Now I feel that soft turf is imported from Slovakia.

Changsheng thought of that premonition again, so he asked the equipment manager, "long nail or short nail?"
The "short nail" equipment administrator replied.
"Bring another set of spikes," Chang Sheng said.
"spike?" The equipment manager has some accidents.
Spikes are too long in very, very soft and muddy fields, which will affect the force and grip, and may hurt the ankle, which is not particularly good for ankle protection.
He, the equipment manager, looked at the turf condition of Luzhniki Stadium professionally, that is, the SG spikes with a general length, and there was no need to change spikes.
"Well, I have a hunch that it may rain today." Changsheng had to explain to the equipment manager.
The administrator turned his head and looked at the red sunset outside the huge French window.
Then he turned his head and nodded "OK" to Changsheng.
Although he can’t win in vain, why should he do it and ask for rain doesn’t make sense at all
But anyway, it doesn’t take space and weight to bring an extra set of spikes. Just bring it with you.
The equipment manager and his equipment set off about forty minutes in advance, and the players will board the bus.
The media gathered outside the hotel lobby, and many enthusiastic Lazio fans blocked the door.
Lazio fans got excited when they saw Lazio players filed out of the hotel lobby. They shouted the names of every Lazio player who appeared.
While reporters gather together to press the camera shutter in their hands.
The cameraman carried the camera to show this scene in a relatively high place.
There is a live reporter doing the connection.
"This is the first time in Lazio’s history to reach the Champions League final. You can see from the number of Lazio fans … Lazio fans are very enthusiastic!"
The camera is full of fans wearing sky-blue Lazio jerseys.
What makes the reporters and fans wonder is that every Lazio player’s first reaction after coming out is not to turn his head to look at the cheering crowd and reporters, but to look up at the sky?
Every Lazio player will look up at the sky before boarding the bus.
There is no hot sun, but there is no rain. There is a bright moon and stars in the night. Although the stars are not obvious, the moon can still be seen clearly.
Even at night, it is still sunny …
Summer nights in Moscow always come late, but even so, it should be too late now.
It’s thirty minutes late local time in Moscow.
The Champions League final will be played at 10: 45 p.m. local time, which is to take care of the huge number of European countries.
At 10: 45 pm in Moscow, it is just the golden time for western European countries.
Seeing the players bow their heads and whisper in their hearts, "which is like rain?" Is the boss really too nervous? "
Chang Sheng watched these players move in the back and said, "These little stinkers!"
Obviously, people don’t believe him that today’s game may be a water war.
In fact, Chang Sheng can’t say clearly now whether he should hope it won’t rain or rain.
If it rains, say that his whole day is different from his memory, then how many things will he predict differently later?
If it doesn’t rain, won’t it be white to prepare your skills for the game before?
He prepared for the four competition skills according to rainy days and rainy days before the war.
If it doesn’t rain, I’ll lose my competition skills, but at least I’ll get a discount.
First of all, if it doesn’t rain, I won’t walk in the race for the top, and my competition skills will be gone
Secondly, there won’t be too many long-range shots, because more depends on short penetration to hit Manchester United’s restricted area
The frequency of the third and second landing points will not be as high as in the rain war.
Maybe there will be physical confrontation, and the competition skills will not be affected, because physical confrontation is needed whether it rains or not.
When Chang Sheng finally came out to get on the bus, he enjoyed the biggest cheers. Lazio fans know exactly who is the number one hero in Lazio today.
They gave cheers to the number one hero.
But it’s still strange to everyone and reporters that even the first reaction after winning is to look up at the sky …
What the hell is going on here?
Is there a UFO in the sky?
So some fans and reporters also looked up at the sky …
But with one exception, they can see the moon and stars, and even dark clouds can’t be found in the clean sky …
Chapter two hundred and ten A little nervous
It was still sunny until the players arrived at Luzhniki Stadium, and there was no intention of rain.
No one cares about the weather anymore.
Players are very conscious when they are warming up. They wear sneakers directly, and no one wants to change spikes.
The equipment manager looked at this scene and left the pie mouth in his heart, and the set of spikes and leucorrhea.
Changsheng is no longer anything that doesn’t rain.
He now feels that maybe his intuition deceived him. After all, he is not Chu Zhongtian and has no intuition beyond ordinary people …
He considered how to play the game in sunny weather.
Competition skills have been cancelled and replaced.
Will be able to wave like this
He can’t ask players to shoot long distances in non-rainy days because of their game skills.
Sunny days are different from rainy days. How long shots are there? That’s a wave opportunity. Lazio has the ability to send football all the way to Manchester United’s goal.