Lin Yuan pretended not to pay attention and still thought about the direction of the wild forest.

Lin Yuan only told Lin Guzhu and several elders about his experience in the wild forest, so whoever followed him also knew about it in his heart.
But I didn’t expect it to come so soon. Maybe my accident six months ago will come to light.
Lin yuan for the people behind this also have to admire incredibly with yourself for more than an hour, but there are still many flaws in Lin yuan, but I didn’t expect that the man didn’t attack Lin yuan once.
Lin Yuan also had to sigh the patience and sensitivity of this stalker.
Finally, Lin Yuan doesn’t want to always follow such a person behind his back. Maybe he will stab himself when he is not paying attention.
Suddenly, the edge of the forest quickly moved towards a corner, and the stalker behind it also followed.
"Come out" just when the man was still looking for the forest edge, a sound suddenly came from the stalker.
"I didn’t expect you to find out, but it doesn’t matter anymore." The man opposite obviously didn’t expect this forest edge to find himself this time. It’s just luck.
Lin Yuan looked at the opposite person, middle-aged and about 30 years old. A martial arts practitioner actually reached the peak of the seventh realm the day after tomorrow and was about to break through the heavy sample.
"I didn’t expect you to repair the meridians and reach the six realms of the day after tomorrow. It’s really a genius, but it won’t save your life. You know, a genius is a genius who lives."
"I didn’t expect the elder Lin to send a master of seven times the day after tomorrow to deal with me. This is too highly of my forest edge." The root of the forest edge is still calm without any fear. "How do you know the reason for my broken meridians?" Lin asked.
"You’d better stay in hell, little ones." The middle-aged man turned. "But you guessed who was going to deal with you, and I can’t keep you."
As soon as the man finished talking, he cut it at the edge of the forest without waiting for the edge of the forest to react.
The sudden change of the forest edge does not care at all.
"I knew you would do this." Lin Yuan also stepped back and pulled out his sword instantly.
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Chapter 22-Kill the whole sky with one sword!
Lin Yuan’s eyes suddenly broke the terrifying essence of mans voice. Before landing, the sword in his hand shook and instantly turned into a white sword, which suddenly stabbed the long Dao! Pick with one sword
The sudden change made the middle-aged man feel a little unpredictable, and the face changed in a blink of an eye, and the sword fern at the edge of the forest was already close! Pick your own long knife in an instant
"so fast!"
Middle-aged male heart suddenly a surprised and then face some unnatural.
"Definitely not the early sixth floor! This is this! …”
However, before he could consider the white sword on the edge of the forest, he was stung by a middle-aged man who was also a veteran fighter. The long Dao also poured out a white light and missed blocking the sword, but his body was directly bounced out by this extraordinary force! Face upheaval again!
A sword, the day after tomorrow, seven levels of realm, middle-aged man lost
"You are not the day after tomorrow, six red, you are the day after tomorrow." The middle-aged man’s heart is shocked by the sight, which has surprised him.
The strength of the heavy realm can be imagined!
"It turns out that we are all wrong, haha, and the realm is heavy." The middle-aged man finally knows what the boy has always been like this when he sees the forest edge.
"Genius is fourteen years old and the day after tomorrow. This …" Middle-aged male roots can’t imagine what realm can be achieved by nature after this teenager replied.
How many fighters dream of realm?
Lin Yuan paid no attention to this middle-aged man and said little.
His eyes were cold and new, and he stared at the middle-aged man without waiting for the other person to fall to the ground. His figure had suddenly jumped!
Step on clouds’
His whole body has been covered by a white light, and the silver sword is directed at middle-aged men! Sharp sword, piercing, piercing, piercing, broken layer, boundary, power surface, the potential root is beyond your imagination!
This is exactly what Lin Yuan got from Lin Qing. One step on the cloud is an advanced posture, but Lin Yuan’s power as a beginner is not comparable to that of ordinary posture.
"Tear! …”
The middle-aged man’s face changed again. Just now, the sudden outbreak of the forest edge has already suffered some earthquake injuries. Now, the second sword has not calmed down the other side and has entered the front!
"He is the first layer of the strong! … see, this is also the middle stage of the first floor? ! … damn it, how is that possible !”
Middle-aged men’s hearts are no longer calm, but full of shock and disbelief.
However, at this time, he didn’t continue to ponder because the other side’s second sword was just around the corner!
Lin Yuan’s calm eyes are full of violent murder and deep anger.
Although Lin Yuan has always been a teenager who is not good at saying much, he has always hidden a violent heart in his heart.
This time, Lin Yuan also guessed that the accident six months ago was definitely someone deliberately framing himself, otherwise he would not lose his abdomen.
I have endured ridicule and abuse for more than two years.
I endure the torture of waste every day and practice every day
Lin Yuan’s eyes once again burst into a penetrating light at the thought of the pain.
Lin Yuan, a teenager who has always believed in the attitude of forbearance, is really angry now!
Recall that I have never provoked them alone, but these people are self-sustaining and self-sustaining and jealous of their talents.
And this time, I actually sent a seven-fold realm fighter to kill myself.
If you are just a six-level fighter, you may already be a cold corpse.
The other middle-aged man doesn’t think so at this time.
"Damn, if I had known, I shouldn’t have promised Lin Zhiping, a bastard. The six-fold realm is small the day after tomorrow. This is killing myself." The middle-aged man’s eyes seem to be looking for a way out
"If he hadn’t been in a hurry to show his good impression, he wouldn’t have done it himself. This time, he must go back and get some more benefits from Lin Zhiping." The middle-aged man is still thinking about running away. He doesn’t recognize that he can play too hard on the forest edge.
The only hope is that there are not many fighting skills in this forest edge, otherwise …
The so-called clay figurine still has three points of anger, which is worse than Lin Yuan’s hot-blooded young man. Isn’t it that the other party has framed himself over and over again?
I want to practice well, but I didn’t expect to let myself go even like this.
Okay, okay, in that case, what do you need to worry about? You want to fight? Then fight! Are you going to kill me? Then I will kill you first!
Another example is the Lins’ decision to find me this time-kill.
If a teenager is rebellious, it will be a day to deceive others and break the day! People? Fear! ?
Lin Yuan’s eyes contain deep anger and grow more and more crazy with the thoughts in his head.
Juvenile sex should be like this.
I don’t care if God stops killing the Buddha and killing the Buddha.
When the wrist shakes, the sword in his hand is like an extremely stinging silver dragon roaring and going towards the opposite person … It seems that this sword absorbs his deep anger and is completely savage and fierce.
Lin Jia Zhuang’s Juexue of Pine Wind Sword Technique
Such as relaxation, such as wind speed.
The middle-aged male root didn’t have time to surprise the strength of the forest edge. When he saw it, he bared his teeth like a dragon and wanted to devour him. Even he didn’t dare to neglect it!
Lin Guzhuang knows the swordsmanship made by Lin Yuan in nature.
"Pine wind fencing" can only be learned by elders or core brothers.
When I didn’t pay attention to the injury caused by that sword, the man’s teeth turned over and his long knife split horizontally like a spring. The long knife in his hand suddenly crossed a long white phantom and suddenly took off his knife and turned into a white awn to meet him sideways!