the Soviet rear, the bombs thrown by long-range bombers seriously deviated from the target in high-speed flight, which has been fully verified in aerial photos!
In Logan’s impression, American bombers equipped with Norton sight claimed to be "capable of dropping bombs into kimchi jars", which was mixed with exaggerated elements, but it also said that Americans had full confidence in their bombing sight. Rogenfa, a layman, explained "Norton" to German technical experts. On the one hand, he entrusted the imperial intelligence department to find ways to get the entities or materials of the American bombing sight, on the other hand, he reached technical orders for various enterprises and asked the radar technology department to participate in these measures. He had no idea whether these measures would have a positive effect in the short term, while the two of them had been in business for many years.
It is irrational to wait for a certain kind of technical weapon to appear. Since Dresden, Logan already had a long-range bomber with a tool rest and a range of over five kilometers, including six brand-new four bombers that had just arrived from Italy. Not only were the machine guns and lines full of paint not installed, but German military technicians were efficient enough to make them have long-range flight capability in just two days. Although there are still many minor problems that have not been solved, German pilots generally rated this bomber quite well in previous attacks.
Equipped with complete sets of equipment, the military special train continued to travel in the direction of the imperial capital, and crossed the Oder River in the early morning at the front line in Poland. The German troops had broken through the depth of the Soviet army, and the last line of defense had pushed eastward for more than a kilometer. After that, the main force of the German army crossing the river finally stopped, and the infantry consolidated the few positions left by the Soviet army. The mobile troops were quickly inserted into Piwa, and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the headquarters of the German Manstein’s first armored army crossed the river in the front, so that the second assault regiment and the remnants of the first blade regiment of the Soviet army were The team was surrounded by an area about kilometers long and kilometers wide, and this is the first time that the German army surrounded the Soviet division-size troops since the explosion of the Soviet-German war. The current situation seems to have become a German pocket in a record panic war
"Sir, the high command is coming!"
"Let it go"
Buried in the war map, Logan didn’t immediately pick up the newspaper folder from the communication officer, and under normal circumstances, it is possible for the communication officer to read it directly without a classified newspaper, or because of the need to take photos.
There is a stack of half-spread black-and-white photos on the desktop next to the map. Half an hour ago, the special train stopped for a short time in the city of Cottbus, which is almost in the middle of Pailin and Dresden. The military intelligence department transmitted the latest aerial reconnaissance photos through the local military airport. The situation in Poland was from noon to noon. In terms of timeliness, it still seems to be somewhat lagging behind, but the degree of intuition is obviously obtained by reporting and inputting simple words!
"The Soviet army is like the tide, and it is surging and receding faster! I think, as you said, the Soviet army’s transfer in these two days should be intentional! " Logan put a pencil and ruler in his hand as he spoke. During the occupation of Poland for more than a year, the Germans had fully surveyed the terrain here and made a very precise war map.
These were originally intended to occupy Poland for a long time, but they were waved when resisting the Soviet attack.
"for this reason, I strongly suggest that all aviation forces be ordered to withdraw their main fighters to the rear airport before dark. If the Soviet army really has plans, suppressing us from it should be the first step!" Von richthofen said steadily and tactfully that Rogan roughly estimated the distance of a map. In order to master the system and increase the strength of old literature aid in Sichuan, the German Eastern Army has moved forward to the front-line airport in Aozhanchuan. The advantage of this is that fighters and bombers can shorten the flight distance and have a high attack frequency. However, the first-line battlefields of these airports have more than 100 kilometers. If the Soviet Union makes a strong counterattack, it will be easy to raid the German airport after sending the plane hidden in the rear to the front-line airport to refuel!
"This suggestion is very important!" Logan looked at his watch and said, "We have to go back to Dresden!" "
Staff officer immediately got up and went to make this time Logan finally picked up the communication officer who had just left the newspaper folder. He came to the high command of the current war situation only as a compliment or encouragement. After all, the important military deployment made the newspaper loss not enough. When he rummaged through the folder, he immediately stopped the staff officer.
"Wait," you see the high command. This is "Logan handed the newspaper to richthofen.
General aviation soldier briefly read this text twice and meditated for a moment. "It should be a good thing!" Chief of staff’s cabinet! small
Before he was the chief of staff of the army, Logan was very confused about his future for a while, but with the Soviet invasion, he suddenly realized that if he eventually failed, no matter what position he was in, he might not escape from the tragic place. When he read the newspaper that he had an important position and asked them to return to the high command, his sense of gain and loss was not so strong.
