Zhou Yisheng made a good soup and then called them over for dinner.
Hardly had I sat down when the doorbell rang
"Xiao Yu’s going to the door may be Professor Wang coming next door." Zhou Yi ordered one.
Zhou Shiyu got up and knocked at the door.
After knocking on the door, he froze.
"Dr. Zhou, are you so surprised that you didn’t see me? I haven’t been here before?"
"Is it Professor Wang?" Zhou Yi is asking
As a result, the doorman has come in.
Fu Jingyun looked up when he heard the sound.
Is there such a coincidence?
It’s not terrible to bump into someone who is ugly. Awkward things will happen to her. Although she has confidence in her face value, the other person is a little girl many years younger than her.
"I didn’t know that a guest had come late if I had known earlier." Tang Ruoyi looked at the crowd with a full face of apologies.
In particular, she also noticed that she and Fu Jingyun were wearing the same dress.
It’s the coat with different colors outside.
Tang Ruoyi looks more charming and charming in a pink coat.
"Have you all had dinner with your own family, Xiao Tang?" Zhou Yi called a.
Tang Ruoyi smiled awkwardly. "My dad said he would bring you tea before. I think Ben will bring it to you. Dr. Zhou asked for leave again during his break today. I still wanted to come and see him when something happened."
Have you met your parents?
Fu Jingyun lamented that she bowed her head and said that she didn’t care. It must be hypocritical.
Especially wearing the same clothes.
"Let’s have a light meal together, or Professor Tang thought about how to send things to our house and not give food to Xiaoyu to add a pair of chopsticks." Luo Qifang looked at Zhou Shiyu and ordered.
Zhou Shiyu used to add bowls and chopsticks to the kitchen.
The Zhou family dining table is a small round table, and five people just sit in a circle and are full.
Zhou Yi sits facing south and Luo Qifang sits on his right hand side. On the left hand side is Zhou Shiyu, and on the other side is Fu Jingyun, Fu Jingyun and Luo Qifang. Now this is occupied by Tang Ruoyi.
Tang Ruoyi came to be a bright and talkative person, and there was no silence after sitting down. She looked at Fu Jingyun. "Miss Fu looks like we have the same eyes and both like this brand dress."
Fu Jingyun smiled far-fetched. She didn’t have the same vision as herself. This dress was chosen by Zhou Shiyu. She had the same vision as Zhou Shiyu.
Will please Luo Qifang like to dress up.
Fortunately, Tang Ruoyi took off her coat to show the dress inside, but she didn’t. She didn’t want to take off her coat outside despite the heat.
It’s very bad to feel exactly like her
The original good atmosphere has been changed by the appearance of Tang Ruoyi.
"Xiao Tang, do you know Shiyu’s girlfriend?" Luo Qifang saw that Tang Ruoyi naturally talked with Fu Jingyun and felt that she had known him before.
Because I was married to Tang’s parents, Tang Ruoyi, and now Zhou Shiyu has a girlfriend in a short time, Luo Qifang doesn’t know how to explain it clearly.
"Well, I have seen it several times." Tang Ruoyi smiled slightly. "Dr. Zhou’s girlfriend will definitely see you often."
"It’s good for you young people to walk around more," Luo Qifang echoed.
Tang Ruoyi pandered to nod. "Did I come here today or to learn from my previous research on gene recombination and anti-cancer? There was a pathological problem in that research. Do you want to consult Zhou Shu and Zhou Yi?"
"Gene to intervene …" Zhou Yi and Tang Ruoyi communicated.
Fu Jingyun couldn’t understand the technical terms in their mouths. Occasionally, Tang Ruoyi would ask Zhou Shiyu, and Zhou Shiyu would answer her intentionally, but she turned to see Fu Jingyun eating with her head down and felt uncomfortable.
He picked it up from the table.
Fu Jingyun got red in the face.
"Professor Zhou, you two have had enough classes. This is a meal. What kind of cancer and symptoms react to you? How can you let people have a meal?" Luo Qifang wandered around for a circle, and the white man immediately winked at Zhou Yi.
Thank you for the "lovely Tu Shan Susu" monthly ticket.
Chapter five hundred The first wife is good
Zhou Yi put away the old pedant’s words after a touch.
Tang Ruoyi realized that she was embarrassed to look at Fu Jingyun. "Sorry, influenced by my father, it seems that every meal is like an academic exchange. Forgetting Miss Fu will definitely be boring."
"It’s okay for you to chat." Fu Jingyun endured a indigestion when her heart OS said so many words.
But she suppressed her thoughts.
This is Zhou’s place, not her Fu Jingyun’s.
Besides, she was uneasy and uneasy.
After all, they are all doctors, and everything they say has a common topic, and they can talk about it together in a short while.
I am the one who is out of place.
This low atmosphere lasted until the meal was over.
After dinner, Luo Qifang ordered, "How can Xiao Tang come over?"
"Zhou Yi, I’ll take a taxi. I can take a taxi before I book a car." Tang Ruoyi replied.
Luo Qifang came out. "Then let Shiyu take you home. It’s not safe for you to take a taxi alone. After all, Professor Tang asked you to deliver something. You are a guest and he is righteous."