It turned out that Xiao Dongdong’s family came from rural areas, and the conditions were very bad. The family supported her to go to college.

But when she was a freshman, Xiao Dongdong’s father was diagnosed with a serious illness-double kidney failure, that is to say, the only treatment for uremia is to need a kidney transplant, but the kidney source alone needs 200,000. If the whole operation is at least 300,000, it’s not counting the later treatment to suppress rejection, it’s also a lot.
This is a bolt from the blue for a family on the verge of poverty, but for Xiao Dongdong, one result is to drop out of school
At that time, Xiao Dongdong was already slim and handsome, and a local boss who made a fortune doing business in Guangdong saw Xiao Dongdong and was willing to give this 300,000 medical care, and promised that follow-up treatment could also be given.
But the condition is that Xiao Dongdong will stay with him for at least five years and have a son for him, which is what people called "keeping a mistress" at that time.
Faced with such conditions, Xiao Dongdong finally gritted his teeth and agreed, but one thing was that she would go on to finish college.
The boss agreed, so on the night after the operation, the boss was forced not to have sex with Xiao Dongdong.
After the success of the operation, Xiao Dongdong went back to the university. Every month, the boss gave her a living so that Xiao Dongdong could live well. Every winter and summer vacation, Xiao Dongdong went to Guangzhou to live with the boss for a while, and occasionally flew to Dream State to meet Xiao Dongdong.
That boss is over 50 years old, has already married, originally lived in Guangzhou, and has two daughters, but there is nothing he has always wanted to inherit the family business in the future.
The future will be quite calm. Because of this unnecessary trouble, Xiao Dongdong is also a maverick at school and rarely deals with male students.
But not long ago, the boss’s original wife suddenly got a serious illness and almost died. She was worried that if anything happened to her, others would be left behind. Therefore, Xiao Dongdong must be given birth to the boss as soon as possible, otherwise she would terminate the post-treatment
Therefore, the boss asked Xiao Dongdong to drop out of school and go back. Xiao Dongdong was really unwilling to give birth to the boss from the heart, because once he had a child with him, the generation’s heart would be tied to the man’s body. Xiao Dongdong has been delaying for various reasons.
Nai Xiao Dongdong thought of his own solution, that is, to find a man who is satisfied with himself, get pregnant and then go back to his boss.
So there was a story with Xiao Wei. In fact, those were originally thought out by Xiao Dongdong.
Xiao Dongdong’s initial idea was to find a good man who he liked and brought himself a child and then disappeared quickly.
However, it was not expected that she would love this man after a short contact, and this bizarre kidnapping case made Xiao Dongdong feel Xiao Wei’s personality charm. Instead, she loved him so much that she couldn’t bear to hurt him or cheat him.
Therefore, Xiao Dongdong made up his mind to tell Xiao Wei the truth if he could come back safely.
Good people are rewarded. Xiao Wei shouldn’t be hurt.
This is the truth, and I have to leave soon
Xiao Dongdong calmly narrated it as if he were telling someone else’s story, but it was calm after all.
But the result is that Xiao Wei and Long Mei almost fell off their mouths for a long time.
Three people didn’t speak, and the room fell into silence.
For a long time, Long Mei sighed and looked at Xiao Wei with a sad look and said, "What an enemy! ! !”
Xiao Dongdong also said, "Maybe it’s all destiny takes a hand. It’s been doomed in previous lives, and we are all in this life."
But Xiao Wei can stand on the side.
Finally, Xiao Dongdong suggested that "Xiao Weilong Mei can meet you. It’s really my luck in this life. Let’s hug for the last time. It’s also a regret in this life!"
The two women hugged Xiao Wei and Xiao Dongdong left a deep kiss on Xiao Wei’s cheek.
Xiao Wei’s mood is now clearer than that of two complicated bones. His mind is so close to women, but he can finally pass them by.
A few days later, Xiao Dongdong left Dream State and took all traces as if he had never been here.
When I left, it was good for Xiao Wei and Long Mei to see her off, but Xiao Dongdong left before the appointed day, perhaps because he was afraid of being sad.
Over the years, Long Mei also went to the United States from Dream State. This time Xiao Wei rushed to the airport to see Long Mei off, but he cared for her and said nothing but tears.
Go, go, Xiao Wei’s heart seems to be getting up.
Dreams are dreams.
Dream state dream state to the best is like a dream after all!
After half a year, Xiao Wei finally graduated from Dream Worker.
Although he is still alone at the moment, it seems as if he was three years ago.
However, Xiao Wei has been baptized in the dream state for three years, and Xiao Wei has grown from a young and ignorant boy to a determined and tall man.
At the moment, Xiao Wei’s heart is stronger than strong, full of vitality and powerful motivation.
Because he knows that he is going to a wider world, where there are things that need him more (the third volume is finished)
Finally, let me explain that our lovely policewoman Cao Fang finally recovered and rejoined the vigorous criminal police.
(The third volume "Begging on the Earth" has finally come to an end, and Xiao Wei’s whole study career has also come to an end. Thank you for your support and for never giving up. Still, Jin Yu will not give up Xiao Wei lightly. The stage behind never to lose will be broader and more tortuous. Please note the fourth volume of "Metropolitan Police" and "Criminal Investigation Knife". Thank you again! )
Leaving a poem may represent Xiao Wei’s mood to some extent.
Love from afar
Always imagine you.
Is so clear and fascinating
Lonely time
Fantasize about you telling your heart
I can’t hug your shoulder anymore.
Touch your hair and your heart
Sad time
Silent tears flow quietly.
You are forever so far away.
Let me get to the place all my life.
Can love far away
Feel the pain caused by parting from afar
There is nothing wrong with love.
How can I understand love?
Maybe quietly thinking
There will be a you by my side one day.