"Good things can’t run away, but bad things can’t hide! I mean, are we going to visit Marshal Kesselring or go directly to Potsdam? "
This question is not difficult. After thinking about it a little, richthofen replied, "In that case, I’ll meet Marshal. Let’s meet again after you settle down in Potsdam by special train."! "
"That’s very kind of you!" Logan knows that Kesselring is not easy to deal with, and richthofen, who is younger than him, is inferior in both qualifications and military exploits. I am afraid it will be difficult to persuade him.
Richthofen nodded and didn’t say much. After half an hour, he stopped in a famous Lu car. richthofen took a few staff officers there to take a violent south train. If it was driven all the way, it would take an hour and a half to arrive in Dresden without any accident. Logan’s military train was also fast moving in front of Sun Mountain. The German army continued to defend the railway bridge along the imperial collar. Although it was easy to be damaged, a large number of German engineers were mobilized in advance. The standby personnel have already made preparations for the response, and a large amount of engineering materials have been raised from the German army in the occupied area of the western front. Even in the case of bridge damage, the railway line will not come to a standstill for a long time.
As the saying goes, the German special train arrived in Potsdam in the southwest suburb of Pailin just in time for a small banquet, including keitel, Liszt, Loeb and other generals. On the whole, the atmosphere of the banquet was warm, and people’s mood was high. On the second day, the Germans launched a fierce offensive, and both Soviet counterattacks were easily shattered. Reports from the front showed that there were still more than 100,000 Soviet troops surrounded in Piva City, oder river, and the surrenders had accumulated over 10,000 from noon to evening. The rest of the troops also stopped moving and relied on the terrain of villages, hills and
"Today, we have been waiting for a whole day. From the moment the Russian boots crossed the border, I told myself that we would make them pay a heavy price! I believe that this best laid plans will let the Russians shed their blood in Poland. I believe that we will step into the Soviet land before July and we will plant the German flag in the Kremlin! "
After a long period of impassioned and arrogant remarks, Adolf Hitler took the opportunity to announce several important lives and awards. Because he successfully withstood the Soviet offensive frenzy, he then commanded the Eastern Front troops to counterattack. Marshal William Liszt was officially appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Front, which is also the highest position for the veteran. At present, among German marshals, Marshal Liszt is also second only to Marshal Lundstedt Vonbock in age and qualification. Although he was not present, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Line and Liszt won the highest military medal in Germany together.
Finally, less than two months after he was promoted to the rank of a group of dazzling marshals, Hans Logan, the aviation general, won the title of military director in the original post of chief of staff of the army-it originally belonged to the German army construction and made many contributions. Mishaxi’s so-called director did not have the ability to directly mobilize troops, but the person living here could exert considerable influence on the construction of arms, and the military director was obviously superior to the director D of all arms of the army.
Chapter 97 The future
At the age of three, I was promoted to the position of director of the German Army. It seems to others that it is like Wei Lianxi’s efforts and painstaking efforts on a short but tortuous road. It is also unimaginable for ordinary people. From the first time, I felt that changing history was a piece of cake, and later I realized that the root of history was not that individual forces could dominate Logan, and he gradually changed from his "god" to a real person. Everything he is doing now is not based on this consciousness.
No one will be unhappy about being promoted, especially in this new position. Logan can solve many troubled problems such as military weapons exhibition, productivity deployment, The direction of technical input, etc. Although I drank more than half a bottle of red wine in one breath, I couldn’t sleep at night, so I happily planned my future on paper. The Soviet government created the concept of "five-year plan", but the long-term planning was by no means Bolshevik. In Germany, since Adolf Hitler’s military expansion, it has been carried out in an orderly manner. Due to the influence of Goering and others, when the war broke out in yo, the whole German army was the best prepared, and the powerful fighter unit easily took the battlefield system. Stuka played the role of middle assault gun, which made the
Compared with the construction of armored forces of the 6th Army, it can be said that the entire 6th Army of Germany was involved in the war in hesitation and anxiety. Fortunately, their opponents were limited by strategy and tactics and did not show their due combat capability. On the whole, the German navy was the worst prepared. According to the plan, Germany would have a large number of cutting-edge warships from the year of Yan to the year of slack, and Hitler also promised Lei Deer that the war would not explode until the year of coffee. At that time, the German navy had the strength to challenge the British navy!
