I saw at a glance that I didn’t know when the female gigolo appeared behind me, and then I smiled with joy and stepped up to the front of Shen Xuefu.

"What brings you here? Miss Shen? Didn’t you say you went to some cloud country? Why did you suddenly come back? Is there a bad person in Yunguo? Or what? "
Shen Xuefu smiled and waved his hand at Xiaobai, who was worried all over his face, and then explained, "It’s okay. I came back to ask Luo Shenfu for something, and then a friend of mine was ill and brought it to Luo Shenfu to have a look."
Xiao Bai heard that his face collapsed, and then some nai explained to Shen Xuefu
"Stop it, doctor. He has already gone out. I heard that he found his daughter’s office and just left everything here!"
"What happened to me at that time? As a result, I woke up early and saw what the doctor had left me. When I received a letter, there was nothing."
Shen Xuefu sighed slightly and then said to the small white
"Now that Doctor Luo has left, does that mean that I can just take what I want without permission?"
Accurately speaking, Shen Xuefu is right, but Xiaobai always has a bad feeling when she looks at her face and smiles.
"What are you going to do?"
"I remember the imperial doctor’s hand is not a special treasure tianshan snow lotus? At that time, I looked at him and was very precious. I watched it all day! Is there still one? "
"It’s still there. It looks good." Xiaobai agreed without much thought.
Then Shen Xuefu smiled at him.
"It would be nice if Tianshan Snow Lotus were still there! So I’m relieved! "
Chapter 7 Stay first
Shen Xuefu said that with that, she smiled slightly at Xiao Bai, then turned to Jiang Muhan behind her and said
"Since Doctor Luo is not here now, I can really treat you. If you believe in my ability, why don’t we try?"
Jiang Muhan withdrew his eyes and looked at Shen Xuefu with a faint smile.
Slowly explained to Shen Xuefu, "In fact, I still feel a little troublesome to judge the girl, but I really don’t allow me to say anything more, so I can continue to trouble Miss Shen!"
In the back, seven strings and seven inks also know Shen Xuefu’s ability. Two people can’t help but look at each other while listening to the main words.
Then show the expression that everyone knows.
Shen Xuefu didn’t say much, but nodded slightly and promised to say, "No, anyway, I know what your physical condition is now. It shouldn’t be much problem if you give it to me now. Don’t worry!"
Then Shen Xuefu said to Xiaobai, "Xiaobai, the place where we live will be arranged by you. I haven’t known much about where there is a house here in recent years."
Xiaobai is very handsome. If it weren’t for listening, she would still be a girl.
Nodding deeply, he smiled and said, "It’s already unexpected that you can come back. Of course, it’s impossible not to arrange a place for you. Wait for me. I’ll find it for you and arrange it for you."
Shen Xuefu and Jiang Muhan followed the little white and walked towards the depths of the medicine valley.
Lu Jiang Muhan’s eyes always fell on the small white body with a slightly wary look, and then glanced at Shen Xuefu with implied meaning.
Shen Xuefu seems to have noticed the eyes of people around him and then asked some people who don’t understand.
"What’s the matter? Suddenly looking at me like this? "
"Nothing. I’m curious that Miss Shen is so familiar with the people here as if she had known each other for a long time."
Shen Xuefu shrugged her shoulders and explained, "In fact, nothing happened to me. I was saved by Dr. Luo when I was pregnant with two children."
"I have lived here for a long time, and there are generally no special circumstances. I know all the people here and it is very good."
"So, Miss Shen, is your medical skill also related to Luo Shen?"
Seven strings very curious to Shen Xuefu asked.
Shen Xuefu didn’t have the slightest intention to hide. She nodded slightly and smiled and answered, "Of course, but I knew a little medicine myself before I met Luo Shenfu. It’s not as bad as Luo Shenfu."
"But now it’s really a miracle worker."
Then Shen Xuefu turned to the curious Seven-string behind him and said, "You can rest assured that you are the master of poison, even if I have no way to solve it temporarily, but I can also find a temporary suppression method!"