"Don’t you have the emperor and that woman in your heart? There used to be a princess and a child, and the child is a palace. From now on, you have nothing. "

"Yi Chen is going to the battlefield. I don’t know if I can come back in the evening. Please take care of your princess!"
"What? You came to see the children because you were going to the battlefield, not because you missed them. Then don’t come back alive. From today on, the palace and the children will be ungrateful. "
Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine Birthday gift
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“公主你又必如此恶毒他毕竟是你丈夫孩父亲当年是萧逸尘利了你安王就没有错吗?安王是死在太手 就算没有这件事太也不会放过安王”
"Auntie, you are a pretty Hu man. What position will you take when you attack pretty Hu?"
"It’s very simple. My husband didn’t attack Manhu. My husband, my mother and my children are all big yin people. Does the princess think that Auntie should choose?"
"If the princess dies and the law of relatives changes, it will be you if you persist in not suffering."
"When you are a good sister, you will talk to Xiao Yichen if you forget that you are all a group, and then he will regret his marriage and don’t contact."
"Princess!" After all, being a princess is still a bit unreasonable.
Banquet nine feel angry with her belly pain "! I’m afraid I’m going to have another baby. "
Jing Xuan is talking angry words. I didn’t expect the banquet to be so excited. "Come on! Go and call the stable woman! "
The child in Yaoxian Valley was brought to Yaoquan by Chu Xizhao Fei’s clothes before dawn, and it has been more than 20 days since the child was brought to Yaoxian Valley.
Mu Wan Shang got up early and collapsed. They had already left. Mu Wan Shang simply combed her hair in the courtyard. She really wanted Xuanyuan Wang to regenerate a daughter.
See auditions on the second floor stairs looking at the floor, those children don’t know what they are thinking? It is rare to see her like this. He has always been a cold-blooded lover.
Saw tong son walked out of the room and looked at it as if he was going to rush to the building and shrink back.
"Tong Er, what are you doing?"
Tong Er came out from the house detective. When the master left, he ordered Tong Er to teach those little soup songs. "
Mu Wan Shang saw Tong’s son as if afraid of auditions leading several young children. On the second floor, auditions saw Mu Wan Shang Lou and went directly back to the room.
Mu Wan Shang brought the children to Fangshan, and few people stayed in the mountains to guard them. They wouldn’t disturb them every day.
Fei Yi Chu Xizhao took the child away early in the morning and estimated that he would not be able to come back until noon.
Mu Wanshang wants to go to the medicine spring, but she is afraid of delaying Chu Xizhao’s treatment of children. "Tong Er, are you taking care of them when your master is away?"
"No, there are two sisters who have already reached the mountain. When they are sixteen, they will join the WTO. This is the master’s rule."
"Then Tong Er will have a mountain in two years."
"Well, there’s still more than a year left for Tong Er, but I’m not worried about having Jenny around Master."
Looking at Tong’s eyes, he is willing to give up. He grew up here greatly, and naturally he is reluctant to leave here.
I don’t know what to do. The young Lang laughed. "Tong Er, what do you want to eat? Palace to do for you. "
Before Tong Er rushed, "How can I bother the Empress to make lunch?"
"Idle is idle anyway."
Tong’s son didn’t hate Mu Wan-shang as soon as he saw her. She didn’t look like a sister next door at all.
There is one thing I want to tell her: "I heard that the fifth day of the fifth day is the birthday of the empress."
"How do you know?"
"Of course, eavesdropping on the teacher and Jenny. They also said that they would surprise the empress. It seems that the emperor will come."
"The emperor will come? It’s been 20 days since Mu Wan Shang came to Yaoxian Valley. How did Hu Fang come to Yaoxian Valley? Did the emperor deliberately delay it? "
"Tong son, what you said is true."
"Of course it’s true, but the empress is not allowed to be a teacher, or the master will punish me for picking Dendrobium from the cliff again."
"good! Palace won’t say out "
The moon is high, the stars are shining, and the night wind blows the fragrance of mountains and plants.