Yo, it’s clear that this year’s plan has been greatly affected by the progress of the war. The German navy has commissioned the first Bismarck-class and Qi Pailin-class ships, and the second ship of the same class has been built according to the scheduled schedule. However, the subsequent ships have been intermittently seized from the British navy, which has become a "lifeline" for Lei Deer. It is predicted that in the next year, the German navy will have a fleet consisting of seven large battleships and heavy-duty aircraft carriers. With these lean ships, Germany has been able to challenge the American Atlantic fleet.
The slack year is also a "milestone" for the Sixth Army of Germany. guderian, on behalf of the German generals, has fully realized that the existing weapons and equipment are insufficient. According to the three levels of tank research, production process, duntun, Tandun and Wangton, the new tanks will form combat effectiveness in three years. They will replace the existing tanks No.2, No.3 and No.4 to become powerful weapons that can suppress the Soviet armored forces in all aspects. Millimeter-caliber infantry anti-tank guns will also replace the weak and concave-millimeter active guns. At that time, the Sixth Army of Germany will regain the battle effectiveness of sweeping Europe.
Luo Genxun’s own army has outlined a grand and beautiful blueprint. By the year of coffee, Germany will have a hybrid modern military jet fighter, and 2,000 "German-style middle fortresses" will be able to carry out strategic strikes against targets thousands of kilometers away. However, the fighter and the ultimate improvement of Messerschmidt are still the backbone of the German army. In terms of ground support, "Stuka" will be upgraded and strengthened, but its role will gradually retreat, and weapons like Iraq-2 attack aircraft will be introduced into rockets, so that a complex and powerful army can firmly control Europe.
When I woke up, it was dawn, and I packed my desk full of drafts. Logan carefully combed his thoughts scattered into the distant future, but before turning them into elaborate plans, he stated his thoughts to Yuan while having lunch together.
"By the year? At that time, the war must have ended! " Adolf Hitler said confidently, "Our duel with the Soviet Union will be completed this year for the longest time and we will end this war! American? No, we don’t have to go on an overseas expedition! Economy! We will unite the whole European forces to make the United States compromise economically! Americans are nothing without Europe! "
These words made Logan wake up completely from last night’s excitement. Although Xiao Hu is a visionary, it seems that his pre-consciousness comes from personal judgment. As we all know, it is impossible for people to keep correct judgment all the time. "Even God is hard to do it! "Haven’t you ever considered the possibility of the United States joining this war?" Logan said realistically
"Hum! Of course, I won’t forget their position and performance in a war. This group of mercenary businessmen is second only to Jewish disgusting people. Hu Wu angrily held a glass cup full of mineral water. "The group didn’t know" was small and didn’t believe in disgusting people! I really don’t know what god has kindly given them rich resources and powerful industries! Only noble Aryans deserve such rich land! "
Logan naturally sneered at the racial argument, but he couldn’t show this emotion clearly. He was silent for a moment and asked, "Have you ever considered taking America in your plan?"
"No, never!" Without thinking, Xiao Hu replied that he took a piece of broccoli and held it in front of him. "Vegetables are nutritious. We eat vegetables but we don’t have to grow them!"
This strange shape puzzled Luo Genzhang. Fortunately, Xiao Hu immediately explained that "the land with rich resources should come from the corresponding resources. The real home of Aryans is still in Europe, which is the source of human literature. Only here is the noble atmosphere! Even if I retire one day, even if I am given 1,000 acres of American land, I would rather stay in Austria and guard an old house with less than two acres of land! "
The root of the fallen leaves is that Logan can be buried deep in his heart. He quickly wiped out the last lamb chop in the plate and wiped his mouth. "I think if the United States and Japan break out of war, should we treat them like this?"
In Japan, it may seem that it is still a long way to go in the quagmire of the war of aggression against China. Americans still pursue a unique isolation policy. It seems that the conflict of interest between the two sides has been greatly diluted by the vast Pacific Ocean, especially after the Japanese government did say that it would not take advantage of the British turmoil to invade the British colony in Southeast Asia. These two countries, each with a strong navy, seem to be becoming more and more polite. Yuan took a sip of mineral water, and this breakpoint really surprised the generals at the table.