Larry Bird and Reggie Miller are both in the box of the fast loan arena, and they are whispering together during the halftime.

"This game is a bit strange!" Larry Bird frowned and seemed to be talking to himself.
"That’s true. It seems that the Pacers have been trying to beat them all the time. Their biggest goal is not to overtake the score but not to let the Cavaliers widen it." Reggie Miller frowned. He didn’t know why O’ Brien asked the team to do this. He knew there was a reason, but he couldn’t see what it was.
"I think this may be a strategy of O ‘Brien! A kind of psychological warfare has to say that O ‘Brien really has some level in playing psychological warfare! " Larry bird also wondered what O ‘Brien meant.
"How do you say this?" Reggie Miller asked.
"The Cavaliers are now in a state of impatience. They must last stand. If the Pacers follow the Cavaliers, they will be consumed more. After the break, the Cavaliers will continue to maintain their desperate momentum. After the break, they will continue to fight with the Cavaliers. Obviously, the Pacers don’t want to fight with the Cavaliers because it is hard to say whether the two teams will win or lose." Larry Bird analyzed.
"So the Pacers deliberately created such a situation at half-time?" Reggie Miller mused-he seemed to have figured something out.
Larry Bird didn’t wait for Reggie Miller’s reaction. He directly said, "It’s that if the halftime pacers lag behind the Cavaliers, they won’t adjust their mentality during the halftime. They will definitely think that they will succeed at halftime, but when they meet the pacers’ head-on attack, they will definitely panic and then they will become more and more impatient. At this time, impatience is suspected of suicide."
"suicide! Ha ha! This must be Hart’s old guy trying to figure out a way. This guy has a lot of ideas. "Reggie Miller laughed.
"Hart and O ‘Brien are a good combination, but they are a little short." Larry Bird frowned. He was still a little dissatisfied with the Pacers’ coaching combination. He seemed to be thinking.
"What’s worse? You see, the first two O ‘Brien changes have played a very good role. This guy has a lot of things in his head, "Reggie Miller said."
Larry Bird pondered for a while and slowly revealed the reason why he was a little dissatisfied. "They are too accommodating and they train young players." Here Big Bird shook his head.
Reggie Miller looked at Larry Bird doubtfully. Uncle Bird took a look at Miller. That means you are still too young.
"Li Cheng was so talented that it took him more than half a season to emerge, and he was almost abandoned by the coaching staff. I really can’t compliment him on his ability to train young players." Larry Bird was very dissatisfied.
If O ‘Brien heard Byrd’s words here, I’m afraid he would be depressed and killed in the box of the fast loan arena. "Li Cheng is a freak. I have paid close attention to him, but he has always been like a piece of wood. Can you blame me for his sudden ignorance overnight?"
And if Li Cheng is here, I’m afraid I’ll have to run away awkwardly. "I don’t know what kind of potential I have. I was born only after I got the’ top basketball system’."
These two former nba bosses are talking here, but the Pacers locker room is a tense and busy scene.
"After the third quarter, it was time for us to exert ourselves completely. At half-time, we showed %9% of our strength, and our opponents were a little impatient. They didn’t fully display it, so we should not take it lightly. Maybe they turned around. We were gambling, but the winning side was very big. Brown didn’t know what psychology was," O ‘Brien said.
Then O ‘Brien added, "We must narrow the score to 3 points before the last game, and then we will give our opponents a fatal blow in the last game."
Then O ‘Brien drew on the tactical board, especially the arrangement of Li Cheng and Granger was so detailed that it was horrible. O ‘Brien drew more than two running routes one by one.
There is a little high morale in the nervousness of the pedestrians here. Now the cohesiveness of the pedestrians is strong! On the other side, the situation in the locker room of the home team is completely different.
The Cavaliers are equally nervous, but there is a kind of madness in their nervousness, a kind of last stand madness
Brown continued to encourage the players to go crazy after arranging the tactics.
"Guys, guys, you did a good job at half-time. Keep cheering at half-time. Don’t give your opponents another chance. Blow them up."
"If we win a game in this game, it will be easier for us. Take the two of us at home and we can go to Indiana to fight the Tianwang Mountain. At this time, we will be at the same starting line and we will have no psychological pressure."
"But if we lose this game, we’ll be finished. Who can turn the tables if we are 3-0 behind? So we have to win this game. There is no other way, okay? My knight! "
"I know!" A crazy atmosphere is spreading in the dressing room of the home team.
The half game was cheered by the home team fans.
The fast loan arena is also a devil’s home in the league. Because James is here, it has become the devil’s home in recent years. However, apart from James, the fans here are also very powerful. Their ability to make noise is absolutely no worse than that of other devil’s home fans.
In a burst of fierce cheers, the half-time game between the two teams finally came.
The game in the third quarter is quite similar to the game in the first quarter. After the Cavaliers came, they continued their crazy attack, while the pacers still held the advantage of points difference as in the first quarter, but at this time they made efforts and adjusted.
When Li Cheng dribbled the ball with his right hand and drew a circle with his left hand in the middle of the third quarter, it was a signal that the pedestrians were going to be desperate.
Suppressed for a long time, their high morale burned.
Sung Jae Lee dribbled the ball outside the three-point line to move to the left, and then Murphy and Granger came out to cover Li Cheng’s roll.
Pedestrians’ double pick-and-roll tactics They double pick-and-roll the others are different. Pedestrians’ double pick-and-roll tactics pick-and-roll one of them must be Granger and the covered person also has Li Cheng.
Sung Jae Lee’s three-point line attracted the attention of all defenders. After he moved to the left, the Cavaliers had formed a triangular defensive posture on this side.
Li Chengyi chuckled, "I can’t do this in the first two games. I haven’t done this one yet?"
Although Li Cheng couldn’t see where Granger was, he had a feeling that Granger was at a 45-degree position outside the right three-point line because he noticed Granger running after giving him a pick and roll. According to Granger’s habit, he must appear in that position at this time.
Li Cheng didn’t even think about it. Then he swung the basketball with his right hand and penetrated the Cavaliers’ defense line and flew straight like Granger.
Granger took a small step to the left to catch the basketball and then calmly completed the three-point projection.
"What’s going on? The two of them have such a tacit understanding? " Brown is a little scared, but he is also a little confused. If the one-step walkers play like this, how can they fall behind the two teams now? It should be out of phase!
However, if the pacers play like this from the beginning, it will definitely usher in a more crazy counterattack. It is really unclear who will win the battle. After all, Li Cheng played a good game of one dozen and five turnovers in a game, but James is also such a player!
Pacers don’t want to fight to the end and lose the game. They are willing to gamble like this. After all, even if they lose the last game, they won’t wave too much energy. They can still prepare for a game in the next game.
Granger hit the Pacers with a three-pointer, which narrowed the difference to five points, and then James hit the basket. He was a little suspicious, but Li Cheng caught him. It was another machine gun.
James was said to be a little annoyed by Li Cheng’s mouth gun. Just when James was anxious and annoyed, Li Cheng’s body suddenly turned and the whole person suddenly disappeared into James’ field of vision. Later, when James turned around and found Li Cheng and chased him, Li Cheng had already caught Murphy’s figure and flashed aside.
At this time, Tinsley hit a ball and Li Cheng caught the ball and threw two points before winning.
James frowned. He felt that some changes had taken place in the pedestrians, but he couldn’t tell where the changes were! to be continued
Chapter DiYiQiSan Psychological warfare