Yan Shaoxuan pinched her lips and gave Yan Shaohui a hard stare, turned around and ran away.

"Qingqi to see" YunReLan toward Yanqingqi said.
Yan Qingqi pursed her lips and chased Yan Shaoqi. The hall was quiet for a while. Yan Shaoqing took a look at Yan Pingyang and said lightly, "You two children have to take good care of each other. How can you spare your energy to take care of Shao Hui?"
"…" Yan Pingyang face a heavy.
YunReLan hurriedly quick way "little xuan this child was spoiled by me mouth didn’t a door mind-set not bad temper is just a few days things in the past, very not affect"
Yan Shaoqing put it on the leg surface and shook it with one hand, enduring displeasure.
The atmosphere was deadlocked, and a cell phone bell suddenly fell on everyone’s ear.
Jiang Jiang took out his mobile phone and took a look at Yan Shaoqing. "I’ll take a message."
Yanshaoqing nodded.
As soon as she left, the Prime Minister followed her, and one person and one dog went out to the garden to pick up the passage "Hello"
"Where are you?" Jiang Zhuoning asked her
"At home," Jiang Jiang smiled and tried. "Do you have something to treat? Have you bought a house? "
"…" Jiang Zhuoning one leng "you are quite clever"
"Didn’t you say the last time you called?" Jiang Jiang smiled and explained, "I don’t think you will be long at this time, right?" Are you going to treat? "
"Well," Jiang Zhuoning replied, "are you at noon sometimes? Prepare to please at noon. "
Jiang Jiang slightly thought, "You can send the address to my mobile phone later."
"Ok" Jiang Zhuoning promised to turn the tables and said, "I’m going to hit you with something else. Remember my graduation thesis? I made a special trip to prison in the afternoon to learn about your classmate’s case and learned that all three criminals were dead."
"It was said that there was a vicious fight in the prison a few days ago and several people died. All three of them were in it."
Jiang Jiang held the mobile phone for a long time without talking.
Three at a time?
Which prison has such a big loophole in management?
She pressed her lips tightly and said nothing. Jiang Zhuoning waited for a few seconds and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing," Jiang Jiang took a deep breath and said easily. "I’m surprised that none of them are good people. By the way, who have you invited every day and how many do I know?"
"You know a lot of students in the college, except Meng Jia Wu, Yang Yang, Tong Tong and Li Min."
"Tong Tong and Li Min?" It’s a bit far for Jiang Shao to say with a smile, "You’re not afraid of Meng Jia Wu being jealous. Why do you call them?"
Jiang Zhuoning explained, "I called Yang Yang, and he said that he was with Li Min, so he took her to Tong Tong by the way. My dad asked me to ask her to come with her boyfriend so that there would be no conflict."
His dad?
Jiang Jiang leng one "and your master still pull?"
Jiang Zhuoning explained again.
Jiang Jia and Tong Jia were both in Linjiang. Jiang Zhuoning’s father is an archaeologist Tong Tong, and his father likes to collect something. It’s a surprise that two people met Tong Tong’s father in an antique market in Linjiang a few days ago. He was rich and had no eyes to punch holes several times. Jiang Fu noticed him and thought that he was the charity entrepreneur in the city. At that time, Tong Tong’s father was enthusiastic and heroic, which directly pestered him. Two people with different personalities met at once. After drinking tea and eating together, they couldn’t chat and chatted about the child.
This is simply a great fate!
Tongtong’s mother knew about Jiang Zhuoning, but she didn’t tell Tongtong’s father how it was her daughter’s secret.